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SYRIA: A True Supporter of Real Palestinian Resistance in the Middle East

The Old City, East Aleppo just after liberation from Nusra Front-led occupation in December 2016. ( Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

21st Century Wire says…

Many voices are now breaking down the barriers erected by corporate media in the west, barriers designed to deprive their audiences of their ability to discern the truth, based upon an objective analysis. A corporate media that has deliberately hijacked and manipulated the narrative on Syria to support the NATO state geopolitical ambitions of regime change and destabilization of Israel’s number one foe in the region due to its historic and powerful alliance with Iran and now, Russia. 

Johnny Achi is a co-ordinator for Arab Americans for Syria and he was recently interviewed by KPFK Radio:

“Every conflict is fought on at least two grounds: the battlefield and the minds of the people via propaganda. The coverage of the Syrian conflict will be remembered as one of the most shameful episodes in the history of the American Press. Follow Arab Americans for Syria for real coverage of the Syrian Crisis. Listen to alternative media sources such as KPFK Radio, Press TV, and RT… Follow the coverage of independent journalists like Eva Karene Bartlett, Janice Kortkamp, Vanessa Beeley, Tim Anderson, film maker and humanitarian Carla Ortiz, who all have recently spent time in Syria and their coverage is real and truthful.” 

Achi will also be hosting Carla Ortiz, Bolivian filmaker who has spent a considerable amount of time in Syria during 2016 and who recently spoke with Patrick Henningsen LIVE:

Patrick Henningsen LIVE – ‘Witness to War’ with guest Carla Ortiz

“Join Arab Americans for Syria Sunday Feb. 26 for Eyewitness Syria IV Truth Must Be Told with Carla Ortiz, actress, film maker/producer who has just returned from Syria. Carla’s eyewitness account of the events on the ground in Aleppo and different parts of the country tells a different story than the one you’ve been hearing in the US corporate media”

carla johnny achi


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