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Episode #20 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Austerity Bites’ with host Patrick Henningsen, UK Dole Tsar ‘Liam Duncan-Smith’, and Basil Valentine

SUNDAY WIRE RADIO SHOW | Pulling the rug out from under the ‘austerity’ conversation in Europe, plus NFL and Boxing match fixing in the US.

Episode #15 – SUNDAY WIRE SHOW: ‘Lifting of the Veil in 2014’

SUNDAY WIRE SHOW | The Ultimate New Year Mash-up: Dorner, Sandy Hook, Crop Circles and Predictions for 2014.

Episode #10 – Sunday Wire Radio Show: ‘The Hypocrisy of Western Democracy’

SUNDAY WIRE SHOW | Another week, another scuba dive down the 21st century rabbit hole…

Episode #8 – SUNDAY WIRE with guests ET Williams, Oz Bayldon and Basil Valentine

SUNDAY WIRE SHOW | Hold on to your hats and strap yourself in, for a power packed show this weekend.

Episode #7 – SUNDAY WIRE: Dorner Revisited, Guy Fawkes in DC, JFK Redux and Twitter Censorship

SUNDAY WIRE | Top line-up of guests, plus our mosh pit of regular trouble makers and pundits – guaranteed to stimulate the mind.

Episode #6 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Doomwatch’ host Alex:G joins Patrick Henningsen for a power-packed show

SUNDAY WIRE | THE SUNDAY WIRE will be rebroadcasting the inaugural episode of a new UK radio show, DOOM WATCH, hosted by Alex G with guest Patrick Henningsen.

Episode #5 – SUNDAY WIRE SHOW with host Patrick Henningsen

SUNDAY WIRE | Bang-up episode with guests David Shayler, Basil Valentine and Brian Gerrish.

Episode #4 – SUNDAY WIRE RADIO SHOW: ‘Kenya Mall Massacre’ with guest Shawn Helton

SUNDAY WIRE | Placing a magnifying glass over the Kenya Mall massacre, and then look at comet currently passing Earth.

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