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FLUKE OR INFORMANT? NY Man Drove Around With Weapons Cache, Fake Fed ID, But Deemed ‘Not An Immediate Threat’

21st Century Wire

Now here’s a good example of what we’ve been talking about recently – about how the mainstream media and the public have developed an in-built confirmation bias against ever considering the possibility of a FBI confidential informant being involved in an endless string of otherwise ‘unexplainable’ stories.

Here we have an odd, possibly mentally unstable, Long Island man named Mark Vicars who was stopped recently by police who discover he’s in possession of a sizable arsenal of unregistered assault weapons, guns and ammunition, federal agent-issued tactic gear, body armour, and a fake federal law enforcement ID.

What happens next? The police deem him to be “not a threat”. Really? Watch:

Politically, this kind of story will naturally stir some predictable reaction. While Left-wing pundits cry out for “gun control,” the right-wing pundits demand that law enforcement agencies implement “tougher security measures.”

The average public and media reaction to police letting him go in this instance is to write it off as a “fluke” and a “cock-up” by police, or an institutional failure” of law enforcement. The media are left to lament, “Somehow, they let him slip through the net.”

Here at the Daily Shooter, instead of coming up with an improbable theory to explain the unexplainable, we first look at the obvious scenario. In this bizarre case in New York, the obvious explanation is that Rambo was given a free pass by police.

The only person who would be given a free pass in this type of altercation with local police – would be a confidential state or federal informant.

This leads to the perennial forbidden question for mainstream media: Why does the FBI have to manufacture its own plots if terrorism and ISIS are such grave threats?

Of course, the mainstream media and the public are not supposed to know, or talk about this subject. Why? The answer is also simple: because this is one of those lawless gray areas where the state and organized crime overlap.

Here’s the original story…

Crooks and Liars

Police arrested a Long Island, New York man with thousands of rounds of ammunition, and assault rifle, a pistol, body armor and fake federal IDs, after pulling him over for a traffic stop.

Not to worry, though. Police don’t see any indication of an “immediate threat.” Here’s what they found in his car.

STASH: Weapons and body armor discovered in Vicars’ car

New York Daily News reports that Vicars main transgression was carrying a fake federal air marshall ID.

“He had a fake federal air marshal ID in one pocket, a Ruger .380-caliber pistol in the other and was driving around Long Island with ballistic body armor and a loaded AR-15 assault rifle. He also had an arsenal of weapons at his gated home”.

Not to worry, though. According to police, a man armed with a loaded AR-15 wasn’t any immediate threat.

“At this time we don’t see any immediate threat to the public,” Nassau County Police Department spokesman Det. Lt. Richard LeBrun told reporters.

“Seven illegal firearms, three high-capacity magazines and 8,300 rounds of ammunition were found in the 49-year-old’s SUV and Syosset home after an exhaustive search, police confirmed.”

Here’s the part that just chaps my hide, because it highlights how utterly stupid law enforcement is about terrorism. And racist. And anti-Muslim. The guy’s name is Mark Vicars. A Nice American name. So here’s what police said:

“We don’t see any nexus to any terrorism at this time,” LeBrun said, adding that no anti-American literature or links to terrorism were found at his home.

What is anti-American literature, exactly? Is it always relating to Islam, or could one see anti-American literature calling for the “cleansing” of dirty hippies from the face of the earth, a la Ted Nugent?

How about literature excoriating Planned Parenthood for “selling baby parts,” a lie that is not only anti-American, it’s deadly.

A few John Birch Society mags with eliminationist rhetoric in it? Are those anti-American?

Evidently not.

Instead they’re treating him as a “wacky gun nut.”

“Right now it looks like he’s a wacky gun enthusiast and a police buff,” the source said. “Yet he was going around pretending to be a federal agent – that’s troubling.”

(…) Here’s what the home arsenal looked like:

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