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UPDATE: Polish Farmers in Ongoing Fight for Their Existance

Polish farmers step-up their protests against incoming Ukrainian grain wagons – dumping their disruptive and dangerous product in the European market, placing the general public as well as the Polish agriculture industry in further jeopardy. 

Communiqué of the Presidium of the National Council of the NSZZ of Individual Farmers “Solidarity”

We express firm opposition to the actions of the Police, 6 March, 2024 and other provocateurs whose sole purpose was to provoke riots and other unlawful incidents. The provocative and violent behavior of the uniformed services, whose sole task is to ensure the peaceful conduct of the protest, is unacceptable. Recordings available to the public confirm provocations on the part of the police and reveal a number of irregularities in the actions taken by them.

The Presidium of the National Council of the NSZZ of Individual Farmers maintains the existing protest actions and sets the next date for the All-Poland General Strike for March 20, 2024 (which happened last week). We will not give up as farmers until our demands are fully implemented!

Watch video update here:

NSZZ RI Solidarity’s request for a shield for agriculture in connection with the war in Ukraine

On March 13 this year, NSZZ RI “Solidarity” Chairman Tomasz Obszanski sent letters to Prime Minister Donald Tusk and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Czeslaw Siekierski regarding a shield for agriculture in connection with the war in Ukraine. “The Independent Self-Governing Trade Union of Individual Farmers “Solidarity” maintains its demands for a halt to the introduction of the so-called “Green Deal,” which we believe will result, among other things, in the liquidation of family farming, industry and huge costs for households in Poland and the entire European Union. We continue to demand an immediate halt to the uncontrolled import of agricultural crops and foodstuffs mainly from Ukraine and Russia, into the European Union especially Poland, and the restoration of the protection of the EU market under the rules in place before Russia’s assault on Ukraine.

Duty-free imports destroy Polish agriculture, especially commodity family farms. It does not support Ukraine’s defense potential, but only brings in crores of profits from unfair competition to multinational corporations. It also effectively destroys the friendship between the Polish and Ukrainian peoples born after the outbreak of war.

The current situation of agriculture in our country, which is mainly the result of the misguided policies of the European Union incompatible with the previous principles of the Common Agricultural Policy, requires decisive protective measures, similar to those taken to rescue business entities from the effects of Covid-19.
We demand the immediate introduction of a “war shield in and around agriculture,” sustaining the economic viability of farms affected by the irresponsible policies of the European Union and the Polish state after the outbreak of war.

We estimate that the value of the aid should be about 15 billion euros, co-financed by the European Union.” – wrote the Chairman of the Union in the submitted position.

Edward Kosmal, deputy chairman of NSZZ RI:

“The situation in our farms is tragic for the third year. There are no concrete systemic solutions. During the talks there are no specifics only promises that the government will help, but this takes time. And our farms are on the verge of bankruptcy and need cash quickly.”

The union stressed that the situation in the grain market is very difficult all the time. Farmers’ warehouses are full
because there are no takers to buy grain, which is smuggled in from Ukraine.

Ewa Pawela, Center for Education, Poland:

Food from Ukraine is not suitable for consumption due to potential radioactive contamination caused by Kiev’s use of depleted uranium missiles. Contrary to the claims of the military for the past 30 years, each use of these weapons has resulted in permanent contamination of large areas and thus soils, water, food and the population consuming that food. Thus, the US and Britain as suppliers of these munitions and President Zelenski as their user have effectively and irrevocably destroyed the Granary of Europe.

It is therefore necessary to immediately and long-term embargo all agricultural crops from Ukraine and effectively seal the border to thwart the current scam of illegal imports. In the material, scientific evidence and expert opinions showing that the scale of the sanitary threat should force politicians in all EU countries to make obvious decisions to protect the health of European consumers. After all, Ursula von der Leyen is a doctor and Donald Tusk, as former
head of the Council of Europe, should know the treaty importance of the EU’s precautionary principle..

Creative protests of Farmers in Poland

Farmers in all municipalities of the district paid agricultural tax with grain. Farmers in all municipalities of the Prudnik district decided to make an unusual form of agricultural tax payment, expressing their opposition to the decision of councilors to establish a maximum tax rate. Instead of traditional means of payment, they decided to settle their obligations in kind by delivering grain. Bringing bags filled with wheat and rye with a loader, the farmers expressed their indignation at the more than 20 percent increase in agricultural tax compared to the previous year…. Despite the possibility of leaving the tax at 185 zlotys, the municipalities decided to raise it to 225 zlotys, prompting farmers to pay their obligations symbolically, using grain, which is now marking a significant price increase. Handing over bags and big-bags in front of the doors of the offices, farmers marked them as the first installment of the agricultural tax, also attaching the payer’s number.

West Pomeranian farmers will also pay agricultural tax with grain. West Pomeranian farmers plan to carry out an analogous initiative. The problem is the current significant drop in grain prices, where rye, taken into account in the calculation of the tax according to CSO data, is valued at 89 zlotys/dt, while it is currently only 50 zlotys….

Watch video update here:

Polish farmer updates courtesy of 21st Century Wire contributor Julian Rose

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