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Are ‘Chemtrails’ Real? New Mainstream Media Disclosure Sparks Debate

Fact Fiction Theory

21st Century Wire says…

After a decade of denial and concealment of a highly destructive and dangerous experimental practice on unsuspecting humans, this year in 2013, the mainstream media’s information super-sewer pipe has begun to unveil the existence of a growing chemical garbage dump we see when we look above in our once blue skies.

The question everyone seems to asking is: what are they?

It’s worth revisiting, and perhaps sharing this the Daily Mail report (below) which speaks as if what they are describing could happen, when in fact, it’s already happening – on a daily basis all over the UK. They are banking on the fact that most people do not look up at the sky, or ask questions about the steady increase in endless tic-tack-toe designed over their heads. By announcing it this year, they are simply dropping a media seed, building the back story.

Notice many of the recent attempts to breathe new life into the half-cocked pseudo-science of global warming, a day late and a carbon dollar short maybe, but that won’t stop them from trying it on one more time.

All this money and risk to “cure global warming”? Hardly. You can bet there is a transnational corporate, or even a depopulation agenda behind this insane government-sanctioned program.

The health effects and environmental damage caused by chem trails is unjustified, and maybe enough people will realise the scale of this crime and levy the world’s largest class-action lawsuit against the chief culprits who’ve been sanctioning this crime  – the governments of North America and Europe.

Time to dissolve our corporate governments? 

Climate engineering to ‘cure’ global warming could turn sunny blue skies WHITE

– Aerosol spray into upper atmosphere could reflect light away from Earth
– Scattering of red particles around Earth could ‘wash’ sky white
– Effect visible everywhere on Earth
– Most intense outside towns

By Rob Waugh
Mail Online

The sky could turn from a reassuring blue to a blank white if scientists are forced to take drastic action to tackle global warming, experts have claimed.

By injecting aerosols which scatter light into the atmosphere we could reflect more sun away from Earth and cool the planet.

But the knock-on effect would be the scattering of red particles around the atmosphere that wash out the blue.

The result would be skies that turn into a foggy or hazy white instead of the crisp colours we are used to on a summer’s day.

According to report in the New Scientist, such a measure would cut by a fifth the amount of sunlight that makes its way to Earth, though the reduction in the amount of blue in the sky could be much more pronounced.

Ben Kravitz of the Carnegie Institution for Science in Stanford, California, said that mankind could turn to geoengineering to solve our problems with the environment, a drastic solution once things have taken a turn for the worse.

He said that particles ranging from 0.1 to 0.9 micrometers in diameter would need to be scattered in order to influence the amount of light in the sky.

If only particles in the middle of this range were left then the sky would look a lot whiter.

It would work because the only reason the sky is blue in the first place is because air molecules are scattered…

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2155450/Climate-engineering-cure-global-warming-turn-sky-WHITE-claim-scientists.html#ixzz2fhljomDS

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