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ELON MUSK: From Tesla To Transhumanism

21WIRE + Zero Hedge | Elon Musk is making transhumanism a reality with his new company, Neuralink.

The Genius and Scientific Discoveries of Nikola Tesla

Binoy Kampmark | His genius was one that was constantly plagued by a stretch of chance and ill-luck, but his mark on history in undeniable.

Volkswagen Meltdown: ‘Time’s Up For The Combustion Engine’ says Tesla CEO Elon Musk

21WIRE | Beyond the normal narrative, there’s a lot more to this story than meets the eye.

Episode #3: ‘ELECTRIC CAR TALK’ – A New Radio Show the ACR Network

Alternate Current Radio | A brand new program for Gearheads, Roboheads, Unmanned Vehicle Enthusiasts and more…

Porsche’s ‘Tesla Killer’: An Electric Sports Car That Reads Your Emotions?

ACR + The Switch | Porche makes its move into the expanding global electric car market.

Episode #42 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘America Hangs By A Cultural Thread’ with Jay Dyer

SUNDAY WIRE | Our crack team attempts to breakdown the true depth of the cultural and psychological rabbit hole America is heading down today.

A Film About Revelation of the Method: The Prestige (2006)

Jay Dyer | It’s only magic when you don’t understand the science behind it.

Understanding the Risk of Solar Flares to Our Planet

21WIRE + Brasscheck TV | There’s a loophole in the normally benign relationship we have with the sun – and it could be of concern.

Weather Control, ‘Climate Change’ Deception & Other Global Concerns

Shawn Helton | Can weather manipulation could trigger potential “force multiplier” of extreme events throughout the world?

The Mystery of Tesla’s Missing Papers

21WIRE + Brasscheck TV | The Pentagon claims that, yes, they did take them, but that they had “lost” them…

Quantum Spying: The NSA looks to ‘put an end’ to all forms of encryption

21Wire + RT | The NSA has been building a quantum based code-breaking super computer, an idea that was launched under Bush’s “total information awareness” program.

The ‘Keshe Factor’ – A Weirder Twist On A War With Iran..?

21WIRE | Keshe, the ‘Tesla of Physics’, has been offering his technology free to any Government or scientist willing to listen.


Patrick Henningsen | Who killed the electric car? Look who’s killing it now…