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US Inflation: ‘None of This is By Accident’

America’s energy shock is now in full swing. It’s also driving-up price inflation right across the board. Due to controversial moves by the Biden Administration to restrict the supply of oil in the US, prices have been steadily increasing throughout the year with oil prices in the US surging roughly 65%. As fuel demand increases in the US and Europe due in part to policies favouring ‘green’ energy, the Biden government has also imposed unworkable Covid and vaccine restrictions on staff and workers in every industry. Combine this with supply chain disruptions and foreign energy producers who are either unable, or unwilling to increase their production capacity – and you have the recipe for what could be the biggest energy crisis in modern history.

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US gasoline prices are now at seven-year highs, with Wall Street banks warning that $120 per barrel oil may be on the way. Leading the way in fuel inflation is California, with radical leftwing Governor Gavin Newsom presiding over the highest gas prices in the country, averaging some $4.658 per gallon, well above the national average of $3.416 as of Friday.

Meanwhile, as the Democratic Party and the internationalist left continue facilitating higher fuel prices, elite technocrats in Davos have been playing the other side of this equation – by lobbying for oil and gas producing countries to end all hydrocarbon (aka ‘fossil fuel’) subsidies. In fact, the World Economic Forum has been leading a global campaign to end fossil fuel subsidies and says that this money should be used to support so-called ‘green’ investments and the policies put forth by technocrats from their preferred ‘stakeholder’ organizations (NGOs, environmental think tanks, foundations, and charities), along with EU bureaucrat activists.

By pursuing policies which drive up fuel prices and create artificial supply chain disruptions, while simultaneously pressuring countries to end fuel subsidies and infrastructure investment – the Davos elite and their globalist cohort are attempting to derail and damage any competition to their new green energy agenda. There can be no doubt that what we are witnessing now is a globalist coup d’etat, ushered into power via an engineered energy crisis – all designed to accelerate the Great Reset and its “Build Back Better” agenda, led by the Biden Administration.

Tucker Carlson examines why the mainstream media doesn’t seem to care about high gas prices, and why the inflation of fossil fuels is in fact by design. Watch: 

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue