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VIDEO: Bomber suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev appears to be alive, naked and handcuffed

LATEST: Boston Theater: The full ensemble cast of soldiers, spooks and ‘cleaners’
Serious Condition of Boston Suspect Raises Questions About What Police Did and When


21st Century Wire

This is a real video. Was this the suspect Tamerlan in the video, or not?

If it’s not, then what is the name of this person in the video?

PREFACE: There appear to be a number of omissions and changes in the official story this week, some of which we’ve already exhibited here , here and here, and this is why we are asking this question about this video.

The following video below is a clip was just released via YouTube. It may have been shot on a hand-held camera or phone. It aired on CNN. We are told it also aired on a Brazilian television news channel covering the Boston Bomber suspect chase.

PHOTO: Suspect number one, older brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev – is this the man in the video?

This video, which we are told appeared on Brazilian TV earlier today appears to have been shot at the scene of the Boston Police Dept’s arrest of suspect bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev – the video clearly shows the 26 year old being escorted to BPD vehicle whilst handcuffed and not wounded, which in total contradiction to official reports which claim the suspect was shot by police and then run-over by his younger brother in a stolen SUV in Sommerville, MA.

Please bookmark and share this video, and do continue to ask questions about what happened on the evening April 18th and the morning of April 19th, 2013, so the public can better determine the truth of all that really happened.

Could it be the same Tamerlan Tsarnaev that Federal authorities and Boston police say was shot and died at the scene of a shootout?

If it is Tamerlan, then this means he was executed, or brutally murdered after this new footage was shot.

Make up your own mind…

We found this video originally at YouTube Channel “Hebert D.” 

CNN news also briefly aired this very clip yesterday, and also presented here in a different edit, but gave little information as to who was actually apprehended here. See the brief and somewhat ambiguous CNN explanation in this video:

UPDATE: Medical examiners rule out that older brother Tamerlan could have been run-over by SUV

Despite claims in the media which originated from law enforcement, Dr. Richard Wolfe, head of the hospital’s Emergency Department, could not see any evidence of this claim. The Boston Herald reported: 

“When asked about reports that Tsarnaev was run over by a vehicle driven by his fleeing brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Wolfe said he did not see any obvious injuries that would back up that theory.

“I certainly did not see any tire marks or the usual things we see with someone run over by a car,” he said.

UPDATE 22/4/13: VIDEO: Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s Aunt confirms it’s her nephew being walked naked and handcuffed…

Viewers who watched the live broadcast of this footage of naked man have contacted 21st Century Wire and confirmed that it was reported live as being Tamerlan the older brother.

We believe this aspect of the Boston case should not be ignored and must be addressed by authorities.

Please leave your comments or any information on this subject in our comments section below the article.

If you can help to verify the first video’s authenticity, please contact us.

READ MORE BOSTON BOMBING NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire Boston Bombing Files



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  • disqus_6sqSALpluq

    Not him. No body or chest hair. Pause video between :07-:08

    • did you personally know suspect #1 to say that he had chest hair or is there footage of him indicating that he would have chest hair ?

      • disqus_6sqSALpluq

        Photo from hospital that was leaked.

        • Justme

          that “blood” looks like it was painted on him

          • MOUNTGERIZIM

            Probably where he was run over. I’m not a coroner, but massive contusion and subsequent death might result in that kind of coloration… it’s possible the skull did not get crushed by the CRV. Just a guess though.

          • Jo Sullivan

            The coloration is called livor mortis (Google Image it) and was caused by the blood settling on that part of his body on which he was laying after attempting to kill authorities.

        • ALEX AMEZCUA


      • there is a pic of his dead body online, that shows body hair

    • maybe he had shaved hon.

  • websuspect

    Hes got a hook nose mark dice would envy.

  • I did hear a report of a citizen being searched and stripped naked. Did anyone else hear that reported?

    • websuspect

      I saw it looks like him. And as per the hair. He could have shaved it!

      • toneii

        and then put it back on his dead corpse? please…

    • marvin nubwaxer

      please do not confront the wackos with facts and stuff like simple reasonable explanations.
      too bad that poor sucker fit the description.

      • actually I think people are presenting honest questions.. Why may I ask are you so attached to people not expressing concern and questions?

        • AlienGusto

          Because all you irrational folk are looking to turn anything and everything into “evidence” that the boogeyman is out to get you?

          • Its just whole thing is very strange with conflicting reports. If you have an explanation, do tell. CNN told us that it was Tamerlan Tsarnaev, then after 2 min they said that it was guy that was on the ground, which he was not, anybody who saw the video can see that. He did very much looked like Tamerlan Tsarnaev. So who was that naked guy? And why there is no mention of him or his arrest anymore. I mean being arrested naked, kind of a big deal. Media or police could of just said that it was so and so and we made a mistake and let him go. Nobody in the media asked and feds didn’t bother to explain. Next thing we heard that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was shot and died at the hospital after his brother run him over. I don’t believe usually in conspiracy theory, but incident smells fishy.

          • What boogeyman is that? I have no reality that such a creature exists. But I see a creature like you exists Alien Gusto, you obviously have more than one account and are a heckler troll type. So guess what.. Im coming for you. BOO

          • it has nothing to do with the boogeyman,when the police can’t even get their story straight how can you believe a thing they say.the man in the video seems to have a hairless chest where as the death picture of suspect #1 does,seems conclusive.however the fact that not one media outlet is trying to get an exclusive in what seems like a huge story makes me go hmmm.

    • hooterville_mom

      Yes, it was all over Twitter during the early morning hours and then people just quit talking about it. A naked guy was taken into custody. The only alternative I can think of is this is the carjacking victim and they made him strip to see that he didn’t have explosives on him.

      • badbeats420

        And then paraded the innocent victim through the streets naked??Couldnt return his clothes. Maybe they were all gay and just looking for a good time??

