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Peace On Earth and Goodwill to All Men (Well, Not Quite)

1-Andrew-McKillopAndrew McKillop
21st Century Wire

To the global elite, all the very best wishes this holiday season.

A time for pondering what is, what could be, and who we should keep, and who we need to absolutely get rid of in 2015…

What Was His Crime?

No, I’m not talking about Jesus, but the 6-year-old Palestinian child who got off a bus – and got shot in the face at close range with a 15.5 gram high velocity IDF issued rubber bullet.

So his crime was 1) Being Palestinian and 2) Not being sufficiently armed to reply to a punk psychopath Israeli soldier or its paid militias.

What would Jesus do (WWJD)? What would you or I do? Perhaps you should treat them if they aggress your child with no reason at all.

He should have had a plastic gun, at least that. Maybe his Dad was Hamas-origin, or had plans for new body belt to carry explosives? Or more likely, the child had an Iranian atom bomb packed in his school bag. Tis Christmas in the Holy Land.

CONFUSED? CIA or ISIS? It’s becoming hard to tell.

Yes, there is a  lot of violence being perpetrated this Christmas. While traveling through rapidly disappearing Christian enclaves in the Middle East (thank you Oded Yinon, your deranged plan is working), if Santa had a high powered Remington 597 – .22 Long Rifle/ .22-270 (with sniper mount) in his sleigh, the jolly one might feel compelled to fire at any Islamic State punk psychopath within range and with his back turned to you. Hey, Kurds can do it from the front! They’re surely fighting the good fight in boots, along with the Damascus army of al Assad – against the Saudi-CIA ISIS pirates on the ground.

If the youth are disaffected and want to cut peoples’ heads off with a rusty penknife, then someone has made a bad Xmas wish. They have to be eradicated. That is all.

They Didn’t Say Good Will to All Women

In my opinion, all the best rock singers since 1979, using English language, are females. For example Linda Ronstadt, the former Milan opera singer who had an unfortunate romantic brush with poor pitiful (and very camp) jerk named Mick Jagger, commonly known as Sir Mick (the prick). Of course, not to be confused or compared another Royal favourite, the knighted British entertainer, Sir Jimmy Savile OBE. That’s why Linda went out and wrote and sang “Poor Pitiful Me”. Speaking of pricks, neither Tony Blair or “Sir Mick” have yet to be convicted for war crimes against humanity or rock and roll, respectively.

Sir Jimmy Savile OBE, once the pride of the BBC (and Prince Charles), and who is now an English icon for all the wrong reasons, after his death was convicted by the press and media of doing the sort of things that are perfectly OK when a celebrity or elite politician is alive – like raping a defenseless 10-year-old boy on a stretcher waiting to go into an operating theater at Broadmoor. By the way, how did Sir Jim get the keys to Broadmoor (was it Ken, or was it Edwina?). If there are any Saviles left running around in Westminster or Broadcasting House, then we need to get rid of those too.

Very English! Who’s next in line for the tabloid throne? Maybe Sir David Bowie could do the same thing, but with boring music!

Girl Power?

Society has certainly moved on, or has it?

Sex discrimination is unacceptable. Golda Meir, and “Maggy” Thatcher, and Indira Gandhi were all wimmin, weren’t they? Trailblazers, the lot of them. Will Teresa May be the next Conservative Prime Minister after this May’s UK General Election? What about Hillary in 2016? We shall soon find out.

Not to change the subject, but I once had a little job managing an Andorran outward bound school project for the future King Charles III of Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England, who looks like he could be a hen-pecked male. At that time in the 1970’s I didn’t happen to have a super girlfriend, but who did (besides Mick)?

So I wish a great 2015 to all females.

More Oil Than You Can Ever Pay For

ISIS can supply you stolen oil at say $30-33 a barrel, so what’s the problem? For Kurd oil you can ask Genel Energy plc for a price on that ISIS crude (for a deal, just ask for Nat Rothschild). For a better price, just the Baghdad government!

Oil price “determination and fixation” is a line of bizniss for financial analysts, like the guy who now runs the US EIA. I can confidently place the oil price as located in the range of $45 to $145 a barrel. Just pay me and I will tell you more. The big news for me at least, is that oil’s share in world energy is declining and has been declining for 30 years. Nuclear power’s share has only been declining (in real terms) for 20 years now. That’s a long-term trend and not a “secular trend”. But expensive oil was, until recently, vital for the golden fleecers at Goldman Sachs – so we should in no way be surprised at the global economy returning to 2009-style performance (you can take that to the bank). Can we also get rid of Goldman Sachs in 2015 too (after all, like all the other robber baron paper kings, they have been trading insolvent for the better part of a decade now).

People don’t need as much oil any more, and many can in fact do without it – and the same goes for nuclear power – its like learning to live without David Bowie! It’s easy, just try it!

The Economic Decline

As a roaming anglophone journalist in an Anglophone country I get a lot of this. In Scotland they tell me about “the decline” but the narrative often gets choppy, there. Fact is, it soon becomes a story to tell. In Scotland they all seem to know that “the country” is in decline, economically. But what is this country? – it seems to be any European country you can name (that’s for starters, and I didn’t say anything about Japan).

