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21WIRE’s Week in Review: 28 MAY 2016 Edition

21WIRE | A review of all the Top Stories from this week – for your consideration.

May 24, 2016 – UK Column News with Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen

UK Column News | From Syria to Europe – we cover the top stories today.

May 20, 2016 – UK Column News with Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen

UK Column | Another live broadcast from the UK Column studios in Plymouth, England.

Political Correctness in EU: Depressive Tolerance

Branko Malić I A powerful international NGO has been trying for years to make the strangely conceived notion of “tolerance” the basis of EU member state’s laws. So what’s wrong about that? Apparently, everything.

‘FRACK ATTACK’: Environmental Advocate Ian Crane warns of brand new UK fracking threat

Ian R. Crane | North England is under siege again from Fracking firms.

May 18, 2016 – UK Column News with Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen

UK Column News | ‘Weaponized media’ turns up heat, targets dissident thought.

UK Column News with Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen

UK COLUMN NEWS | Broadcasting live this week on the shores of Devon.

AV7 – Another Tour de Force for The Alternative View

21WIRE | Following a strong showing this past week, AV looks to become one of the UK’s leading alternative conferences.

TTIP Leaks: It Ain’t Like in the Movies at All

Branko Malić I TTIP leaks are still a hot topic in mainstream media. However, do they reveal anything we already haven’t known beforehand?

Police Stage Fake Terror Attack on British Shopping Mall

21WIRE | Why is this being staged now?


SUNDAY SCREENING | Our editorial team curates a documentary film for 21WIRE readers.

UN Climate Deal: The Joke is on Us

Branko Malić | The UN’s climate circus is rapidly cooling off.

ABOUT FACE: NATO Restarts a Dialogue with Russia

21WIRE + Strategic Culture | What? All of the sudden NATO has done a 180º about face.

Western Media’s ‘Anti-Russia’ Program is Starting the Crack

21WIRE + Huff Post | Are the western media finally cracking on Russia?

Israeli Lobby Forces Swedish Minister to Resign For Comparing Israel’s Pogrom to Nazis

21WIRE + RT | While still collecting scalps of academics and politicians in the west, Israel’s intellectual racketeering operation is rapidly disintegrating.

Kerry’s Lunacy: ‘US Would Be Justified Shooting Down Unarmed Russian Jets’

21WIRE + Antiwar.com | Clinging to his outdated script, Kerry remains completely detached from reality.

Nuland’s Lapdog ‘Yats’ Finally Exits Out Rear Door of Kiev Parliament

Robert Parry | Backed by Washington and the local Nazi brigades, ‘Yats’ has finally been shown the door.

POVERTY PIMP: Sir Bob Geldof wants $100,000 for ‘anti-poverty’ speech

21WIRE + Telegraph | Meanwhile, nothing gets done, and the poverty pimps just get richer.

A Poem: ‘Poundland UK’

Duncan MacDowall | Roll up, roll up, it’s all for sale.

Another Hidden War: Azerbaijan & Armenia

21WIRE + UK Column | Some key points regarding the geopolitical tremors in Nagorno-Karabakh.