        • they were lookin long and hard at his ass as he passed by.you could be right.maybe they all just agreed that they had to see that guy in the buff or their night would be a total bust.

    • eire966

      That’s exactly what happened. This is a different guy. Here come the clowns…

  • Mary – I heard that same story, but I didn’t see any proof that it wasn’t Tamerlan. Would be interesting to find an article where the police identify the naked man.

    • I agree I would feel much better if the cops can identify who this man was , funny how this didn’t show up on the news or anywhere though , hmmm smell funky !

      • It did show up on the news-I work nites and was watching real time. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

        • still one hell of a way to treat someone.wheres the lawsuit that would accompany such actions?i know i would be taking the city to the wall on that one.wheres the 15 minutes of fame.not one media outlet is searching to have this guy on their show.yeah right!i work nights and i was was watching too and i was horrified at the actions taken by the police.

      • AlienGusto

        Yes, I’m sure the naked man will ALSO “feel much better” if his name is smeared all over the news without any regard for his privacy.

        Do you folks even listen to your own arguments?

        PS If you’re smelling a “funky smell”, Gabriella… nah, nevermind; too easy.

        • he may feel better if the police publicly said sorry for humiliating him in front of the world with no good reason given.the fact that there was a bomber loose is not good reason to strip search an innocent man in the streets.incase you were going there.which brings me to question do you even listen to your own arguments?

  • Dude is fully healthy, walking, and led to a police car- not an ambulance.


    • That looks like him alright and not his brother.

    • Thorrier

      I have examined the blown-out backpacks photos at both bombing locations and they’re both black. The backpacks the two brothers are carrying in the FBI video do not resemble, in color, the backpacks found at both bombing locations. Check it out. There’s one photo which shows Dzhokar’s head and below a backpack that has white in it sitting by a tree just behind it at the Forum bldg 755 location (mailbox by the street), and it resembles the one Dzhokar is carrying in the FBI video. I put this photo in my image software and it’s photo-shopped.

      It looks like a frame up to me.

      • marvin nubwaxer

        thanks junior g man, we’ll keep in touch if we need your crackpot analysis.

        • Thorrier

          I see you offer no valid refutations or counter-points of the point I raised. You offer only sophomoric appeals to ridicule. You are unable to argue on the merits of my argument, so you make fun of or light of, like an elementary school student. I do take into consideration some people have the IQ of a door-knob and are easily led by appeals to “authority”. I believe you are one of those people

          • 72tiger

            Nice work shutting him down !

          • Camille S.

            Thorrier, please upload your images. We would love to see your analysis.

          • AlienGusto

            Why are you so eager to discredit law enforcement? Who are you working for? I suspect you are going to behave evasively if you try to answer me — why can’t you just be honest and tell the truth??

          • Just the FACTS!

            Because they lie all the time…ALL THE TIME!

          • Marc Bell

            Law enforcement and the military are abusing their powers on a regular basis. Most cops lie to protect their own and are often racist. Military spending could be slashed 50% and USA would still be biggest military power. Why would we trust these people when the story keeps changing and they fire hail of bullets into a boat with unarmed suspect in there?

          • VirtualMark

            Let’s see the videos or images you speak of please.

          • Cadiz

            Maybe because you offered no convincing argument in the first place. Only your conjectures and claims.

        • AlienGusto

          Thorrier is acting as a pro-Jihadi disinformation agent. I searched his user ID, and I think it might have turned up evidence that he is working with Al Qaeda. Have to doublecheck that, though.

          • TerryHuggles

            So does Thorrier get his instructions from Jihadi HQ or are some king of islamophobic zionist shill?

        • Twitch

          marvin fuck you and your smart ass attitude i think that was a great analysis thorrier and if enough people push the fact it could even turn into an investigation and then the real story could be exposed. dont worry about nazi fucks like marvin here speak your mind its what the sites for.

          • Cadiz

            Do you kiss your mother with that foul mouth Twitch?

      • would love how you examined both backpacks from both scenes when both was not made available to the public…

    • marvin nubwaxer

      wrong guy, moron.

      • ok, where is he now. Was there a story about this naked guy, after police arrested him? CNN said that he was probably the same guy, who was on the ground with adidas pants. the guy on the ground didn’t look like the naked suspect at all. I am not a big conspiracy person, but explanation, or media report on this will be nice. I understand that sometimes they suspect the wrong person and then let him go, but striping the person that very much looked like the older brother and putting him in police car, I think needs clarification. Silence from media and cops on this are strange, to say the list. Maybe we get something later, will see. I hate to agree with some Alex Jones’s theories.

        • I don’t know if I was falsely arrested then forced to strip naked would I really want to go out in public and announce yeah that was me…..GOD DAM IDIOTS….think of how the guy forced to strip down naked when all he was doing was walking in his own dam neighborhood feels…oh yeah no that don’t fit into your mindset…too dam selfish…

          • I’m a chick, and I’d go out and tell the public if the cops made me strip naked and arrested me for what? Breaking Martial Law? Hell, the guy might even have a huge lawsuit on his hands, so yeah, I’d go public. I hate to say it, but I agree that the guy looks A LOT like Tamerlan. I’d also like to say that the guy looked pretty relaxed. If it WERE Tamerlan, he was probably thinking “THANK ALLAH, I’M BEING VIDEO TAPED! NOW THEY CAN’T KILL ME!” What if that “Suicide Pact” idea they’re telling us didn’t exist? Maybe it’s a staged dead body, and he’s off in Russia somewhere now? Seriously, lots of questions still. They keep giving us more information but I still have questions. And I hate having to question. Why not just tell the truth and play fair like you’re taught in kindergarten. People, it’s not that hard!!!

          • If the police did that to me I would want everyone to know what they had done. I wouldn’t protect and defend their mistakes.

          • Cadiz

            Agreed. Who knows what his reason for not wanting to be identified is, but if he was innocent he has his RIGHT to privacy. Who are these DFs who claim they have a ‘right to know’?

