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Free Speech? British Police Hunt Down Buyers of Charlie Hebdo

21st Century Wire says…

British ‘leaders’ may have grandstanded with rhetoric about the importance of our value of free speech, but British police are making sure you have no such right.

In a letter to The Guardian, Anne Keat of Wiltshire, England said that police had visited a newsagent where she had ordered a copy of the magazine “requesting the names of the four customers who had purchased Charlie Hebdo“.

If this kind of book-burning and witch-hunting is allowed to continue, Britain will be heading down the path to absolute tyranny at a remarkably fast pace.

British Spy HQ, GCHQ, is known to have been snooping on journalists in the UK and we have exposed the hypocritical nature of the free speech rhetoric following the attack in Paris; but this move represents a jump into very scary waters indeed.

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Charlie Hebdo buyers attract police interest

Anne Keat

Your offer of commemorative badges in support of journalistic freedomhighlighting “Je suis Charlie”, prompts me to suggest a degree of caution following my experience.

Tongue in cheek, I asked my helpful newsagents to obtain a copy of the edition of Charlie Hebdo issued after the dreadful massacre in Paris, if indeed a copy was ever available in north Wiltshire. To my surprise, a copy arrived last Wednesday…

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