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SIMULACRA: SexBot Dystopia Predicted in Cherry 2000 (1987)

Jay Dyer | An obscure B movie with a heady, philosophical and prescient message.

Here’s The First Full-Length Trailer For ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

21WIRE | Prepare for an all-out media and advertizing onslaught between now and its Dec. 18th release date.

Security Threat: Police Concerned With STAR TREK Fans

21WIRE + The Telegraph | Could sci-fi fans have been responsible for mass societal anarchy?

Logan’s Run (1976) – Our Technocratic Dystopia Unveiled

Jay Dyer | The pro-life message of Logan’s Run is refreshing in contrast to the death culture obsession of modern Hollywood productions.

The Greatest Role: Leonard Nimoy’s Struggle With ‘Being Spock’

21WIRE + The Switch | He was greatly admired and respected, not just because of the brilliant character which he played, but because of the way he played it.

What this Lucasfilm-Star Wars acquisition means for Disney

21st Century Wire says… Now Yoda and Mickey Mouse are under the same management. Isn’t that just wonderful… Tom CheredarWashington Post Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm will bring the world three new Star Wars movies (Episodes 7, 8, and 9) and many news ways for the company to boost its digital media revenue. During a call […]

The 21st Century Matrix: Technocracy and the Rise of the Machines

Patrick Henningsen | We have entered a new epoch where speed and efficiency are increasing, as is the Transhumanist agenda.

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