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Xmas Satire: Al Gore brands Santa Claus a ‘Climate Criminal’

Lapland Wire | Record-breaking ice this winter? These facts mean little to cult leaders like Al Gore.

Bad Form: Santa Claus Arrested in Austin, TX for Chalking on Sidewalk

21WIRE | Santa gets arrested again by Texas Rangers.

FLASHBACK: Al Gore Calls for End to Santa’s “Irresponsible” Travel Itinerary

Editor’s Note: Still scathing from last season’s swiftboat attack by Al Gore, we are told Santa will come out swinging this Christmas 2010. This week on Christmas Eve, the North Pole are set to release a formal statement about last week’s UN Climate Summit in Cancun, things could get messy.  In case you missed it… By Nicholas “Pete” Petersen 21st Century Wire Special Report from […]

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