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Syrian Refugee in Austrian Courts, Accused of Brutal Murder of 20 Syrian Arab Army Soldiers

Screenshot from Channel 4 documentary, following the NATO and Gulf state funded, Farouq Brigade in Homs 2012

21st Century Wire says…

According to various media reports, a Syrian asylum seeker has appeard in an Austrian court, charged with murdering twenty, unarmed and injured, Syrian Arab Army prisoners, following a battle in Homs, in 2013/14. The 27-year-old man faces charges of “murder in the context of terrorism”

Defence lawyers are trying to reduce his sentence by claiming the defendant was “severely traumatised at the time“, according to a BBC report today. The summary execution of prisoners of war, violates the Geneva Convention.

Previous reports , had advised that the 27-year-old man was arrested in western Austria in June 2016, while in a refugee centre, having been reported by fellow refugees, shocked by his revelations about the mass killings. Prosecutors did also state that an initial confession, made by the asylum seeker, was later retracted.

The latest BBC report continues:

“Austrian media said the suspect told others at a refugee shelter that he had shot dead government soldiers when he was fighting with an Islamist rebel group called the Farouq BrigadeAccording to reports, the suspect was placed under investigation when officials were alerted to his account of events in Syria last year. Austria is unable to extradite the man to face charges in Syria because of the ongoing civil war. The decision to try him in the country for his alleged crimes committed elsewhere is thought to be a first in Austria.

Officials have said the actions that he has allegedly described qualified as terrorism and could be prosecuted under international counter-terrorism agreements.”

Syrian asylum seeker is jailed for life in Sweden after horrifying footage emerged of him taking part in the execution of seven men in 2012

The Austrian case, is not an isolated incident of rogue Syrian refugees on the run from crimes against Humanity committed in Syria, while participating in the NATO and Gulf State funded “regime-change” war of intervention, designed to destabilize the Syrian state, its people and its national army.

A Swedish court on Thursday sentenced a Syrian man to life imprisonment for participation in the 2012 mass execution of seven government troops in SyriaThe Stockholm District Court ruled that 46-year-old refugee Haisam Omar Sakhanh joined the armed group Suleiman Company in early May 2012, and shot a person dead with an assault rifle.

Judge Tomas Zander said the victim, who was not identified, was shot dead along with six others ‘under particularly cruel circumstances’.

The seven men who were shot were part of the Syrian regime who had been captured by the independent Islamist group, which was founded in 2011. ~ The Daily Mail


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