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What this Lucasfilm-Star Wars acquisition means for Disney

21st Century Wire says… Now Yoda and Mickey Mouse are under the same management. Isn’t that just wonderful… Tom CheredarWashington Post Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm will bring the world three new Star Wars movies (Episodes 7, 8, and 9) and many news ways for the company to boost its digital media revenue. During a call […]

Will the ‘Star Wars’ narrative change now that Disney has bought LucasFilm?

‘Why the Old ‘Star Wars’ Formula Can’t Work in the War-on-Terror Era’ D.B. Grady The Atlantic To connect with a new audience, Star Wars needs to catch up with the modern political zeitgeist… The unexpected news of Disney acquiring Lucasfilm and the plans to continue Star Wars are worth some consideration. The Atlantic’s Spencer Kornhaber […]

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