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USA News Archives

The DEA: America’s Largest Cocaine Smuggler

Libertarian News + Business Insider | The Chicago area has been flooded with Class A drugs — under the direct control of the DEA.

O.J. Simpson Revisited: Evidence of a Conspiracy Was Covered-up

21WIRE + Brasscheck TV | How could they have got it so wrong? What other “facts” we think we know – are completely wrong?

Third World USA: An Oil Spill in Your Own Neighborhood

Brasscheck TV | The US has 2.5 million miles of pipelines carrying oil, with hunderds of ruptures per year.

MIT Study Further Destroys Washington’s Syria Chemical Weapons Claim

21WIRE + RT | The US-UK-France chemical weapons case against Assad was a total and complete fraud.

Globalist Brainwashing 101: Building the Perfect Beast Inside Your Head

21st Century Wire | A look at who pays for all the Atlantic Council’s policy hacks and their papers, tells us all we need to know.

Adam Kokesh Gets Probation for ‘Shotgun Message’

21WIRE + WP | Kokesh has become a contentious figure and has had his exploits heavily politicized.

Obama Tries to Hush Legal Blowback Against ‘No-Fly Lists’

21WIRE + Mercury News | This is White House which knows no shame when it comes to justifying its un-American police state.

PR Super-Spin: Obama Supposed to Deliver ‘Historic’ NSA Speech

21WIRE | Announcement: Obama breaks from golf course to give NSA speech.

Remembering Mark Pittman: The Hero That No One Talks About

21WIRE + Brasscheck TV | Pittman’s analysis was delivered six months before the market collapse in the crash of 2008.

Michelle Obama Celebrates 50th Birthday with ‘Tax Holiday’ at Oprah’s Hawaii Compound

21WIRE + Ben Swann | Far be it from us to be nitpicky, but this latest FLOTUS escapade ain’t no shopping trip on Michigan Ave.

Corporate Raiders Use Gov’t to Attack ‘Net Neutrality’ and What it Means to Freedom

21WIRE + RT | If you don’t know what ‘Net Neutrality’ means, then now is the time learn it.

Whitewash: Benghazi Siege could have been ‘prevented’ says Senate report

21Wire + WP | Will we ever learn the full details about Benghazi?

Dennis, The Dear Leader and ‘The Fish That Saved Pyongyang’

Patrick Henningsen | Once again, Rodman wins ugly, and upstages John Kerry in the process.

Google’s ‘Nest’ Spy Grid to be in your living room

21WIRE + NY Times | The hypocrisy surrounding Google seems to only be dwarfed by the Obama administration’s policies and scandals.

‘Christmas Tree Bomber’ Could Mount a Constitutional Challenge to NSA Secret Spying

21WIRE + WP | 2010 fake terror plot may backfire badly on the federal agencies who manufactured it.

REVEALED: Hillary Clinton’s Political ‘Hit List’

21WIRE + The Blaze | How nasty will a Clinton Regime be in its attempt to re-take the thrown of power in America?

Black Hawk Down Deux: Obama secretly deploys ‘military advisers’ to Somalia

21WIRE + WP | President Obama secretly sent his first batch of ‘military advisors’ into the war-torn dysfunctional nation of Somalia.

White House finally dumps IT firm behind HealthCare.gov

21WIRE + WP | It’s only taken 3 years and $700 million to find out that their no-bid contractors were incompetent.

Clear and Present Danger? Yellowstone’s Caldera Super Volcano

21WIRE + RT | This is no conspiracy theory.

Did Fox News head Roger Ailes offer staff a raise in exchange for sex?

21WIRE + Huff Post | An additional raise each week, “if you agree to have sex with me whenever I want.”