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UN Head Condemns Ukrainian Attack Which Killed 27 Civilians in Donbass

21WIRE | As Kiev’s forces continue to dwindle, their tactics are becoming even more desperate.

INTERVIEW: Sarah Bils from DD Geopolitics – ‘Countering War Propaganda’

SUNDAY WIRE | Independent media are pushing back against the machine.

NYT Admits Zelensky Lied About Alleged ‘Russian Missile Strike’ on Donbas Market

21WIRE | This rare admission comes just as Zelensky is visiting the US to lobby for more cash and weapons.

SUNDAY SCREENING: ‘Operation Ukraine: Terror on Demand’ (2023)

SUNDAY SCREENING | Our weekly documentary film curated by the editorial team at 21WIRE.

Ukraine: ‘One Million Russian Troops Marching to Polish Border’

Col Douglas Macgregor | Zelensky is needlessly throwing away the lives of young Ukrainians in a losing venture.

INTERVIEW: Col. Douglas Macgregor on Russia’s Winter Offensive

21WIRE | Here’s what’s likely to happen on the battlefield over the next two months.

Ukraine Arms Trafficking: The Waltz of Bloody Clowns

Arnaud Develay | It seems that the hunger of Kiev’s bloody clown is never satisfied.

CIA’s Deadly ‘Strategy of Tension’ to Destroy Russia

Kurt Nimmo | Washington’s planned subversion operations inside Russia well before Moscow’s intervention in Ukraine.

Self-Determination, Referenda and the Rights of Minorities in Donbass: Analysis of UN Expert

Arnaud Develay | Unpacking the question of sovereignty for Crimea, Donbass and other former Ukrainian territories.

US Send Decades-Old Arms to Kiev, Russia’s ‘De-militarization’ of Ukraine Continues

Brian Berletic | An update on the military and battlefield situation in Ukraine.

INTERVIEW: Col. Douglas Macgregor Debunks Latest Ukraine Myths

21WIRE | The western media claim that Ukraine is now winning big against Russia. But is this really the case?

German Newspaper Debunks Fake Ukrainian Story of ‘Russian Torture’

RT International | Another fake emotive piece of propaganda planted in the western media by the Ukrainian government is exposed as fake news.

Video and Text of President Putin’s Speech on Accession of New Territories

21WIRE | Putin marks the incorporation of new regions, and defies the “colonial” West and its rampant culture wars.

Ukraine Applies for Fast-Track NATO Membership, Rules Out Peace Talks

21WIRE | Under the likely orders of Washington DC, Kiev has moved the world one step closer to WWIII.

UKC News: NATO’s Nordstream Attack Denials, Calls for EU to Sanction Western Journalists

UKC News | Co-hosts Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen, with Vanessa Beeley for the end of week news round-up.

Crimea: ‘Donbass Republics Joining Russia Marks a ‘Point of No Return’

21WIRE | While Zelensky insists the vote will change nothing, history and demographics – are not on his side.

Joseph Arthur with guest Patrick Henningsen on Ukraine, Russia & Referendums

TNT Radio | Joseph and Ruckus talk with Patrick Henningsen about the latest developments in Ukraine, and war of words between Russia and NATO.

Referendums: Early Turnout Numbers on Joining Russia Revealed

RT International | The initial numbers are in, and all regions have met the minimum threshold for participation.

VIDEO: Independent Media Covering Referendum in Donbass

21WIRE | The snap referendums have triggered a political crisis among G7 countries.

VIDEO: Russia Mobilizes, Referendums Underway: What Will Change and Why?

Brian Berletic | The West and Ukraine are having a fit this weekend – here’s why.

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