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Porsche’s ‘Tesla Killer’: An Electric Sports Car That Reads Your Emotions?

ACR + The Switch | Porche makes its move into the expanding global electric car market.

One in 7 People On Entire Planet Logged Onto Facebook Monday

21WIRE + The Switch | Imagine a virtual world where everything exists inside of one virtual portal.

‘Oculus’ Virtual Reality: It’s Goofy, But Still Advancing Into the A.I. Grid

21WIRE + The Switch | The dawn of artificial intelligence will push VR into its own in the 21st century.

Galactica’s Immersive 3D-VR ‘Holoband’ Is Coming

21WIRE + The Switch | Players are getting more immersed in a digital world which mirrors recent science fiction.

U.S. Army Website Down — Syrian Electronic Army Claims Credit

21WIRE + The Switch | Problem, reaction, solution…

More Racist Google Maps Results Discovered This Week

21WIRE + The Switch | More examples of third party digital vandalism have turned up this week.

Search Google Maps for the ‘N-word’, and it gives you the White House

21WIRE + The Switch | Google is at it again – with another case of “third party vandalism”.

Google’s Driverless Cars Causing Accidents, But Police Reports Remain Hidden

21WIRE + The Switch | Google already has hundreds of millions invested in this project, but will it work?

Why New Ruling Against NSA’s Illegal Phone Records Program Will Have Big Implications

21WIRE + The Switch | Part of the draconian Patriot Act is scheduled to ‘sunset’ in two weeks. Now we’ll see who the real fascists are.

2016: Where the Presidential Candidates Stand on NSA Blanket Surveillance

21WIRE + The Switch | Sadly, most candidates already appear committed to strengthening, not ending America’s mass-surveillance and police state.

FUTURE OF TV: Cablevision Actually Wants You To ‘Cut The Cord’

The Switch | As streaming programming gains steam, cable operators are slimming-down their bundles, moving into broadband.

US, Saudis Target Internet Access in Yemen

21WIRE + The Switch | The Internet has become a powerful tool for journalists documenting conflicts and civilians to get facts on the ground – and that’s why the US and Saudi are targeting it.

Apple Co-Founder Wozniak Warns of Dark Future: ‘A.I. Will Be Bad For People’

21WIRE + The Switch | Silicon Valley pioneer issues an apocalyptic warning about machines superseding the human race.

Is Using Encryption Suspicious? Half of America Says ‘Yes’

21WIRE + The Switch | One third of Americans don’t even know what e-mail encryption is.

Can You Really Trust Yahoo’s New Encrypted Email Service?

21WIRE + The Switch | Ultimately, we will all have to demand that the NSA stay within the law, but until then the public will remain distrustful.

Wikipedia Sues NSA Over Its Illegal Online Spying and Data Harvesting

The Switch | Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales is leading the charge on behalf of all free Americans.

Hillary Clinton’s Use of Private Email Accounts Raises Issues of Transparency

The Switch | The big question: Was it done to avoid accountability?

The Greatest Role: Leonard Nimoy’s Struggle With ‘Being Spock’

21WIRE + The Switch | He was greatly admired and respected, not just because of the brilliant character which he played, but because of the way he played it.

Twitter Calling For Strong Net Neutrality Measures From FCC

The Switch | Most Big Corporations are definitely looking to establish a command-and-control position over the entire internet.

How the Internet May Be Shifting Tech Innovation AWAY From Urban Centers

The Switch | New researchers shows that benefits of geographic ‘clustering’ for business innovation have suddenly dropped off.

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