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Episode #15 – SUNDAY WIRE SHOW: ‘Lifting of the Veil in 2014’

SUNDAY WIRE SHOW | The Ultimate New Year Mash-up: Dorner, Sandy Hook, Crop Circles and Predictions for 2014.

Women shot by LAPD in Dorner manhunt settle for $4.2 million

RT | During the pursuit, officers on the squad opened fire on a vehicle that they say resembled that of Dorner’s injuring the two females inside, but now the women have accepted a lawsuit settlement

Dorner Does an Atta : Police Find Drivers License Alongside Burnt Body In Cabin

21WIRE | It reminds us of that amazing find by FBI field officers in New York City on 9/11.

UPDATE: Waco-Style ‘Burnt Body’ Spells End for LAPD Fugative Chris Dorner

LA Times + BIN | Dorner on the run – but what really happened?


CBS Local | Real-time Dorner drama unfolds here.

Breaking: Dorner Mountain Gun Battle With Authorities, Two Deputies Wounded

LA Times | Chris Dorner manhunt and local reports…

HOLD ON: It’s Jesse Jackson to the Rescue to Referee Chris Dorner Drama

Palookaville Post | Pain and hurt are concepts that Jackson should be well acquainted with.

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