PRICELESS: Watch speaker give ‘TED talk’… on how TED talks are worthless.

21WIRE + TEDx | So few ever dare ask if TED really achieves anything, or is it merely a nice high tech talking shop?

The Social Grid: ‘Facebook saves the NSA and CIA money’

21WIRE + Brasscheck TV | “The manpower that Facebook saves is huge…”

‘Fit Facebook Mom’ Account Deleted By Facebook Censors Over ‘Anti-Obese Hate Speech’

21WIRE + Greatist | Maria Kang has been accused by the communitarians and censorship gods of broadcasting ‘Hate speech’ over Facebook.

Kreditech, tech startups use Facebook and ‘data points’ to determine future loans

21WIRE + CNN | This is guilt by association, moving us further into a corporate consolidated culture, seeking to cut the individual out of the future pie.

Proposed Wiretapping Legislation Bureau’s Top Priority

Washington Post | Proposal would fine tech companies for noncompliance with wiretap orders.

Celebrities Need More Cash: Which celebrities would you pay to contact on Facebook?

21st Century Wire | How stupid are you if you believe celebrities will be chained to their computers responding to your FB pings?

Chris Dorner Contacts BIN: Claims He’s Being Framed by LAPD

Chris KitzeBefore Its NewsHe’s out and about friending people on Facebook, including yours truly! People in the USA are INNOCENT until proven guilty.  Let’s not forget that.  He’s on the run, accused of killing three people, but Chris Dorner claims he hasn’t killed anyone — he says he’s being framed by LAPD.  Let’s try to […]

Facebook Outage takes down Gawker, Mashable, CNN and Post with it…

Hayley TsukayamaWashington PostA Facebook glitch briefly took down a large number of sites that use the social network’s login credentials on Thursday — highlighting just how wide Facebook’s reach has become.The glitch lasted a few minutes and affected only those who were logged into Facebook at the time. But there were widespread reports of users having trouble […]

In Reaction To Swedish Riots and Privacy Concerns, Instagram Makes Advertising U-turn

21st Century Wire says… In a direct reaction to the mayhem caused by Facebook and Instagram’s data free-for-all, pressure is being applied to the digital moguls to claw back previous plans to use children and adult pictures for commercial marketing and advertising applications. Ronan Shields Dec 21, 2012 Instagram has reverted to its original advertising […]

Facebook To Fight Germany’s Demand of Anonymity for Its Users

AP/Washington Post BERLIN — Facebook will fight a German privacy watchdog’s demand to allow users to register with fake names, insisting Tuesday that its current practice fully complies with the law. The California-based social networking site has long required users to register with their real names — a policy that the data protection commissioner of […]