    • властям выгодно его убить.мёртвый ничего уже не скажет

      • Америка просто становится полицейским государством и пропаганда в настоящее время изрыгают нашими СМИ

      • Speak English, dudes. Please.

        • please understand me ,I’m from Russia, and expressed his opinion in a comment:Gabriel Alan King. that’s my answer to him-that the authorities profitable for his убить.мертвый nothing to say

    • AlienGusto


    • Cadiz

      Simple, they were different guys. Speed Bump Tamerian was run over two hours earlier. Didn’t you watch the news and note the timeline?

  • websuspect

  • Ya know, the Seal Team 6 helicopter supposedly went down and they were killed. Have you heard anything about their funerals? If there is no funeral for this boy, then he is not dead. Kind of strange. But to me this was a test to see how willing the people are to let them in the house without a warrant. People went along with it very well. No fussing, no fighting, but there was confiscation of weapons in the area where they were looking. How convenient they don’t need a warrant and they confiscated weapons.

    • Interesting concept Penny!

      • Jean Bush

        Very good, Penny. This was set up as a test run to Martial Law.

      • AlienGusto

        Yeah. If you’re nuts.

        • VirtualMark

          Explain the video then? That’s the bit I don’t understand – was this man in custody or not? If not, then who is the guy in the video. It needs to be answered.

          • Cadiz

            Not the same man and that is obvious. If he is innocent and doesn’t want his name disclosed then what business is it of yours?

          • VirtualMark

            Yeah that’s a fair point – if I was a suspected terrorist I certainly wouldn’t want my name thrown around the news. It’d put someones family in danger, good point.

            I don’t agree that it’s obvious tho, it’s hard to tell from that video – and the mother thought it was her son. People are so quick to decide on things like this, but the truth is that we can never be certain about something unless we’re there and witness it first hand.

            I doubt there’s any conspiracy, but there are a few questions. It’s silly to ignore or dismiss them.

        • Cadiz


    • Just the FACTS!

      They had funerals for the kids at Sandy Hoax and the funeral director said the coffins were empty—Yet Americans poured tears for those kids…

      • doomedsociety

        I am from the Sandy Hook area and I can tell you firsthand. Those were real people killed. Friends, daughters, sons, coworkers…

        • Cadiz

          Not if you listen to the idiot conspiracy theorists. These guys still claim no airplane crashed into the pentagon while I know people who saw it crash. They believe Obama was born in Kenya and they get confused between Washington DC and Washington State. Penny is just one more example of these.

        • Robert Mathews

          what town??

    • Seal Team Six helicopter went down and no funeral eh? You realized Seal Team Six is a company comprised of thousands of soldiers. It’s not the size of a god damn soccer team you idiot. No one has to inform you of a god damn thing either. When a member of the military dies, it’s not always a huge ceremony and they don’t post the directions to the funeral.

      And confiscation of weapons? Right. Let’s make this about guns.. You really can’t see past your nose can you?

      We’re living in a world where everyone believes that they should “question everything the government tells you” because they’re liars, they bend the truth and they’re out to take our rights away from us. STOP BEING SO PARANOID! The paradox here is that you won’t believe ANYTHING the government says.. but you’ll believe ANYTHING you see on the internet.

      You, Penny, are the reason the United States is the dumbest nation in the world.

      • Twitch

        chris your fucking retarded. you are the reason the us is the dumbest nation all for the simple fact that you wanna believe everything the government tells you. wake the fuck up retard the government is only gonna tell you what they think you wanna hear, but the cold hard truth is the government is nothing but a string on conspiracies and big wigs who think they are better than everyone thrown together that is funded by the tax payers. get your shit right before you critasize people you dumb fuck. rock on penny rock on you are completely right dont listen to this dumbb ass, he has no clue what hes talkin about hes obviously one of these mainstream zombies who think they know everything because they watch the news.

        • VirtualMark

          Criticise not critasize, learn to spell or use a spell check before calling others dumb. Also it’s a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence. And it’s “you’re fucking retarded” not “your fucking retarded”. There’s more mistakes, but I think you get the point.

          • from_the_bleachers

            What magnificent insight your comment has provided all of us.. I guess when you don’t have any real argument to bring to the discussion it’s always better to feed your ego by demonstrating to the world how you ever-so-brightly dominate grammar.. You know how to spell VirtualMark, yay!

          • VirtualMark

            Stupid person – thanks for your comment. Might I suggest you direct your anger at the person above me, who is calling someone “a fucking retard” and a “dumb fuck”. I’m merely pointing out the irony of someone who can’t read or write properly calling someone else stupid.

            But thanks for your valuable input.

          • from_the_bleachers

            That’s really “smart” how you address the issue of someone unnecessarily calling someone else names while displaying poor grammar, by correcting their grammar, that’s nice.
            I hate to break it down to you, but *whisper* you seem to be the stupid one..
            But hey, to each its own. And to show you I care, here champ, u can corecct mi gramer tu.

          • VirtualMark

            Stupid person – The funniest thing about your stupidity is that you’re a massive hypocrite and not even smart enough to realise it!

            I posted about someone calling someone else retarded – you’re now posting telling me off for posting about someones spelling. So your two posts are solely for telling someone else off for telling someone else off, are you following?

            But I suppose in your tiny mind your post is somehow more justified than mine, as you don’t want people pointing out that poor language skills is a trait of low intelligence. I suppose when you’ve spent your life wearing arm bands and a crash helmet you would feel a bit sensitive when people bring up things like this.

            Anyhow, all that aside – congratulations are in order. It seems that you have won the “stupidest troll of the month” award!

          • Twitch

            Okay well let me correct my grammar for you. First off fuck you, you are no better than anyone else. Secondly, what the hell does grammar have to do with what i said to Chris?

          • VirtualMark

            Having a poor grasp of your native tongue is a sign of low intelligence – yet you were calling him retarded and all sorts of stuff. Are you following so far or do you want me to go over it again?

