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VITALY CHURKIN: Tributes to a True Statesman and International Law Defender

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Vanessa Beeley
21st Century Wire

“The pursuit of peace and progress cannot end in a few years in either victory or defeat. The pursuit of peace and progress, with its trials and its errors, its successes and its setbacks, can never be relaxed and never abandoned.” ~ Dag Hammarskjold, UN Secretary General 1953

Yesterday a great man died. A man who had bravely pursued peace and progress throughout his diplomatic career. A man who defended international law without deviation and who was one of the staunchest of Syrian allies throughout six years of a dirty war being waged against this sovereign nation by the criminal war hawks in the White House and its global accomplices, campaigning for “regime change”. Vitaly Churkin was one of those rare individuals who spoke the truth with courage and humour and who reminded us that humanity still exists in the halls of power, so often littered with unremarkable mouthpieces for globalist foreign policy.

Many have expressed sorrow and regret at the sudden passing of this icon of Russian diplomacy and it seemed fitting to gather those tributes at 21st Century Wire, in homage to a man who will leave an indelible footprint upon the hearts and minds of those who recognised and appreciated his profound sense of international justice:


“Churkin was Syrian more than a lots of Syrians themselves, fearless in defending Syria, a hero in the time of traitors, Churkin was the only one who raised his hand high in the sky in the security counsel 6 times not to invade a country or to the safety of the Zionism but for the truth, to protect civilians against the American killing machine, from the heart of Damascus we are praying for your soul to rest in Peace and we grief you as a great hero in Syria and we grief you with your family, because according to my mom who’s 60 y.o when she read the news of your death, she cried and said a true Syrian hero fall during this dirty war against us. may your soul rest in peace.” ~ Sam Al Akhras

Churkin Powerb

“R.I.P. Ambassador Churkin. A great loss to humanity. Syria and Syrians will never forget you. I personally felt so sad. May your soul be in heaven. Your wise words would continue to give us hope that, on this earth, there are still some fine people defending rightful causes. Your hand, which has been raised repeatedly to prevent an overt assault on Syria, will remain a symbol of the courage, chivalry and knighthood. An irreplaceable fine diplomat.

So sad to say any one more word.” ~ Zenobia Saleh

Churkin Jb

“God bless his soul!

The sad thing is that people like obamas, clintons, bushes, rothchilds, erdogans and so on, after having done their dirty deeds, are going to enjoy their retirements playing golf, while people like Vitaly Churkin who carry humanity in their hearts till the end, leave us so soon. I cannot question God’s way, but sometimes I don’t understand why people who fight for the justice, humanity and truth are the ones to leave so soon” ~ Olga Krush-White

“Instead, we should go back to the origins of sensible political thinking, to the slogan ‘the world is undivided,’ to the understanding that the wish to ensure your own security at the expense of others only undermines security globally.” — Vitaly Churkin

May he rest in peace! Blessings, love and grace! ~ Nina N Gafoor


“Very saddened by Churkin’s death. He stood by his truth in spite of enormous opposition.” ~ Daphne O’Brien

“If the UN were a school yard, Vitaly Churkin was the one who stood up to the bullies to protect the other children.” ~ Pierre Potgieter

“Churkin was a tireless and fearless defender of Syrian sovereignty. Often facing down many tiers of childlike ranting by US and proxy UN members, and rebuffing them with effortless factual statements and humour. He is a huge loss not just to Russia but to many other countries struggling to free themselves of unipolar dominance as well as many activists (such as myself) who hold the same views.” ~ Alan Bailey

“He worked in a constructive manner for peace without falling into compromise. A hero” ~ Lionel Pat

“Going into a spiralling depression since I woke up this morning. I know I’ll recover… but Churkin’s death was a hard blow. It isn’t like he’s irreplaceable, of course, nobody is or should be, not in a world where we’re all mortal. But he was a wonderful person with a savagely mordant sense of humour. I especially loved his take down of the crap spewed by Samantha Powers. I doubt his replacement will be of the same calibre.” ~ Bill Purkayastha

“La seule chose que l’on apprend d’un mort en cas de guerre c’est qu’il y a un combattant en moins mais deux plus forts: soi-même et la colère.” ~ Adeline Chenon Ramlat


“Just watching his last interview airing on RT and what is apparent is his clear, logical and honest thinking and so full of life. It is devastating that such a hero has left us too soon, not just for Russia but for all. RIP.” ~ Zita Connolly

“He is a man… with an angel hand… we won’t forget you churkin. RIP” ~ Sahab Soliman

“A person who exemplified the meanings of the words diplomacy and statesmanship. Sadly a dying breed. ‘Whatever happened to the heroes…?” ~ Adam Filipovic

“A real hero, who fought years for Syria and vetoed six times for Syria. The best example of highest courageness and perserverance in oppressive meetings, even though Russia had to pay hard consequences sine 2014 with the violent regime change in Ukraine and the following sanctions. May he rest in peace….” ~ Tina Jeschonnek

