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Turkey in Flux: Burning Qurans, NATO Expansion, War in Ukraine and Devastating Earthquakes

Dr. Can Erimtan | Turkey finds itself at the centre of multiple storms, all at once – each with huge geopolitical ramifications.

MYSTERY: 60,000 Antelope Died in Four Days in Kazakhstan

21WIRE + NBC News | Experts believe that the species could be facing extinction.

New CCTV Video of Nepal Quake Shows Building Falling on Motorists

21WIRE + RT | Besides the 1.4 million who need food, water and shelter , there are still hundreds of people are still trapped .

Manhattan Project to A.I. – The Coming Synthetic Rewrite of Nature

Jay Dyer | The Manhattan Project incorporated a vast program concerned with radiation, human exposure and ‘the grand telos’ – engineering resistant, synthetic humanoids.

WEATHER WEAPONS: CIA Funding Geo-Engineering to Weaponize Weather

21WIRE + The Independent | A top American scientist has claimed that the CIA was looking to fund research into weaponizing weather.

EXPOSED: Global Geoengineering PsyOps Are Documented

Jay Dyer | The invention of the climate threat is a scam, as modern technological advancements are based around militarization and global population management.

Major Media Mocks Preppers in the Wake of Extreme Winter Weather

21WIRE + The Guardian | The reality is, we should all be more self-reliant.

Weather Control, ‘Climate Change’ Deception & Other Global Concerns

Shawn Helton | Can weather manipulation could trigger potential “force multiplier” of extreme events throughout the world?

The Mystery of Tesla’s Missing Papers

21WIRE + Brasscheck TV | The Pentagon claims that, yes, they did take them, but that they had “lost” them…

Episode #8 – SUNDAY WIRE with guests ET Williams, Oz Bayldon and Basil Valentine

SUNDAY WIRE SHOW | Hold on to your hats and strap yourself in, for a power packed show this weekend.

Did the Philippines become a target of Weather Weapons?

Shawn Helton | Was secretive technology used to politically punish or coerce the Philippines?

Philippines Typhoon Could Be Linked to ‘Man-Made’ Microwave Pulses

21WIRE + Dutchsinse | Weather-watcher known as Dutchsinse has linked the latest storm formations in the Philippines to man-made microwave pulses.

Are ‘Chemtrails’ Real? New Mainstream Media Disclosure Sparks Debate

21WIRE + Daily Mail | All this money and risk to “cure global warming”? Hardly.

China Earthquake: Quake In Sichuan Kills At Least 179, Thousands Injured, Missing

Huffington Post | The earthquake Saturday morning triggered landslides that cut off roads and disrupted phone and power connections

CHEMTRAIL FILM: What in the World Are They Spraying?

| Amazing documentary that proves Chemtrails are real, and geoengineering is happening now.


Patrick Lynch | Eye witness accounts from the last few days have fostered a wave of reports that ‘Chem-webs’, as well as heavy metals present in soil.

CHEM-TRAILS: Look up and see it for yourself

21WIRE | What are these chemical trails doing all over our skies each day?

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