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Middle East News Archives

BACK TO BASICS: Oil Helps Unfreeze US-Iranian Relations

Andrew McKillop | Instability in oil markets may have forced Obama to the Iranian negotiations table.

US and its allies are now the driving force behind Syria’s ‘civil war’

21WIRE + RT | America’s dirty war in Syria is costing lives, and threatening the stability of the region…

Mexican Standoff: Obama’s Ever-Shifting Doctrine on WMDs

Andrew McKillop | Real security and prosperity can no longer be found in the old paradigm of the mafia military mentality.

Syrian Puppet Opposition Gov Accuse Assad of Transferring WMDs to Hezbollah

21WIRE + Reuters | Incredibly, even the Israelis are not touching this one. That should tell you something.

EU Outrage Over Israeli Attack on International Humanitarian Aid Convoy in Palestine

21WIRE + RT | Predictably, Washington, London and Paris are all but silent on the matter, as is the UN.

51 UN Countries Vote to Keep Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal Hidden from Public View

21WIRE | One might ask the question: does Israel plan to use its nukes on any other countries?

Dog Eat Dog: A New Level of Jihadist Chaos Unfolds in Syria’s Dirty War

Andrew McKillop | As the chaos increases in Syria, a messy outcome is waiting down the road for Europe itself.

Jihadi Blitzkrieg in Syria: Islamist militants are wiping out the moderate rebels

21WIRE + RT | The myth of the moderate armed opposition in Syria is now falling to piece.

Staged filming of chemical attack in Syria: Children in video ‘moved between locations’

RT | Syrian opposition used same children at different locations to create ‘chemical attack’ media stories.

America’s Chemical Farce: More ‘Evidence’ in Syria Only Leads to More Questions

Yossef Bodansky | Would a head of state and his cabinet lie in public in order to influence mass opinion in favour for war?

Obama Exports Fast and Furious: CIA Already Delivering Weapons to ‘Rebels’ in Syria

21WIRE + WP | Whether it’s in Syria, Africa or Arizona, trafficking arms to non-state militias and terrorist groups should not be allowed to happen.

Empire Games and The Syrian Headbanger

Andrew McKillop | America and France’s downsized imperial dreams may soon have jumbo-sized competitors.

Footage of chemical attack on Aug 21st in Syria is fraud

21WIRE + RT | More of Obama and Kerry’s “evidence” exposed as fraudulent war propaganda.

UK Column – Sept 6, 2013: ‘Avalanche of Lies by US for Their War in Syria’

UK Column Live | Brian Gerrish and Patrick Henningsen with an international news update from the UK Column…

US, Israel Making Final Preparations for Wider War, Evacuate US Embassy in Lebanon

21WIRE | War planners in Washington DC and Tel Aviv coordinate how best to capitalise on the coming war in Syria.

UK Column – Sept 5, 2013: ‘Gov’t and Media War Mongers vs The People’

UK Column Live | Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen expose the blatant and ceaseless propaganda spewing out of government and media mouths over the last 48 hours.

China Rejects the US-Saudi-Israeli Plan For the Middle East

Andrew McKillop | The US and their allies are still running their old software for mismanaging the MENA region.

Hollande on Syria: That’s Me in The Spotlight, Losing My Religion

Andrew McKillop | Sacré bleu! The flaky arrogance of the French leadership is threatening world peace this week.

C’est Masterplan: Surreal, Sadistic Syrian Subterfuge

21WIRE + Slope of Hope | American political leaders are currently relying on a high level of disinterest and ignorance about Syria.

Baguettes Not Bombs: Hollande may be forced to take ‘French leave’ with Syria

Peter Sterry | France will not do a thing unless the US brings on its smart missile cavalry.