            I am better than you at a couple of things – I don’t need to resort to swearing and calling names to get my point across, and I can read and write.

            Your attitude is terrible, I don’t have anything more to say to you. Good luck in life tho, you’ll need it with your disadvantages.

          • V0RY

            Actually it has nothing to do with intelligence. In fact you can’t determine the intelligence of an individual from GRAMMAR alone, an IQ test or any other type of test procedure nor can it can evaluate intelligence, rather it can only give you an insight to where your talents lay

            Dyslexia or other learning difficulties inhabit bad spelling or other grammatical errors, but it has no alteration whatsoever on intelligence itself. So in regards to your comment it is you who is pronounced as dramatically stupid.

            By the way though is spelt t-h-o-u-g-h not t-h-o. Abbreviations often signify laziness and are perceived by those of intellect as unintelligent.

            P.S I am myself dyslexic it never held me back, in fa fact it encouraged me to do better. Oh how the tide has turned!

          • VirtualMark

            Generic stupid person #23 – thanks for your comment. And a very stupid comment it was.

            From the English dictionary(I know you’re dyslexic but that’s no excuse) –

            tho’ or tho
            informal a variant spelling of though

            Yes, I can indeed be lazy when talking to idiots on the internet. I have nothing to prove to an idiot, other than their own stupidity.

            As for mastering your mother tongue – language skills have been a core part of pretty much every IQ test for years. IQ tests measure several types of intelligence.

            Like it or not, your dyslexia makes you more stupid when it comes to reading and writing tasks – that’s pretty obvious! But sure, you could be good at maths or other types of intelligence(although in your case I doubt that).

            But thanks again for your idiotic rant, it made me pity you.

          • V0RY

            Amm an IQ test can only sum minor detail of intelligence FACT. The most vital intelligences we need cannot be taught, but rather experienced.

            Firstly as a DYSLEXIC I still managed to achieve a score of 129 in an IQ test, which is well above average.

            Secondly English is not my native tongue. I am fluent in Russian and English and I’m in the process of learning Spanish, in college where I also study Business!

            My talents don’t stop there *cough* I can also write c0de, C++, PHP, and I’m currently learning Python too. I Yes I am good at math actually. It helps with algorithms for my hobby. As you can see my dyslexia doesn’t hold me back, but rather gives me enthusiasm to do better.

            What exactly is it you do Mark?

            You should really deal with your existing insecurities. It is you I pity. lol I got exactly the reaction I prophesied from a KEYBOARD WARRIOR like yourself!

          • VirtualMark

            1) Typing FACT in capitals after your sentence doesn’t make it true. Instead it makes you look angry and stupid.

            2) Language is one of the vital intelligences as you put it. To deny language as important is stupid.

            3) Congrats, you’re above average. Like I said, there are several types of intelligence.

            4) Bragging about your programming skills on the internet is just sad. Please stop! Learn to talk without getting so upset, don’t be a little bed wetter all of your life. I know you may have struggled in school, but when you pass through puberty you won’t care about this as much.

            5) Did you even read the comments that I was replying to? And you condone calling someone fucking retarded? Yet you don’t condone me pointing out that someone who can’t spell can’t call others retarded? Wow.

            Sure buddy, you’re real bright.

          • V0RY

            LMAO okok you actually made me laugh. Well I think I got my point across as did you. I wasn’t bragging, I was merely proving I’m neither stupid nor an idiot which I successfully accomplished. I did not deny language as a valid component or SKILL. You can’t say someone is stupid or an idiot because their language skills are lacking, nor does it make them less intelligent. It is not a valid argument sorry. Thomas Edison was illiterate and Albert Einstein dyslexic didn’t effect them negatively.

            Angry??? lol It takes more than the opinion of a stranger on the internet to alter my mood.
            You know what does makes me angry? Ignorant and naive sheep blinded by the wool in their eyes, who refuse to get educated then have the audacity to form an opinion about something they know nothing about.

            That guy had a point though, but he approached the issue the wrong way TOTALLY. In regards to elaborating how intensely stupid he is. Well he done a good enough job of that himself. No need to state the obvious. My point was just because he can’t spell doesn’t mean he is of less of intelligence than you or I. Our educated guess tells us otherwise in relation to his quick to insult approach.

            The contention has run it’s course I think it’s best to put this issue to bed! PEACE

        • Cadiz

          ‘Twitch’ Were you born an idiot or do you just try very hard to accomplish that distinction? You make the ‘mainstream zombies’ look like geniuses. Chris made some great points about Penny but you just don’t want to believe because it doesn’t support your demented worldview. Grow up.

      • deadstatue

        Seal team six..the ones that killed bin laden? The ones they made a Hollywood movie about? The ones that have gotten national coverage in recent times? Yeah the public would want to know about those funerals….The government itself tells us to do what we are doing.. according to the DHS, ” if you see something,say something!” That’s all were doing. We have video,pictures,audio,eyewitness and medical examiner statements that do not match what they are telling us. We are providing possible evidence of our thoeries,where the government hasn’t given us any evidence to support the official story. None of us hope that we are right. But so far,nobody has proven us wrong.

      • Cadiz

        I agree with you entirely Chris. ‘Twitch’ below is a good runner up for the reason as well

  • obama planned this whole thing , who the hell has a bomb drill during a marathon ? just a false flag to declare martial law AND THEY DID for a day in boston .

  • SRF

    People need to research before making ridiculous assumptions.The very night of the MIT shooting, still on scene, CNN reported that the naked civilian was the man who was carjacked and dropped off by the two.suspects. They had to strip and detain him to be certain that he was telling the truth. He was later released.

    • and that guy was blonde, dark blonde hair

      • Thorrier

        I downloaded the video and played it back with VLC at 30% speed. The hair of the man is black, not dark blonde hair. You need to download the video and take a closer look

        • toneii

          I saw blonde hair on the night of the incident. It was not bleach blonde, but when the light shone off of it it was a sandy brown blonde hair. And it was straight, no wave or curl.

