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Jesus vs. The Banksters

Renegade Inc | Remember the story of the altercation between Jesus and the money changers at the Temple?

SYRIA: Grand Mufti Hassoun Calls upon Christians to Stand in Solidarity with Al Quds

SANA | ‘Sedition projects’ in the region are a “political game” that began in 2003 in Iraq.

A POEM: ‘Twas The Night Before CNN’s Christmas…’

Alternate Current Radio | Behind the scenes at CNN this Christmas…

THIS YEAR: Let’s Make Christmas Great Again…

21WIRE.TV | A special holiday video message from 21WIRE.TV…

Newly Liberated Aleppo Celebrates First Christmas After Years of War

21WIRE + RT | This year, many people in the liberated city of Aleppo are celebrating for the first time since the war began.

Yuletide Greetings From 21WIRE…

21WIRE | Santa always knows who has been naughty or nice…

Black Friday: Watch Poor Americans Fighting Each Other For Cheap Chinese Goods

21WIRE | These must be those ‘freedoms’ and ‘American values’ we keep hearing about.

Peace On Earth and Goodwill to All Men (Well, Not Quite)

Andrew McKillop | A time for pondering what is, what could be, and who we need to absolutely get rid of in 2015.

America’s Bizarre 18th Century Christmas Roots

Brasscheck TV | In America during the 17th and 18th Centuries, celebrating Christmas was actually against the law!

Santa’s ‘No Knock’ Lament: Twas the Night Before Christmas

Dean Ryan | All hell broke loose when Mum and Dad called the cops on the Jolly one.

Sparkling Shame: Dollars Spent On Christmas Decor Could End Homeless Problem in US

21WIRE | Christmas is a multi-billion dollar industry.

FLASHBACK: Al Gore Calls for End to Santa’s “Irresponsible” Travel Itinerary

Editor’s Note: Still scathing from last season’s swiftboat attack by Al Gore, we are told Santa will come out swinging this Christmas 2010. This week on Christmas Eve, the North Pole are set to release a formal statement about last week’s UN Climate Summit in Cancun, things could get messy.  In case you missed it… By Nicholas “Pete” Petersen 21st Century Wire Special Report from […]