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PA Shooter Frein: First Lone Gunman in Living Memory to Be Captured Alive

21st Century Wire says…

It’s a rare occurrence when a lone gunman is captured alive, as they almost always seem to get snuffed out by law enforcement before they can be cross examined.

When Pennsylvania Shooter story first broke, 21WIRE’s first report drew comparisons between the Eric Frein case and that of Chris Dorner’s case – both fugitive branded by the media as a ‘cop killer’, and both with a driving license left at the scene of a shoot-out used by police to confirm the identity of their man.

MAN-HUNT LOCK-DOWN: Police wasted no time in instituting a Martial Law-type scenario.

The 31-year-old Frein, a ‘war re-enactor’ actor portrayed by the media as a “right wing survivalist”, was charged in absentia with shooting a Pennsylvania State Trooper while wounding a second on Friday, September 12th, at the Blooming Grove, PA police barracks. A police state lockdown was instituted in the area immediately after the incident, along with a “shelter in place” notice that seems to be ever more commonplace in 21st century America.

Police first reported that Frein has surrendered to law enforcement after being surrounded.

His arrest wasn’t without extra theater. After being shackled with the same handcuffs that belonged to the officer he allegedly killed, and Frein was then transported in that officer’s patrol car. Photos show that Frein appears to have been beaten badly by police after he was restrained.

Frein was charged with murder, and held without bail. The District Attorney in charge is said to be seeking the death penalty.

Fears were that Frein would end up like Dorner – dead in the woods and “cased closed”. His capture today should come as both a relief and a surprise – at least there is a higher probability that we might discover some truth about Frein’s story…

Eric Frein joking with friends before the alleged shooting.

Manhunt over: Suspected Pennsylvania cop killer captured


Pennsylvania State Police have captured suspected cop killer Eric Matthew Frein following a manhunt that lasted almost seven weeks, the department announced Thursday.

His detainment marks the end of a saga that began on September 12, when the 31-year-old Frein allegedly killed Pennsylvania State Police Officer Bryon K. Dickson II. Following the officer’s death, Frein was placed on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List. A second individual – Trooper Alex Douglass – was also wounded in the assault.

“I can confirm that we have taken Eric Frein into custody. Further information will be released at a later time. No further information will be released or confirmed at this time,” department spokeswoman Connie Devens said in a statement to CNN.

Law enforcement has not revealed where Frein was captured just yet, but an anonymous source told New York Daily News that he was found at an airplane hangar in the Pocono Mountains. According to local ABC 6, he “surrendered” to US marshals after giving up his weapon.

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Few other details are known currently, though the 48-day manhunt has been comprised of up to 1,000 officers at various times. “Several million dollars” have also been spent in pursuit of Frein’s whereabouts.

Police have also declined to speculate on Frein’s motives for the alleged killing, but reports have notably mentioned that he harbored negative feelings towards police officers.

“He has very strong feelings about law enforcement and seems to be very angry with a lot of things that go on in our society,” said State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan previously. Frein has also reportedly been involved in a Cold War re-enactment group and has claimed to have fought alongside Serbians in Africa, according to the FBI.

Following Dickson’s death, authorities said they discovered Frein’s driver’s license near the scene of the crime, as well as a partially submerged vehicle and shell casings that linked him to the murder…

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