          • Thorrier

            I downloaded the video and took some snapshots from the video of him just before he entered the police cruiser and sharpened & enlarged it with my image software and I also, in another operation, changed the image to negative and mixed it 50% to the real image and his hair is black, not sandy brown blonde hair. In a negative dark colors are light and the light colors are dark. When comparing his hair with the other known black objects in 50% it shows me his hair is black, not a lighter color.The snapshot images show this man having short dark sideburns, just like Tamerlan. The contours of this arrested naked mans’ head shows the same contours as Tamerlan when in silhouette comparisons of a known photo of Tamerlan. I took the arrested man’s image and made a silhouette image. I did the same with a known image of Tamerlan. The contours are the same. Perhaps Tamerlan has a twin brother we’re not aware of or just maybe some very powerful people have a motive for a cover-up.

          • toneii

            I am not actually contradicting you; what I meant is there was a guy on the ground who was fully clothed; HE had the blondish brown hair. I am not clear if we ever saw him naked. The naked guy we see in the blue lights looks like Tamberlan, NOT the guy on the ground who was presumably stripped, searched, ID’d and let go.

          • Guy on the ground and a naked guy are totally not the same person. White guy on the ground with different haircut and hair color.

          • AlienGusto

            Why do you have so much time to spend on this Thorrier? Which government are you working for? Which terrorist group? Who is paying you to post these responses?

          • Montana8888

            I think his side burns are tooooo long.

          • Thinker

            Please, post your pictures. All this speculation of what is factual and what is not is nothing more than that–speculation. The evidence is what we need, not more pointless argument and trading of insults. Post it here, then go over to infowars.com and post it there. Other people obviously do not have the expertise to tie down the evidence. Help us with what you know how to do. Force the truth out.

          • Keep reading the posts. Personally, I’d rather post here than on Info Wars. Even though I’m probably already on some sort of “watch list” for being a doubter. Funny, though, isn’t it? I’m probably on a “watch list,” yet Tamerlan was given the clear by the FBI and had terrorist videos on his YouTube account? Dzhokhar gave a confession, but still, I’m having trouble fitting the pieces in the puzzle. I like to make things fit.

        • AlienGusto

          More disinformation from a disinformation agent. Who are you working for, Thorrier? Why do you have so many sophisticated analysis tools?

          • Dan NA

            This kids, is what we like to call in the wild a “raging douche”.

    • Fongaboo

      My understanding was they stripped the carjacking victim because of fear of him having a bomb planted on him.

      • Jean Bush

        Where did you get your info from? Care to share?

      • Jean Bush

        I have searched around and can find nothing on this.

      • I thought they did mention that brothers let carjacking victim go, before confrontation with police. And what a coincidence, when in whole Boston the victim looks pretty much like a bomb suspect. (body and facial futures). We are not in middle east, where that might happen. Even here in LA you have to search very hard to find 2 Middle Eastern Armenians that look alike, and they happened to be in the same area. This is Boston we are talking about. Again, I don’t know what happened, just very strange. And the whole confusion and contradiction in media reports didn’t help.

        • How about this. That could be some friend from the same diaspora trying to help, drive them away or something, pretending to be carjacking victim, who looked similar because of similar enthnicity, also similar dudes tend to hand out together and become friends

    • What was the car-jacking victim’s name??

      • AlienGusto

        None of your business. The man is entitled to his privacy, now that his NAKED BODY had been broadcast all over television.

    • Did you even watch the video? The witness says the police were telling the man to get out of the car, Now why would the guy they dropped of be in a car?

    • The bombing suspects dead picture is on Bestgore. http://www.bestgore.com/murder/dead-body-suspect-1-tamerlan-tsarnaev/

    • Jean Bush

      Are you crazy? I’ve research the carjacked victim and he was NOT stripped searched by police. On what grounds??? In the middle of the street???? Show me where you got this info.

      • Montana8888

        On the grounds of executive order signed on December 31…….while you were partying. : (

    • badbeats420

      They had to strip a victim to see if he was telling the truth?
      LOl your a complete idiot.

      • Montana8888

        (You’re); You are a complete idiot ………………………………………. On the grounds of executive order signed on December 31…….while you were partying. : (

    • Maybe CNN did report that, but ABC news reported it was someone who had been walking with a backpack but the police checked him out and he had been returning home from work and it was in route to his home. Also the page in which CNN showed this video was been recycled – they removed reference to it. A copy of the Google search result: (http://s23.postimg.org/ntkoexnq3/310852_10151526323614140_1082381001_n_1.jpg) <– not description. I had made a copy and paste regarding their comments too. It is now GONE. They make no mention of it after edit. That result links to: http://edition.cnn.com/2013/04/19/us/boston-area-violence/index.html. I am not saying there is some conspiracy theory as it could just be a news organisation trying to make themselves look good (removing what they misreported) but CNN has heavily edited their reporting after the fact to fit official story. You can say "people need to research" but major media makes that hard to do as they have edited out to make no mention of what they had previously reported. That makes it very tough to research.

      • whens the last time you heard of a juicy news story that no media outlet wanted to pursue.for me it’s never,until now.

    • deadstatue

      So that guy in the video looks like a Chinese national to you?

    • This is wrong. I was told that the car they hijacked belonged to someone of Asian descent. This guy isn’t Asian. There are also lots of different versions as to what type of car they hijacked… I don’t think we’ll ever know the real story.

    • The alleged car jack victim was Asian and the man in the video is not. The aunt said it was her nephew. You do not want to believe it but now, two years later, we have seen that a third Chechen was killed while being interviewed and surrounded by interviewers and two of those in the investigation coincidentally “fell” out of a helicopter and died. The Crafts Black Ops were in on the explosions which show signs of being fake.

