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‘No Pilot’s License Required’ – FAA Relaxes Previous Stance on Drone Rules

21WIRE + The Switch | Applicants for a small drone operator’s certificate will have to pass a written ‘knowledge test’.

Who’s Going to Sue the FCC Over ‘Net Neutrality’? The Cable Lobby!

21WIRE + The Switch | The cartels will want to charge whatever a new premium for access to their “new super highway”.

How British Spy Agency GCHQ Scooped-up US and UK Journalists’ Private Emails

21WIRE + The Switch | Whatever happened to those ‘western democratic values’ we’ve been lectured to about by our leaders?

GOP Plot to Legislate Net Neutrality – And Internet Activists Already Hate It.

21WIRE + The Switch | Where America goes on this issue is where the world goes. It’s in everyone’s interests to learn about it now.

The Sony Pictures Hack, Explained

The Switch | Here’s what they said happened…

Sci-Fi Reality: New Skype tool translates multilingual calls in real-time

21WIRE + The Switch | This is perhaps one of the biggest breakthroughs in terms of communication yet.

How to keep those old Facebook posts hidden (well, sort of).

The Switch | The Internet, being what it is, means that the temptation is overwhelming to search out your embarrassing posts.

NASA’s Orion completes historic flight, but why can’t man return to the Moon?

The Switch | Nearly 50 years later and no one has even mentioned returning to the Moon. Why?

UBER: $40 billion Start-Up ‘Will Replace Car Ownership’

The Switch | Uber is in a position to suck up billions that people might otherwise pour into cars, gas and insurance.

Pizza Hut wants to read your mind

The Switch | It’s a real trend now – humanless food-selling has been in installed 45,000 tabletop tablets in US restaurants.

Will a Mars Mission Actually Happen?

Washington Post | The test flight is “absolutely the biggest thing” that this agency is going to do this year.

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