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#2 MID-WEEK WIRE REPORT: ‘MIZZOU HOAX: Animal House Goes PC in Missouri’

21st Century Wire says…

A special new mid-week show for our 21WIRE readers…

So far this week, the US media has fallen completely overboard in covering the alleged “Racial Crisis” at the University of Missouri at Columbia. As the dust settles, we begin to see the real truth emerge – with all the makings of a political hoax perpetrated savy political operatives with ties to the White House. Is this just part of the maelstrom of Sharpton-style Democratic Party politiking in preparation for the 2016 Election – more divide and rule? Or is is deeper than that? We’ll break open this controversy this week, and are findings might shock our listeners…

21WIRE editor Patrick Henningsen breaks down the story, and asks, “What happened to the good ole days of college, and why does it cost so damn much?” Only on ACR…

Reference links:

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