Episode #29 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘The Consequences of Freedom’ with guests Ian R. Crane, Susannah Cole and Pete Santilli

SUNDAY WIRE SPECIAL | Bundy Ranch wrap up and look ahead at federal retaliation.

Episode #24 – SUNDAY WIRE SHOW: ‘New Globalist Technocracy’ with guests Pippa King and Basil Valentine

SUNDAY WIRE SHOW | Host Patrick Henningsen covers the Ukraine’s latest, and exposes the implementation of RFID and other tracking systems for children in the UK and US.

Why the EU Has No Leverage Over Russia in This Ukraine Stand-off

Andrew McKillop | Washington and the EU can talk tough and bark all they want, but cannot escape from the economic realities.

‘Are You Fracking Serious?’ – Exxon CEO Sues to Keep Fracking Well Away from His $5 Million Home

21WIRE + Clean Technica | CEO Tillerson has lashed-out at fracking critics and proponents of regulation, but is secretly afraid of his own industry.

1000 Health Professionals in Open Letter to Obama Calling for Ban on Fracking

21WIRE | The Fracking industry shills are numerous, but some US health professionals are now pushing back.

Episode #22 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘NO FRACKING WAY’ with special guests Ian R. Crane and Basil Valentine

SUNDAY WIRE SHOW | A hard look at the energy ponzi scheme and environmental time bomb known as ‘Fracking’, the west’s staged coup in the Ukraine and new revelations about Jimmy Savile’s ‘friends’.

Fracking Dodgy Copper: IPCC to investigate police frame-up of innocent protestor at Barton Moss

21WIRE | One of the most shocking pieces of unlawful police misconduct caught on camera has finally forced an internal police investigation.

Greater Manchester Police Violence Against Fracking Protesters Turns Ugly This Week

21WIRE SPECIAL REPORT | It’s official: The Greater Manchester Police force has been converted into a corporate security army.

Brutal British Police Go Into ‘Full Corporate Mode’ Against Anti-Fracking Campaigners

21st Century Wire | Events in Britain have taken a rather disturbing fascist turn in recent weeks…

Shameless Cop Caught on Camera Framing Innocent Fracking Protester for DUI

21WIRE + YouTube | How shocking: these are the type of police that are filling the ranks these days.