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Strange: Trump ‘Internet Takeover’ Fear Story Calls For Canada to Manage Net Archive

21WIRE + IBT | Americans should be extra skeptical of any talk of Canada as some uptopian cyber-safehaven.

Insider Firm ‘FlashPoint’ tied to Orlando Shooting, Now Investigating DDoS Hack on America

Shawn Helton | Flashpoint operates as an intelligence asset, in addition to playing a PR role for some recent large-scale incidents – but who are they really?

SOPA False Flag? Alleged ‘Hack’ on Netflix, Twitter, Amazon – US ready to blame Russia

Shawn Helton | Will Russia be the scapegoat for this latest massive DDoS attack in the US?

FCC Votes In Favor of New Net Neutrality Regime, But How ‘Neutral’ Will It Be?

21WIRE + Huff Post | Was this an FCC power-grab, or a corporate power-grab? It was both.

Twitter Calling For Strong Net Neutrality Measures From FCC

The Switch | Most Big Corporations are definitely looking to establish a command-and-control position over the entire internet.

Who’s Going to Sue the FCC Over ‘Net Neutrality’? The Cable Lobby!

21WIRE + The Switch | The cartels will want to charge whatever a new premium for access to their “new super highway”.

GOP Plot to Legislate Net Neutrality – And Internet Activists Already Hate It.

21WIRE + The Switch | Where America goes on this issue is where the world goes. It’s in everyone’s interests to learn about it now.

Gov’t and ISP’s Master Plan for Throttling Online News Sites

Mike Adams | A practice run that took place earlier this week in California has already confirmed Gov’t has ability to block news sites regionally.

Beyond Net Neutrality: Internet 2 and Corporate Governance

James Hall | Whenever the corporatists see the prospects to carve out, more efficient monopolies, they seize the opportunity.

The FCC & Obama Look To ‘Turn The Screw’ On Internet Freedom

21Wire + RT | Are we in danger of losing a free internet and a free market?

Corporate Raiders Use Gov’t to Attack ‘Net Neutrality’ and What it Means to Freedom

21WIRE + RT | If you don’t know what ‘Net Neutrality’ means, then now is the time learn it.

US Government: The World’s Biggest Hacker

21st Century Wire | Digital Mafia: Cyber terrorism is a mega business in the US.

Exclusive: ‘Internet was never free or open, and never will be’

Raw Story | The forces of ‘bottom-up anarchy’ are forcing the authorities to up their security game.

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