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Western Media Narrative: ‘Poland Obstructs Nord Stream Investigation’

This week, reports suggest that Poland is resisting cooperation with an international probe into the destruction of the Nord Stream gas pipelines by failing to provide key evidence, according to accusations made by certain European investigators. What does this really mean? 

We’re told by western mainstream media that that Polish officials have been “slow to provide information and withheld key evidence about the alleged saboteurs’ movements on Polish soil,” but could this be a calculated political diversion – to distract attention away from US and NATO involvement in this historic act of international terrorism?

Understand that this is an extremely high-stakes game of international power. We are watching a very careful operation of narrative management.

Hence, take this latest western story with a pinch of salt (more the come later)…

Zero Hedge reports…

At this point, one might be forgiven for thinking that the Nord Stream pipelines sabotage is already ancient history. After all, mainstream media and prime time TV news coverage has by and large ‘moved on’ as soon as it became clear that Russia had nothing to do with it.

At this point, the consensus even among Moscow’s vehement enemies is that the September 26, 2022 series of blasts which disabled the Russia to Germany NS-1 and NS-2 natural gas pipelines had Ukrainian and/or Western involvement. While MSM sources have favored the theory that it was a mystery group of pro-Ukraine operatives on a small yacht, legendary investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has reported that it was a CIA and US Navy special operation with help from Norwegian intelligence services.

Since then, the ongoing investigation by Germany, Denmark and Sweden into the details of what happened has continued to yield very interesting, incremental developments. The latest was revealed in a Wall Street Journal report this week, and involves apparent Polish obstruction of the probe, which has been deemed by officials to be highly suspicious.

Reports WSJ, “Polish officials have resisted cooperating with an international probe into the sabotage of the Nord Stream natural-gas pipelines and failed to disclose potentially crucial evidence, according to European investigators working on the case.”

Cover-up?… you don’t say:

Those Polish officials have been slow to provide information and withheld key evidence about the alleged saboteurs’ movements on Polish soil, investigators said. They are now hoping the new government in Warsaw, which took office in December, will help shed light on the attack.

European investigators have long believed the attack was launched from Ukraine via Poland. But they say Warsaw’s failure to fully cooperate has made it hard to establish whether the attack happened with or without the former Polish government’s knowledge, according to senior officials.

And further, “Some senior European officials say they are considering approaching the office of Donald Tusk, Poland’s new prime minister, for help in investigating the biggest act of sabotage on the European continent since World War II.”

According to more from the report:

Investigators haven’t offered evidence linking the Polish government to the explosions and say that even if some Polish officials were involved, it could have been without the knowledge of the political leadership. Yet they say efforts by Polish officials to hinder their investigation have made them increasingly suspicious of Warsaw’s role and motives.

Poland is of course a leading eastern European NATO country, and it would certainly come as no surprise that Polish intelligence or military was involved. The United States has also of late worked hand and glove with Poland on defense issues, as part of NATO’s so-called eastern flank.

Moscow especially is no doubt keeping a close eye on such reports, and all of this strongly suggests there will still be surprises and potential bombshells to come in the official European investigation, which is likely to drag on for years. Whether the world will ever get to behold the full truth of the sabotage operation is another question…

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