Bilderberg 2014: Watch Out for the Red Herring in Copenhagen

21WIRE | Revelation: This year’s Bilderberg may be held at two venues – as it was last year…

Thrup’ney bits, Tits – New Pound Coin is Elite Schoolboy Joke for Unwashed Masses

Sam William | Remember: your leaders really do love you, and they would never, ever want to completely screw you.

The Latest Heist: US Quietly Snatches the Ukraine’s Gold Reserves

21WIRE + IRD | When they say ‘follow the money’, you better believe it. Now there 33 tons of missing gold from Kiev…

‘Budget Day’ Reveals Britain’s £1.8 Trillion (and Growing) Debt – So Bring Back the Bradbury Pound

21WIRE + UK Column | Supporters of money reform took over the ‘Budget Day’ press pit opposite Parliament yesterday to offer a real solution.

Lessons from Iraq: Modern War is West ‘attacking countries who can’t fight back’

Going Underground on RT | Patrick Henningsen says the UK’s involvement in Iraq is still creating radicalization at home – and the government doesn’t seem to want to learn from its mistakes.

UK Column Live – March 18th – Guest Patrick Henningsen discusses Crimea and ‘Western Oligarchs’

UK Column Live | Dismantling the western media and political propaganda being spun on the Ukraine, Crimea and Russia this week.


Andrew McKillop | Political leaders in the west have fools for advisers, and thus are making one wrong move after another.

Head of Press TV London Detained By MI5 British Intelligence

21WIRE | Iranian owner of a London-based television production company was taken into custody by British intelligence.

Episode #25 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Beyond Gorky Park’ with guests F. William Engdahl, Brian Gerrish and Basil Valentine

SUNDAY WIRE SHOW | Patrick Henningsen hosts with special guests F. William Engdahl, Brian Gerrish and Basil Valentine.

UK Column Live – The West’s Latest Diplomatic Debacle – Guest Patrick Henningsen

UK Column Live | Guest Patrick Henningsen breaks down the Ukraine debacle with some straight talk about the west’s diplomatic traveling circus.