  • Thorrier

    If that’s not Tamerlan Tsarnaev, then who is he? Is sure looks like Tamerlan Tsarnaev to me.
    If the police deny this him, they should release the name and photo of who he is.

    • AlienGusto

      And violate his privacy? Sounds to me like you are in FAVOR of a “police state”, Thorrier. WHO IS SPONSORING YOU???

      • Who is sponsering YOU to keep accusing people who have different opinions of being paid by terrorist organisations? You sound more like a paid agent than any of them.

      • Montana8888

        On the grounds of executive order signed on December 31…….while you were partying. : (

    • Is that a serious question? Do you even understand the serious lapse in logic one must suffer to actually pose such a rhetorical question? If it’s not Tamerlan, then who is it? Um, I don’t know, 1 out of 7 billion people who might look like him? I mean seriously… do you people think before speaking?

  • Justme

    This is what I saw and no one believes me..I watched it on FOX news at about 3 AM. Then later that morning it was reported that he was dead from a blast from explosives he had on him. Where was he hiding them????? He looked very much alive to me when he was put into the car and when he was laying on the ground. They said nothing about him getting out of a car. Now they are saying that the brother ran him over and that is how he died…Something is not right somewhere…

    • Wrong guy-the man who stripped naked was later released. I was watching live at the time.

    • всё это игра спец-служб.скороваши люди сами разоблачат власть и их обман народу

  • Justme

    OK and what about the MIT Police Officer that was killed. They say he was sitting in his car and was shot multiple times…IN THE CAR…First they said he was exchanging fire with the “bombers” and not in his car now he was in his car and “ambushed” Somebody please get all the stories straight. But we all know that will never happen and I heard nothing about CNN saying it was the Person who owned the car anyway why was he on the street where all the shooting was if he was dropped off at a gas station. Did he walk from the gas station and just happen to end up at the wrong corner???????

  • marvin nubwaxer

    wrong guy. stripped, searched, interviewed, released. bad luck to have a similar appearance in that boston neighborhood at that time.
    alex jones is just going zonkers right now i’ll bet claiming this is proof of the authorities lies. poor alex.

    • Mr anonymous nubwaxer expose yourself, YOu are fishy to me now

      • AlienGusto

        No, who are YOU? YOU are the one posting suspicious disinformation everywhere you go. We really need to question the actual motives of people like you.

    • Bernd Miller

      Wrong guy? Have you checked the high quality video footage? Go to the CNN website and compare the still photo of this guy with the picture of the dead – (Warning photo is not for the faint-hearted http://i.imgur.com/0U0ozqt.jpg )

      So either he has a twin or this footage shows the first suspect.

    • Dianne Foster

      Was it Boston or Watertown? They are different jurisdictions. There is also Cambridge.

  • milissa Kimball

    I cant see the video

  • Boston city police cars are primarily white with medium blue. Those are not Boston PD cars. http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2155/1549300604_1696068f82_z.jpg

    • Dianne Foster

      Do Watertown and Cambridge police have vehicles just like the Boston ones or do they have a different look? What about State Troopers? MBTA police? I’m not sure I know all the insignia.




      Ask the question, but don’t assume the answer.

    • можете ознакомится с русской версиейhttp://voprosik.net/dokazatels…

    • badbeats420

      So many of you have figured out what the caps lock button does!?!

  • hl9@prodigy.net
  • Did anyone see any suspicious people on the grassy knoll? Is there a school book depository in the neighborhood? Keep your eyes peeled for a guy answering to the name “Jack Ruby.” /sarc>

  • BethesdaDog

    This does not seem right.

    There were live videos that showed a group of police officers with guns drawn, standing at a distance and looking at an unmoving man face down on the ground. He was either in the street or on the curb. He appeared to be clothed. His hands were outstretched, hands palm down on the ground. His legs were crossed at the ankles. He was not moving. The police seemed like they didn’t want to approach him because they did not know if he was still alive and armed, or if he had an explosive belt. The trauma surgeon at Beth Israel Deaconness, who treated him, said he was nearing heart failure when he arrived at the ER, with extensive penetrating wounds all over his body. That would not seem consistent with a naked man walking to a police car. This does not add up. I question whether the video shows Tamerlan in custody.

    A picture of Tamerlan walking naked, apparently not seriously injured, in custody, does not seem consistent with either the police chief’s report that the younger brother ran over him and dragged him with the car or that he died of penetrating wounds after arriving at the ER in extremis. The police chief and the trauma surgeon’s reports seem more consistent with one another, and not at all consistent with this video of an apparently unharmed naked Tamerlan walking naked in custody. I think the Brazilian video is probably a hoax.

    • AlienGusto

      Oh my god, there was MORE THAN ONE PERSON IN THE AREA. They must all be co-conspirators! In fact, I think they were ACTORS brought to the scene, just to give us folks at home something to watch!

  • dwasme2
  • Jay

    Idiot…that is someone they caught on the street at the time of the shooting…he had nothing to do with it. They stripped him because they thought he might have a bomb or vest. He was released after speaking to police at the station. He was interviewed. Idiots!

    • toneii

      THAT was the blond hair guy, right? (OTOH, what do we know, there could have been 4,5 or ten guys they stopped…)

  • disqus_iLMG4CsJkn

    They said that at the time the older brother was killed there was another man they suspected was an accomplice who was stripped naked to be sure he was not wired with explosives before being taken in for questionning. I believe he was cleared.

  • Jay

    Any idiot can tell that he was fine when he walked to the car, but on the ride to the station he was beaten, thrown out of the cruiser…run over a few times, shot in every region of his body, dressed in clothes that match the description, his face was painted with fake blood, and they cut open his whole chest. Then they placed him back in the car and drove him to the hospital. Meanwhile, they also caught the other brother, and shot him a few times, loaded him up with assault weapons to help the NRA cause, and threw him in the boat. All this to cover up the fact that Biden was the real bomber…the motive was to take the pressure off the social security cuts. Word has it that both bombers went to the same mosque as Obama. F’in idiots

    • Jay

      Baba Booey Baba Booey…Howard Stern has a huge penis!

