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Killing Fields: Are Israeli Forces Preparing For Another Genocidal Massacre of Palestinians?

21WIRE | Many now believe that a new Intifada will emerge out of the current maelstrom in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Palestinian Flag Raised at UN: Symbol of ‘Hope’, But No Substitute For a State

21WIRE + The Guardian | Talk of ‘hope’ as the Palestinian flag was raised for the first time over the UN. Hope for what, though, was up in the air

Detached From Reality: Obama Deifies American Hegemony

Paul Craig Roberts | The lines are drawn. Unless the American people come to their senses – war is our future.

Ugly America: Paranoid of Syrian Refugees, South Carolina Residents Call For ‘Religious Purity’ in US

21WIRE | Those who claim to be ‘constitutionalists’ are no more than corrupt clerics of their own self-styled new religion.

Occupied Palestine: Wise Up Obama – There Is No ‘Peace Process’ Under Netanayahu

Dr. Ludwig Watzal | This is what billions of dollars per year in Israel lobbying money buys.

Out of the Closet: Israel’s Left Is Finally Facing Up to Racism in The Holy Land

Jonathan Cook | Institutionalized racism lies at the dark heart of Israeli expansionism.

Oy Veh! Brazilian President Rejects Extremist Settler Leader as Israeli Envoy

Times of Israel | Brazilian president uncomfortable allowing Israeli extremist a diplomatic post in Rio.

Vlad and Bibi: Russia, Israel Agree to Exchange Intel and Avoid Clashes in Syria

21WIRE + RT | Putin and Netanyahu will soon be walking on egg shells over Syria.

Josh Goldberg: Jewish-American ‘ISIS’, Hoaxer, or Online Intelligence Asset?

21WIRE + Sydney Morning Herald | Why he’s much more than a ‘bedroom hoaxer’.

9/11 Revisited: Declassified FBI Files Reveal New Details About ‘The Five Israelis’

Greg Fernandez Jr | New declassified FBI material sheds new light on this chilling chapter in the 21st century’s most icon event.

Disinformation: Unsourced Lies on The Situation in Syria

21WIRE + CrossTalk | Despite everything that has happened, the disinformation continues to flow.

Can You Guess What Israel’s Netanyahu Is Doing To Solve The Migrant Crisis?

21WIRE | You really could not make this up.

Israel Lobby Ensured that U.S. Double Agent Jonathan Pollard Walks Free

SARTRE | This forbidden history is taboo especially if the subject of the spying is one of their own.

Insatiable Insanity: Netanyahu Pushed For War With Iran AT LEAST Three Times

21WIRE + Reuters | Consider the world altering ramifications of this warmongering rogue state.

Jonathan Pollard: A “False Flag” Superstar

SARTRE | More than any other single incident – this one defines the dysfunctional relationship that exists between the US and Israel.

Israel Fires Rockets Into Syria, Claims Targets Were ‘Iran-Backed’. Are They Playing With Fire?

Randy Johnson | CAUTION: The Middle East is a veritable “False Flag Grab Bag”.

Zionists Finally Admitting Wave of Hatred That’s Consuming Israel

21WIRE + JTA | Until it addresses its own issues of extremism – Israel will continue to lose the battle of hearts and minds.

Fish in a Barrel: Is Israel Planning Another Summer Kill-Fest?

21WIRE + RT | “We’re sorry about the human cull, but it’s all Hamas’s fault.”

Iran: The Question No One Is Asking

Brasscheck TV | Q: Who are the real aggressors in the Middle East?

FLASHPOINT: Palestinian Youths Clash With Israeli Police at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque

21WIRE + RT | Meanwhile, Israel continues to play a game of deception, stealing more Palestinian land.