None of them trust the media, that’s clear. Curiously though, all over town there are leftover copies of ‘Financial Times’, sticker price 2.50 GB pounds. Its incredible! They are everywhere.

Also, even if they buy a newspaper they don’t read it. Its too distracting and generally unreal! What about that guy Pistorius? Or the death of Michael Jackson (more old news)? Economic decline is something to do with that – for example junk shops where you can buy any Michael Jackson CD or DVD you like. The price = 50 pence or 0.50 GB pounds. Don’t show too much interest when you are buying them, or the seller might jump the prices. You could offer 75 pence each. It is certainly is not worth that! If you understand this simple concept then you are halfway to that financial career you always wanted in The City.

Likewise for $45-a-barrel oil. It could be sustained a surprisingly long time (for some) but then its price will spike again. You could always use less if you wanted, and in the cases like EU28, Canada, USA, Japan you can cut 33% off their current oil demand – no sweat or fuss. Maybe over 15 years.

Conversely, other countries are going to have very sharp peaks of national oil demand, for example most African countries.

OK, you’ve heard all the warnings and harbingers. So you want solutions?

Urban transport and urban energy systems can be radically improved on a very short time basis for example by using my DEC-distributed energy centre system and process for urban energy. Urban transport can be radically cleaned up very fast (de-dieselized and de-gasolinized) as the city of New Delhi, India can inform you. Quite a lot of urban fixed-rail transport can be run using solar PV systems for daytime use. Geothermal energy resources are global-distributed also. Fracking and geothermal energy can be considered together in this matrix.

What an exciting time to be in the energy game.

Penguins Are Not Dying Out

For sheer madness at Noel (and the other 365 days of the year), try the Greenpeace and WWF stuff about penguins, polar bears and snow leopards on TV ads designed to grub-away cash from you.

OK, so at this time of year our thoughts should go out to polar bears and the Queen of England almost said that in her groundbreaking Xmas message, but she was really talking about people who voted “Yes” in the Scottish referendum of September. How about protecting turnips, courgettes and cepe mushrooms? Thy are all affected by global warming, aren’t they? I say leave them all alone.

Margaret Thatcher talked about pensguins dying out, in 1989. But she died out, thankfully, and the penguins did not. Thankfully. Victory to penguins! What does Richard Branson say about penguns? Can they join him on a trip to Mars? Or to the Mojave Desert but if Branson takes a penguin with him I don’t want my friend, the penguin, to be injured. Leave penguins alone.

Same goes for polar bears. If polar bears got even meaner with shorter and shorter tempers when they find a human being anywhere near them, by listening to Richard Branson & Co’s talking shop, that would be no surprise at all to me. Why pick on polar bears?

When is a polar bear going to get shot dead for waving a plastic gun at a police officer? Or just injured like that Palestinian child. Polar bears do get shot – for raiding trash cans in northern Canadian mining towns. Why shouldn’t they? Oh yes! You want him to dance on some slushy ice in the water, like a fool! Who cares if the ice is melting? For my part I would ask Phoebe Nahanni (from Yellowknife) about all that. She knows.

Once upon a time I could kind-of support and tolerate global warming freaks but that time ended a long way back. I am deliberately evasive on the subject. I say for example: “If you like it that way!”. Say 5 degrees Celsius hotter by 2099, or is it 20999? We all have to ring 999 right now (that’s a UK joke). In the US you can call 9-11 and ask for Osama. Ask him for a pizza.

Russia Isn’t Dying

This is the big news! We all thought Russia would collapse and Putin would take up drinking vodka like Boris Yeltsin. But he didn’t. Well the news, here, is that the world’s biofuels industry is still producing about 50 billion liters-a-year of 98-degree proof drinkable alcohol. Don’t denature it!

That is an additional processing step, anyway. Chin-chin, Happy New Year and ‘To Your Health’.

Putin didn’t say chin-chin to Obama (why should he?) but Obama said it to everybody (except North Koreans). News coming in says that Saudi Arabia will run a year-deficit of $39 bn in 2015 unless oil prices recover. They could or might recover, but at this exact moment I am not betting. Also I do not have pre-established positions. I already told you the right oil price. Now go make some money shorting the market.

At worst Russia would have to put up with EU38-type stagnation, say +0.5% growth of GDP under the best possible outlook, and more like 0%. Possibly in dollars, its GDP would shrink, but that also includes the world value of the USD, In some ways Russia’s CB was already running a trial float of the rouble, and then also had the oil price factor to handle.

The main point is that neither Obama’s end of year Q&A nor Putin’s end of year talk-in were particularly aggressive on the US-Russia level. Economic sanctions against Russia are “stupid” in the opinion of Stephen Hanke, Cato Institute. I totally agree with Hanke.

Who’s idea was it to do sanctions against Russia in the first place? We need to find them, and get rid of them too.

So apart from the Islamic State there are no insurmountable problems.

So eradicate the Islamic State – and have a very Happy 2015!

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