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Twitter Calling For Strong Net Neutrality Measures From FCC

21st Century Wire says…

Surprisingly, one of the main digital cartel members, Twitter, has weighed-in strongly – and very publicly, in favor of net neutrality.

What’s interesting is how the Right-wing of US politics and media has turned Net Neutrality into a partisan issue – when it clearly should not be. Sadly, partisan media coverage has followed suit. FOX News, Glenn Beck and others right-wing talk radio shows are spinning the concept of net neutrality as a communist vs capitalist, or “Obama” argument, but it fairly obvious that mega corporations seeking to monopolize the information super-highway. Most Big Corporations are definitely looking to establish a command-and-control position over the entire internet – which will allow big government and big business to eventually squeeze-out any small or emerging players by tilting the playing field in favor of economies (and profits) of scale – and keeping indie content producers and users from attaining critical mass by throttling bandwith.

Twitter weighs-in…

FILE - OCTOBER 27, 2014: It was reported the shares of Twitter are down as much as 8 percent after the company reported its third quarter earnings October 27, 2014. SAN FRANCISCO, CA - OCTOBER 25: A sign is posted outside of the Twitter headquarters on October 25, 2013 in San Francisco, California. Twitter announced that it has set a price range for its initial public offering between  and  per share and hopes to sell 70 million shares. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The Switch

Days ahead of a vote by federal regulators on the future of the Web, Twitter is coming out in support of the government’s plan to treat Internet providers more like traditional phone service.

In a blog post, Twitter says that it previously backed “common sense net neutrality rules” through a Washington trade group, the Internet Association. But now the company is going further. Independently, Twitter is arguing that the Federal Communications Commission should move ahead with the most aggressive rules ever proposed for Internet providers — to be sure that they don’t unfairly speed up or slow down some sites over others or create Internet “fast lanes” that give wealthy firms an advantage over smaller ones.

“Empowering ‘lesser’ or historically less powerful voices to express themselves and be heard globally is at the core of Twitter’s DNA,” Twitter’s public policy manager, Will Carty, writes in the blog post.

The FCC’s net neutrality proposal would regulate Internet providers using the same tool it uses to police legacy telephony — Title II of the Communications Act. Opponents of the move have decried it as a government takeover of the Internet; its supporters, which include President Obama, say it’s the only way to keep Internet providers from abusing their role as gatekeepers of information.

In addition to regulating traditional providers of fixed broadband Internet, the FCC’s proposal will also apply to wireless carriers such as T-Mobile and Sprint. It will allow the agency to inspect commercial deals like the kind Netflix struck with Comcast last year on a case-by-case basis, if it suspects foul play.

Beyond endorsing some of these provisions, Twitter says it’s “pleased” about the possibility of Congress tackling net neutrality — but the company stopped short of backing any specific plan…

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