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Tesla Files

Whether it's the inventions of Nicholas Tesla, or his 21st century namesake electric car, learn more about his life, his science, and those whom he inspired like Elon Musk, here in our 21WIRE Tesla files...

Dogecoin Soars After Elon Musk’s Crypto Market Endorsement

21WIRE | Musk responded to the Coinbase announcement by reposting an old tweet of a doge-based meme, prompting the coin’s value to skyrocket.  

Electric Airplanes Are Here – But How Long Before International Travel?

21WIRE | Musk says we’ll be flying in long distance electric passenger planes in the future, but how long until this becomes a reality.

5 New Battery Technologies That Could Change Everything

21WIRE | Will industry cartels allow some of these radical new applications to upend the market?

Teslas May Produce Same CO2 as Gas Powered Cars, Research Reveals

RT | New research on Tesla’s carbon footprint.

Boiler Room EP #126 – Immigration Consternation

Alternate Current Radio | Hesher, Spore, Jay Dyer, Fvnk$oul and Infidel Pharaoh discuss DACA, potential amnesty deals and the reaction of Trump supporters, 9-11 and much more.

ELON MUSK: From Tesla To Transhumanism

21WIRE + Zero Hedge | Elon Musk is making transhumanism a reality with his new company, Neuralink.

The Genius and Scientific Discoveries of Nikola Tesla

Binoy Kampmark | His genius was one that was constantly plagued by a stretch of chance and ill-luck, but his mark on history in undeniable.

Volkswagen Meltdown: ‘Time’s Up For The Combustion Engine’ says Tesla CEO Elon Musk

21WIRE | Beyond the normal narrative, there’s a lot more to this story than meets the eye.

Episode #3: ‘ELECTRIC CAR TALK’ – A New Radio Show the ACR Network

Alternate Current Radio | A brand new program for Gearheads, Roboheads, Unmanned Vehicle Enthusiasts and more…

Porsche’s ‘Tesla Killer’: An Electric Sports Car That Reads Your Emotions?

ACR + The Switch | Porche makes its move into the expanding global electric car market.

Episode #42 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘America Hangs By A Cultural Thread’ with Jay Dyer

SUNDAY WIRE | Our crack team attempts to breakdown the true depth of the cultural and psychological rabbit hole America is heading down today.

A Film About Revelation of the Method: The Prestige (2006)

Jay Dyer | It’s only magic when you don’t understand the science behind it.

Understanding the Risk of Solar Flares to Our Planet

21WIRE + Brasscheck TV | There’s a loophole in the normally benign relationship we have with the sun – and it could be of concern.

Weather Control, ‘Climate Change’ Deception & Other Global Concerns

Shawn Helton | Can weather manipulation could trigger potential “force multiplier” of extreme events throughout the world?

The Mystery of Tesla’s Missing Papers

21WIRE + Brasscheck TV | The Pentagon claims that, yes, they did take them, but that they had “lost” them…

Quantum Spying: The NSA looks to ‘put an end’ to all forms of encryption

21Wire + RT | The NSA has been building a quantum based code-breaking super computer, an idea that was launched under Bush’s “total information awareness” program.

The ‘Keshe Factor’ – A Weirder Twist On A War With Iran..?

21WIRE | Keshe, the ‘Tesla of Physics’, has been offering his technology free to any Government or scientist willing to listen.


Patrick Henningsen | Who killed the electric car? Look who’s killing it now…