“Vitaly Churkin was a man whose every word upheld the spirit and letter of the UN Charter. He lived in an age where many of the noble ideals in the charter were frequently disregarded. He defended the interests of his country with grace and honour but he also was a defender of international law and the wider cause of justice. His comrades in Syria and Serbia will not forget his legacy any time soon. It is hard to imagine a UN without Ambassador Churkin.” ~ Adam Garrie

“A diplomat that defends his country against regime change in syria by us/uk deserves my respect” ~ Shakeel Tushak Ahmed

“What’s inspiring from these posts is that he proved that those with such great integrity really do exist within the higher echelons of world power working for peace for all of us..believe. RIP Great Man x” ~ Susie Becker

“It was him who held the UN to account against the blatant violations of NATO countries and Illegal wars, after Kofi left and that idiot Ban Ki Moon, led it. He told it as it was and reminded them about their hypocrisy when needed. For me a top man that even managed to keep the Security Council a viable entity.” ~ Mark Blackford

“Here are some words. Probably not very good at all, but it’s what came to mind. Vale Vitaly Churkin. To you, the people of Russia owe a great debt of gratitude. You represented your country with dignity, courage, honour and distinguishment. In the face of great adversity and hostility, you never flinched, carrying yourself with pride, finesse and the air of a great, but humble diplomat.

To you, the people of Syria owe a great debt of gratitude. You stood firm against an unrelenting onslaught of accusations, lies and incendiary statements. Your powerful presence and determination ensured no resolution would be passed at the United Nations authorizing the savage use of force against the people of Syria. Your concern was always number one, the safety and welfare of ordinary Syrian men, women and children, working tirelessly to free them from the deadly grip of terrorist forces ravaging their country.

To you, the people of the Donbass owe a great debt of gratitude. You championed the cause of the people of the Donbass, unrelenting in your determination to protect them from a deadly rampage launched by the authorities in Kiev. You showed you were a diplomatic maestro in pressuring and holding to account the authorities in Kiev to honour their obligations under the Minsk Agreement. You spoke with heartfelt compassion for the long suffering civilians of the Donbass, echoing their desire for freedom, their rights and to live in peace.

To you the people around the world who seek a peaceful, prosperous future owe a great debt of gratitude. Combative, but charming, you never failed to rise to the challenge when faced with great hostility from other members at the United Nations. A robust style, laced with wit and incisiveness, you always talked of engaging with partners, even as those partners threw daggers at you and accused Russia of all evil under the sun.

To you your colleagues owe a personal debt of gratitude. A man who was a giant among a great tradition of Russian diplomats. Calm, but with a steely determination, all manner of insult would never ruffle you, as you schooled many clearly inferior to you in the subtle art of diplomacy.

Gone, but never forgotten, a man who left an indelible mark on millions around the world. RIP Vitaly Churkin.” ~Paul Mansfield

“It so sad , we just lost a great UN ambassador Vitaly Churkin .. He helped syrian People so much from US and NATO Agression . he also helped Syrian Goverment when the SAA try to retake Aleppo from Terrorists .. God bless his beautiful soul” ~ Faishal Fawwaz


“He was an admirable man. Look at his expression in this photo; an expression of a man at ease with himself and one that says I have nothing to hide. A point he so eloquently clarified to the idiot Samantha Power. It’s a sad that such an experienced orator and political diplomat is no longer present. More so because wherever he was present, you knew that he would not take shit from the US hawks across the table. But after giving them a firm lesson in international diplomacy, and once the gereral debate was at an end, he would smile genuinely as to suggest “we [Russia & the US] can still be friends – if you want but on our terms not yours.” Case in point: consider how he managed Samantha Power’s psychopathic advance when she nearly attacked him “off-camera” at the UN! He handled her like a true diplomat whilst she stomped her feet like a spolit brat. The world needs experienced diplomats like him. They create a viable counter balance to the hawkish stupidity of less experienced diplomats and their political administrations. God Bless you and your family.” ~ John Samuels


“Qu’il puisse reposer en paix c’est un grand homme et un excellent diplomate qui a mené avec intelligence et dextérité un dur combat face au camp Atlantiste et ses larbins saoudiens et Qatari” ~ Zohra Credy

“Churkin reminded us about the conscience of the world. That we need to stop interventionism and respect sovereign states.” ~ Norman Thijsen

A tribute to Vitaly Churkin, from Ibrahim Saleh, Syria!

We will be adding to these tributes as they come in over the next few days…the following images and quotes have been produced by Russia Today as their initial tribute to the great man, Vitaly Churkin:

The US envoy to the UN, Zalmay Khalilzad, received this response from Churkin on August 29, 2008, after he condemned Russia’s “invasion” of Georgia.

This was Churkin’s reply to UK envoy Matthew Rycroft on February 3, 2017, after Rycroft called Russia’s position on Ukraine an “inversion of reality” and seconded new US Ambassador Nikki Haley’s demand for Russia to “return Crimea” to Ukraine.

That is how Churkin commented on Power’s emotional speech about the humanitarian situation in Aleppo, where the US-backed rebels were losing a battle to the Russian-backed Syrian Army, on December 13, 2016.“Please, remember which country you represent. Please, remember the track record of your country,” Churkin told her.


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