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UPDATE: Waco-Style ‘Burnt Body’ Spells End for LAPD Fugative Chris Dorner

UPDATE: Charred Body Removed From Cabin Where Police Stand-Off Took Place – Video Reports: Dorner? (video)

Charred Body Removed From Cabin Where Police Stand-Off Took Place - Video Reports: Dorner? Before Its News

A charred body has been removed from the location where Christopher Dorner may have spent his last moments on Earth.

At this time, authorities have not positively identified the remains as those of Chris Dorner though the LAPD has stated, of the remains, “is the body of Christopher Dorner”.


‘He ordered me to walk up the road and 10 seconds later I heard gunfire’:  Carjack victim of Christopher Dorner reveals the terrifying moment he came face  to face with the ‘killer cop’

  • Christopher Dorner said to have been killed  in burning San Bernardino cabin
  • He fled to the cabin after crashing a stolen  car he had commandeered
  • Dorner was involved in running gunfight as  he gained entry to cabin
  • He killed one sheriff’s deputy and injured  another, bringing death toll to four
  • Video of gunfight saw SWAT  officers fire tear gas canisters into cabin

Mail Online

A Boy Scout leader carjacked by Christopher  Dorner seconds before the ‘killer cop’ opened deadly fire on officers and  barricaded himself in a cabin has revealed the terrifying moments with the man  who shot dead four people and wounded three others.

Rick Heltebrake said Christopher Dorner  carjacked him at gunpoint near Big Bear Lake, California, on Tuesday afternoon.  Ten seconds later, Heltebrake said he heard guns shot as Dorner engaged police  officers in a raging firefight.

Dorner is believed dead after a charred body  was found in the remote cabin where he barricaded himself and held officers at  bay for about two hours. The cabin caught fire and burned to the ground in the  midst of the standoff. Forensic tests will confirm the identity of the man found  inside.

Dorner shot two San Bernardino sheriff’s  deputies, killing one and gravely wounding the other…


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2278065/Christopher-Dorner-Carjacking-victim-Rick-Heltebrake-reveals-coming-face-face-ex-LAPD-cop.html#ixzz2KnCWrWfQ

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