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Deepfake Queen: What Their ‘Alternative Christmas Message’ Was Really About

Yesterday, the UK’s other quasi state-funded broadcaster, Channel 4, decided it would be a good idea to do a high-tech spoof of one of Britain’s most sacred annual events, the Queen’s Speech, normally aired by the BBC on Christmas Day. Their bizarre segment included off-colour jokes about estranged royals Harry and Meghan, the disgraced Prince Andrew and Jeff Epstein, and ended with the Queen breaking out into an unsightly TikTok dance. All in all, it wasn’t a very pleasant piece of holiday TV fayre.

Not surprisingly, their cheeky skit has not gone down well in the public discourse, with many finding it cheap and offensive – and especially at a time when the public are under a direct assault by the state in the form of highly unpopular ‘pandemic’ lockdowns and other restrictions on freedoms over the holiday period.

This only begs the question: why did they do it?

Channel 4 billed this as a “2020 Alternative Christmas Message.” They claimed this was some sort of altruistic warning to the people of Britain, supposedly to ‘highlight the dangers of Deepfake technology,’ where computer-generated replica faces can be superimposed on an image and made to look completely ‘real.’ 

Considering all of the calamities in the world right now, not to mention the impending economic collapse due to economically destructive government and media-driven lockdowns, you’d think there were more important issues to address at this moment in time. Are they signalling that there is going to be a torrent of Deepfake video forgeries coming in the new year?

Aside from the channel’s half-baked explanation, it is unclear why they’ve done it. 

Channel 4’s director of programming, Ian Katz, claims the video is, “a powerful reminder that we can no longer trust our own eyes.” As if that’s some sort of epiphany when considering the general skullduggery of the mainstream media – collectively, they are by far the biggest source of popular illusion – the rank deception of state and corporate propaganda and fake news. “Official sources say,” brought to you by the MSM. These people are always on call and dutifully carrying water for government and the intelligence services, especially if there’s a new war to promote, or a crisis to over-hype. That has become their main role in the 21st century, although they’ve been at it for many decades in fact. So if anything, it will be mainstream media who will harness and deploy the power of digital fakery going forward.

The further we journey down this rabbit hole of digital and AI technology, the more the word ‘reality’ becomes more relative and elastic. Inevitably, the publicity garnered by this highly disingenuous exercise really amounts to a massive promotional exercise for Deepfakes. They must have known this. Herein lies the really motivation by this broadcaster and its state funders; in the end, rather than warn of the potential scourge of digital fakery as an unavoidable byproduct of the liberal intelligensia’s much-celebrated “post truth world,” this Channel 4 folly will have been a massive showcase for the use of Deepfakes.

There is also the argument here that mainstream media is becoming so banal and detached from reality, and populated with media operatives with over-inflated egos who are running out of ways to amuse themselves on their six figure salaries. In C4’s Deepfake Queen, the first thing to notice is that the female actor who delivered the voice didn’t do a very good job, and the jokes were trite, shallow, and not very funny at all. Not surprisingly, as with most of the ‘comedy’ on mainstream TV, it was trying too hard to be ‘cool’, which is why their ratings continue to tank. Perhaps they did it as a desperate attempt to regain some of those lost ratings by seeming to appear more ‘edgy’ or ‘shocking’ to an ever more discerning and aloof audience. If anything, it may have cultivated more sympathy for the royals than the disdain that it appeared to intend.

Aside from elevating the use of digital deception, this was also an opportunity to embed other psychological attacks, not least of all, some additional COVID propaganda and subliminal messaging for the holiday season. If you look closely, you’ll see things like red coronavirus ornaments on the Christmas tree behind the Queen, as well as disturbing-looking masked angels, and also a themed selection of broach by Her Virtual Majesty.

Red coronavirus ornaments on the Christmas tree.

A masked (or muzzled) angel.

Interesting broach choice by Her Virtual Majesty.

Of course, the great and the good in mainstream media and the ‘expert’ class – will be looking at this monstrosity and calling for ways in which we all can help to “deliver Deepfakes more responsibly,” through some kind of official practice and protocols, such as a watermarking system etc. As if you can put this wild technological genie back in a bottle.

We forget that technology is really unknowable, at least in terms of how society will use it, confer value or currency upon it. What is predictable is how the Establishment creates a ‘crisis’ and then uses it to try and regulate freedoms. In the end, it may be used a Trojan horse by the Establishment to further regulate video content online.

We’ll wait and see.

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