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Europe Braces Itself: Polish Farmers Prepare to Join Global Protests This Week

Polish farmer are about to join the global protest against globalists’ attack on agricultural independence and real food security.

Part of the announcement of Poland’s NSZZ of Individual Farmers “Solidarity” on the General Strike (scheduled from February 9 to March 10, 2024):

“Our patience has been exhausted. The position of Brussels at the end of January 2024 is unacceptable to the entire agricultural community. In addition, the lack of response from the Polish authorities and declarations of cooperation with the European Commission, along with announcements to respect all decisions on the import of agricultural and food products from Ukraine, leave us no choice but to declare a general strike…We cannot accept the implementation of the “European Green Deal”, the European Union’s farm-to-table strategy and the proposed form of the Common Agricultural Policy. The Polish government must present a clear plan for agricultural production, its profitability, the reconstruction of domestic processing and trade. We will fight for this until it happens. Polish farm families are the foundation of our country’s food security…

We ask compatriots to be understanding and aware of the situation in which we all find ourselves. We are fighting for our common good, which is to save Polish family-owned, often multi-generational farms from collapse and bankruptcy.

IMAGE: Map of expected Polish Farmer solidarity protests on February 9, 2024.

Julian Rose reports rom the frontline in central Europe via a newsletter he distributes in the Polish village which is the base of The International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside of which he is President

So we arrive in 2024 after a reshuffling of the political pack in October 2023. Some familiar faces have returned to the podium and some equally familiar ones have faded into the background.

But as I said in the Summer edition ‘whoever will be the next government will be under the control of the same globalist cabal’. In this edition we will look a little further into the repercussions of being at the receiving end of this global faction.

This time around the situation is at least pretty clear. Mr Tusk and his supporting cabal will kneel obligingly at the feet of the European Commission and offer Poland up to the supranational dictatorship called ‘the European Union’.

Suddenly the money box will magically spring open and billions of Euros will flow into a ‘special fund’ in Warsaw, after which only one or two individuals will know what will become of it.

However we know one thing for sure, that Mr Tusk was chosen to be European Commissioner, because he quietly agreed to act in the interest of the European Commission on his return to Poland. And in this way, finally bring to heel ‘the resistance’ against EU regulatory impositions designed to make this country a poodle to the might of the Brussels technocracy.

But in the bigger world, all major political, social and economic matters are decided and controlled by a small, centralised, elitist and immensely wealthy cabal composed of less than human individuals determined to exert complete control over humanity, using whatever powers necessary to achieve their goals.

It is not possible to grasp what is going on without knowing something about how this top- down control system works.

Nation State governments like to believe they have some autonomous power; The European Commission likes to believe it has greater power than national governments. But draw back a few more paces and one finds that The World Economic Forum (WEF), The United Nations and the World Health Organisation have given themselves enough power to exert a yet greater influence over world affairs. Just witness the World Health Organisation single handedly deciding to ‘lock down’ most of the world during Covid.

Then, carry on and look behind those institutions and one finds a few mega banks and investment corporations having immense powers of control over the economies of all countries of the world.
The Bank of International Settlements (in Switzerland) on its own controls the flow of money to all other banks. And Black Rock investment corporation – plus one or two other similar organisations – have acquired part or full control over almost all corporations familiar to those who shop on-line or in city high streets.

Senior figures from all these global institutions, meet at special and largely secretive gatherings each year, to map out the global programme. Including where to provoke wars, mass migration and bankruptcies – in the interests of strengthening their power base to introduce what is known as ‘The New World Order’, also known as ‘The Great Reset’.

I explain this in order that we can understand a little of the background to some of the crazy things that happen in our own backyards.

For example, moving into the winter months brings into the foreground the issue of the energy supply, especially heat. Poland should be well placed here, due to large natural resources of good quality coal.

But ‘The New World Order’ operating via the EU power base in Brussels, and via the World Economic Forum in Davos, already adopted 2/3 decades ago, the great false alarm scare story called ‘Global Warming’. It tried to convince ‘we the people’ that large amounts of CO2 is released by burning coal and oil and that this has the affect of raising the temperature on earth.

I guess they were counting on the fact that none of us would remember our school biology lessons and the fact that CO2 is not a pollutant, but is ‘the vital gas of life’ which supplies plant life with what it needs to produce oxygen – which is, of course, what we and the animal kingdom need in order to breathe!

The WEF came up with what it calls ‘The Green Deal’ and ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’ which are plans based on computer models designed to show how all CO2 emissions must be eradicated by 2050 – in order to ‘save the world’ from Global Warming.

This is the biggest act of deception ever perpetrated on mankind.

In Europe, the EU is the delivery mechanism for this programme. So Poland is told “If you mine your coal resources for heating homes and generating electricity, you will have to pay a ‘carbon tax’ because you are not following the ‘stop global warming’ rules enshrined in Green New Deal.”

So the government is presented with a supposed choice: do not conform with this rule and pay the
‘carbon fine’; or conform with the rule and close down your best and most widespread energy resource, with all the repercussions this involves. This is the demand of a dictatorship.

Since when did a country not have the right to sensibly exploit its own resource base so as to fulfil the basic needs of its people? Would a rational ‘government of the people’ (if it existed) force its own citizens to throw out their wood burning stoves/boilers and replace them with electric powered heat pumps – and then struggle to pay the bills from the provider of this electricity?

In a country with 30% of its land covered by well managed forests, wouldn’t it be sensible to make rationed burning of wood one of the main resources for heating homes – especially in countryside communities?

And then why is there no plan to invest in the exploitation of Poland’s huger geothermal deposits? A genuinely ‘green’ solution.

But the EU, the corporations, the banks and governments do not want countries to be independent and responsibly resourceful. They want to control and thereby enrich themselves at our expense.

According to NASA and other international climate observation bodies, there has been no discernable change in global temperatures over the past two decades, and the overall tendency is towards a slight cooling.

Albert Einstein is reputed to have said “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”

If we fail to act when great injustices are being perpetrated in front of our eyes, what use are we to this world or to our Creator?

Everyone can do something – and some can do a lot. There’s no time to waste. Coming down the line this year will be more trouble for all of us. But as we gain confidence in our powers of resistance – the power to say NO – it will increasingly be possible to reverse the slide into passivity, political correctness and slavery.

One of the troubles coming our way is a new attempt to force GMO into the food chain. It goes under the title of ‘New Genomic Techniques’ and comes via American and Trans National agribusiness corporations seeking to introduce genetically manipulated synthetic foods into commercial production. By coming up with a new name they hope to avoid people making the connection with GMO. But New Genomic Techniques is DNA manipulation using GMO.

Already in unregulated commercial production in the USA, UK and Holland is a laboratory created synthetic milk product. The product goes under different names according to the firm producing it. The UK versions are called ‘Robot Milk’ and ‘Perfect Day’.

Real cows producing real milk have been slated as contributing to global warming/climate change because they release ‘methane’ after chewing the cud. Of course this is an utterly nonsensical excuse created solely for the purpose of forcing diary farmers and their cows off the land – to be replaced by robots. Robots are easy to control.

Independent farmers are seen as a danger to those who want complete control over humanity. The WEF’s Fourth Industrial Revolution lays out the plan for a 100% global shift into GMO synthetic laboratory foods by 2035. Already large amounts of money are being invested in this process – led by Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates. Yes, the same one who also wants us to live on insects.

By hammering Mr Tusk and new ministers of agriculture and the environment – we can stop GMO synthetic milk getting into Poland. So please do it!

We can also go one better. Re-establish the all important house cow right here is Stryszow! Surely a vital life line to real food for today’s children and for future generations.




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