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BREAKING: Syrian Army Close to Recapturing Palmyra

21st Century Wire says…

According to reports from Hezbollah’s military media unit, Syrian National forces and their allies have already recaptured the historic UNESCO World Heritage Site at the Palmyra citadel from ISIS, located on the western side of the city. 

In addition, Syrian Army units have also advanced to the modern palatial complex to the southwest of the city limits.

This is the second time the Syrian allied forces have fought to retake Palmyra from GCC state-backed ISIS terrorists.

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Al Masdar News

The Syrian Government forces continue to march on the ancient city of Palmyra deep in the Syrian desert after recapturing large swathes of territories from the Islamic State terror group.

Having liberated the strategic Palmyra Triangle earlier today, the Syrian Army, backed by Russian airstrikes, managed to fully retake Palmyra castle after defeating ISIS militants at the Al-Tar Mountain to the north-west of Palmyra.


Meanwhile, another Army units stormed the Hotels Areas, located exactly to the west of the desert city.

The weeks-long battle to reclaim the centuries-old archeological site is expected to come to an end soon as the city is now within the Army’s firing range.

The significant advance comes as the terror organization suffered heavy losses on different battlegrounds.

In Palmyra, ISIS lost scores of fighters, as well military equipment, due to the ongoing heavy artillery shelling and airstrikes. To  the north, the group was also overrun by both the Syrian Army and the Turkish-backed rebels outside its former stronghold of Al Bab.

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