      • badbeats420

        How did it taste??

    • That is taking the scene to Ad Absurdum. You are joking, right?

    • AlienGusto

      No no, Jay. They CLONED him. They walked him to the car and drove away, and then they “killed” the clone body. You see, the Tsarnaev brothers are actually Mossad agents. After the fake bombing (Steven Spielberg), which was all just actors (prosthetics, military amputees), and the fake shooting of the MIT cop (actor Ricky Richardson; look it up), and the fake car chase (sound effects broadcast over CB), and the fake gun battle in the street (more Hollywood magic), and the fake bullets that flew through the walls of some houses in Watertown (holes from directed energy weapons from satellites, which we learned how to build from the “good” aliens), they were rushed away back to Israel, where they had a party with Netanyahu and the not dead Yasser Arafat (that was a clone, too), and special guest Elvis, who sang an a capella concert for all in attendance (and what a lovely rendition of “Don’t Be Cruel” it was!).

      Now, the “Dzhokhar” clone is going to “die” in a few days. His last words will be “mark of the beast” and that will cause Satanist Obama to declare Martial Law and open the FEMA camps, at which point everyone who has ever viewed an Alex Jones website will be spirited away in the dead of night. Inside the camps, everyone will be fed a steady diet of GMO corn and infected with Morgellon’s, and MK Ultra tactics will be used to make them renounce their belief in ChemTrails.

      It’s all part of the plan!

  • It would be interesting to have more information on the car jacked victim. However this suspect clearly has the same chest hair pattern as Tamerian

  • toocool code

    there is another photo online that circulated the press with a man on the ground with his feet crossed and hands out but fingers tilted up – obviously awake and responding to law enforcement commands. The photo does resemble him but it’s hard to tell , but if it is him then that too would suggest that was never killed in a shoot-out nor run over. Also , initial reports from news agencies said that there were 3 people involved. Whether or not that was another countless mistake or intentional “error” in reporting, hard to say without further independent investigation. In that same first 25 minutes of initial reporting of that shoot-out, news media interviewed somebody who said they heard loud gunfire, then hear somebody off in the distance shout “fire in the hole” before they heard explosives being detonated. This article was published online minutes after this occurred. If this is the case it is highly unlikely that the “suspect” in the shoot-out shouted this off in the distance (away from the gunfight) or even while he was in a gun fight with law enforcement. In fact it’s unlikely that an individual would even hurl explosives while in a gunfight with so many police unless they had real tactical combat experience (not training , but experience). The audio of the reported explosives also indicate that they could have possibly been shot guns. If you’ve ever heard police shoot off a shot gun especially around buildings the blast sounds much like a deep “boom” type explosion sound verses a gun shot due to the blast echo and compressed sound waves between buildings. There needs to be an independent investigation into all of this. In fact there isn’t even a shred of evidence that suggests these two brothers were even linked to the bombings. That conclusion sure draws a storm of attacks from folks who are convinced. But show me one shred of substantial evidence linking them to the bombings. No, not statements made to the media from the FBI that carried ZERO weight except grainy photo’s and transparent accusations based on nothing but accusations. But actual evidence. Can’t find any? Any criminal attorney knows that In a typical court this case would be thrown out. But this is likely to be tried as “terrorism” which means it’s going straight into terrorist enhancements and terrorist charges, nonetheless you can be sentenced to 25 years under a single conspiracy charge with zero physical evidence all they need is 1 or 2 suppose witnesses to testify against you. That plus terrorist enhancements would easily land the younger brother in prison 40-50 years without any physical evidence. Don’t think so? It happens all the time. More than you think.

  • disqus_1AD0y7uAEK

    It seems like this whole FBI-made story about those guys is pure bullshit…How could the wounded Dzahar escape from so many cops “in the darkness of the night”. Also is it normal that after they made the terract Dzokhar simply went to the party and to the gym?! seems like a stupid hollywood set-up, and the guys have nothing to do with these bombs…people, try to think, not just accept what is told to you on tv…

    • согласен вас власти и ФБР обманывает.

      • do you understand that not everybody here speak or read Russian. Majority, if not all don’t. I am probably an exception. But I was born and raise in former USSR. Want to make a point, translate all your post to English or stick with Russian blogs.

        • AlienGusto

          Hurpa dur, get heller offa my ‘Mercan Intarnet!

        • спасибо вам.я читаю ваши сообщения через переводчик яндекс. и меня радует что у вас в Америке тоже многие не верят властям и официальному расследованию слишком много не стыковок.

        • мне ещё не понятно,если ваша страна тратит миллиарды долларов налогоплательщиков на безопасность граждан,то как они умудрились на международном марафоне пропустить бомбу.я где то смотрел как полиция перед марафоном и во время его ходили с собаками и осматривали всё подозрительное урны и тд.вывод напрашивается сам власти и организовали взрыв.и теперь закрутят гайки простому населению

          • Слабой психикой американцев просто верить пропаганду, изрыгают нашими СМИ

        • переводите я не против

  • Don’t you see the obvious pixelation prior to the clear shot. I’m not saying it isn’t above police to have done what they are saying but there was editing done to that clip

    But either way. Fuck that guy. Lets look at the photo of the eight year old kid he blew up

  • DasSwedenCitizen

    I don´t now what im gonna say about this but its no joke because he Was naked and photoshop does not work to doing something like That. im gonna let this go future on the facebook and hopefully people will understand and do something!
    The victim cant have been unclothed in the car so thats just stupid and they whould not do that the police most have been sooo scared in this case.but who should have a bomb in the trousers? Who? it most have been the police who have done something very stupid here.

    i am not sure about this but many things who happend are wierd and its happend al over the world so this can be truth it where for the first on a news canal. Maybe its something with the goverment but i will let this flow on the seas and more now about this.

