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Video: Rather Than Pay $22K to Fix Tesla’s Battery, Owner Straps Dynamite to Car and Blows It Up

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Paul Shiver from The Blaze reports…

Faced with an astronomical repair bill, the owner of a 2013 Tesla Model S recently decided that he’d rather strap 66 pounds of dynamite to the vehicle and record it exploding into thousands of pieces than pay the cost to fix it.

Tuomas Katainen said his modified electric vehicle only worked as advertised for the first 900 miles he drove it. Then it started leaking water and producing troublesome error codes, Business Insider reported.

The Finnish native decided to have the car towed to a nearby Tesla dealership for inspection and see what could be done. A month later, the dealership informed him that the only solution would be to completely replace the entire battery cell. The job would cost him $22,000.

On top of that, Telsa would need to authorize the repair and no warranty would be offered, Katainen said.

So, rather than paying half the cost of a new Tesla to repair an old one, he opted to trash the vehicle instead — in an extremely unconventional way.

Katainen contacted demolition experts from one of his favorite YouTube channels, Pommijätkät, translated “Bomb Dudes,” to help him dispose of the vehicle. Watch: 

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