Stupid Senate: Lawmakers put $10 million bounty on head of ISIS YouTube actor

21WIRE | The obvious logic of this one must have escaped the brain trust in Washington.

Devil’s Deal: US-Backed Syrian Rebels Already Signed Pact with ISIS Prior to Haines ‘Beheading’

21WIRE + RT | The Syrian rebels have already aligned themselves with ISIS in order to take out the Syrian government.

Clockwork: New ISIL Vid ‘Beheads’ Brit Haines, Cameron Gung Ho for US Bombing Run on Syria

21WIRE | The reactions and rhetoric on both sides are so well scripted that the obvious question arises: is the whole campaign coordinated on both sides of this drama?

US Will Use ‘ISIS Airstrikes’ in Syria as Aircover for Rebels, Hit Syrian Military Targets

Patrick Henningsen | We’ve been observing US airstrikes overseas for a few decades now, long enough to understand the reality beyond Pentagon propaganda.

ISIS HYPE: False Threats, Staged Executions, While Israel ‘Expands’

Shawn Helton | The engineered threat of ISIS appears to benefit the interests of the West and Israel.

Staged Foley, Sotloff Beheading Videos ‘Not Evidence’, US Determined to Wage War of Fear on Its Own People

SPECIAL REPORT | Beyond the media Blitzkrieg however, all we really have are two edited propaganda videos which were uploaded to YouTube.

USAID: ‘In desperate need of adult supervision’

21WIRE | We simply don’t want to look away from the news feed.

FLIGHT MH17 – Kiev Flash Mob’s Final False Flag?

Andrew McKillop | If you know who the real aggressor is in this drama then you can guess what’s coming next.

The Arc of ISIS: Western ‘Regime Change’ Rouses The Masses With New Brand Of Terror

Shawn Helton | Western proxy creatures are driving a hard nail into the sectarian conflict of Shia and Sunni, culminating in forces pushing for the exit of Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki.

Beyond a Doubt: Our Media War Propaganda and The Film You Almost Didn’t See

21WIRE + Brasscheck TV | John Pilger has made twenty five documentaries, but this one did not receive a warm reception from the Anglo-American establishment.

Turkish Government Shuts Down YouTube After ‘Syria Invasion Plan’ Was Leaked

21WIRE + RT | This is what happens in a dictatorship – and it’s all to hide NATO’s revived plans for war with Syria.

From Savile to Syria: BBC in Breach of Charter Again with Staged Panorama ‘Chemical Doc’

21WIRE | How can the BBC rightly retain its lofty mantle after deceiving the license paying public on such a grand and destructive scale?

Ukraine on Fire: UK Column Live with guest Patrick Henningsen on Feb 20, 2014

21WIRE + UK Column Live | Thursday’s news update, including more on Robert Green’s arrest and incarceration, and the volatile Ukrainian situation.


Andrew McKillop | A kind of Pan Asian ‘shatterbelt’ is emerging and nobody can stop it.

COVERT WAR: US Congress ‘Quietly’ Approves Arms to Rebels in Syria

21WIRE + RT | Congress privately voted to funnel arms, anti-tank rockets, as well as financial backing to rebels fighting in Syria.

Episode #18 – SUNDAY WIRE: “Triple Chess For Beginners” with William Engdahl, Aaron Dykes, Melissa Melton and Shawn Helton

SUNDAY WIRE RADIO SHOW | Guests Aaron Dykes, Melissa Melton, F. William Engdahl, Shawn Helton and Basil Valentine.


Andrew McKillop | The threat of war still looms behind the global chess match, but what form will it take in our near future?

The Elite’s Playbook of Geopolitical and Ideological Quests

Andrew McKillop | Your guide to understanding where this new the new multi-polar Titanic may be heading.

Syria ‘Peace Summit’ turns into ‘regime change’ ambush, staged by US and its allies

21WIRE + Land Destroyer | Curveball becomes ‘Caesar’, as the west keeps on nudging for regime change in Syria.


Andrew McKillop | It’s like Dr. Frankenstein complaining because his creation is still not house-broken.