  • Guest

    The car jacking victim guy had been dropped off at a gas station. He was not on the scene.

  • user

    They make you go naked now? I didn’t think law enforcement was at the same level as the criminal.

  • Fungus Exterminator

    It’s just another Gun Powder Plot. Same villains, same objective, just a different time and location. History repeats itself again and again, over and over.

    • скажу честно это вам бумерангом вся боль возвращается за убитых детей и женщин в Сирии Ливии Ираке Афганистане.ваши войска НАТО убивает беззащитных

      • AlienGusto

        Really? You think this is going to “stop” us?

        • я ничего не думаю,просто всё плохое возвращается рано или поздно.думаю ваши власти хотят усилить контроль над вами ещё сильнее.что уже началось

          • Honestly man, go trollon rosbalt about Syria and Iraq. Muslims over there kill muslims. How many villages in Afghanistan were leveled and how many civilians there killed by Russian troops in 80′? If you talk about Karma, then why don’t you talk about Beslan children killed by Chechens after you killed chechens and leveled Grozny? How about poisoning your own civilians in theater when you police tried to disarm terrorists. Most of the hostages died because of that poison used by police. before pointing your finger at US look closer what under your nose. Again do troll on your American hating Russian blogs, like rosbalt. You over there are celebrating this bombing like you did on 9/11.

          • а не ваше ли правительство и вся страна поддерживали чеченских террористов называя их борцами за свободу,спонсировали деньгами и оружием.да от вашей ДЕРЬМОКРАТИИ весь мир страдает,И многие в России спят и видят как вас БОМБЯТ а это рано или поздно будет.



            This is lost posting for you, don’t really feel like entertaining a troll and potential mental patient.

          • не все так думают как вы,Смешно смотреть на вас как двое завербованных вашей разведкой ЦРУ террористов поставили на колени всю Америку. посмотрите что творят ваши военные в других станах Ливия Афганистан да они детей и женщин убивают,а с настоящим противником не умеете воевать..да что говорить вам даже по зубам надавали в Ираке и Вьетнаме маленькие страны.и ваше правительство признаёт это поражение.

          • You should worry about your government, how Putin controls everything in Russia. Maybe you should sometimes question your state own media, that feed you garbage on a daily basis. Unlike you we can vote our government out. Putin gets 98% of the vote in Chechnya despite population hates him doesn’t raise red flag for you. Because you like sheeps follow everybody who tells you how bad is US. Suddenly you concern about Syria, Libya and Iraq, while killing your own citizens in Chechnya and Dagestan. Every dictator in the world is Russia’s friend and you don’t care how they threat their own population, as long as they are US enemy. Enemy of my enemy is my friend, that’s Russian mentality. I know this because I live there for 22 years and sometimes reading what kind garbage you write on your blogs. so don’t lecture us, open your eyes and look what’s going on in your country.

          • да нас волнует Сирия Ливия, а вы что суетё свой нос в эти страны.любое государство само разберётся и без вас.вас весь мир высмеивает. вы воюете ради нефти и чужих ресурсов. Но как только остановишь меня, золото превратится в черепки.(мультик золотая антилопа) посмотрите поучительный мультфильм

        • я был прав по поводу мести вашей стране.CNN: что мотивом для теракта в Бостоне послужили войны в Ираке и Афганистане. Об этом сообщает CNN со ссылкой на источник в правительстве.

  • Thorrier

    I downloaded the video and played it back with VLC at slow speed, 25-30%., and stopped it at different places prior to him getting in the squad car. The naked man looks exactly like Tamerlan Tsarnaev, especially in the profile. Using pictures of Tamerlan without his shirt, the torso is exactly like Tamerlans’

    Also, after stripping the man and searching through his clothing and learning he did not have anything deadly on his person why didn’t they let him put his clothes back on? This is Abu Ghraib tactics of humiliation.
    Also another possible motive for walking him to the police car naked is clothing being worn could Identify the identity of the subject being apprehended.

    If this is another man, other than Tamerlan Tsarnaev, then what is the identity of the man arrested and where are the police mug shots at of the naked man arrested? The police mug shots should be public record.

    • AlienGusto

      You really are frightening me, Thorrier. To think that someone is spending this much time and effort in an attempt to undermine and confuse citizens… again, who are you working for?

    • Montana8888

      …………………on the grounds of executive order signed on December 31…….while you were partying. : (

    • Thinker

      Post the evidence! Put a stop to all this pointless speculation and immature trading of insults. Post your evidence here and then go over to infowars.com and post it there. Use your expertise to lay these arguments to rest and get on with establishing the truth.

  • америка 13 лет поддерживала боевиков в чечне называла их борцами за свободу ,а теперь они террористы.так в Сирии оппозиционеры тоже борцы за свободу.откройте глаза вас правительство водит за нас.власти все взрывы организовали

    • skeptical

      America 13 years has supported militants in Chechnya called them freedom fighters, and now they terroristy.tak in Syria opposition fighters also svobodu.otkroyte eye leads you to the government for all the explosions organized nas.vlasti

      • If US suported me in Chechnya as a freedom fighter, I would fight for them, not bomb them. I would now go to Syria and pick up some of the US new donations. i am always skeptical of skeptics. They are normally paid to muddy the water, ie in alternative medicine etc.

        • в Сириию вы американцы не войдёте, и все ваши фагенговые меры не прокатят. АМЕРИКА в СИРИЮ ТЫ No pasarán!

  • toneii

    So far – four people:

    – 1. carjack victim… no way he is anywhere around this scene, he escaped at 7-11
    – 2. clothed guy lying on ground … he clearly had straight sandy blonde hair. No way naked guy is him

    – 3. (?) yet another boxer physique that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time…. so far this is the best possibility?

    – 4. Tamerlane; A few details to note here:

    – report says he was run over by his brother.

    – report from radio show call-in, girl says she saw him run over by a police SUV. Police SUVs are clearly marked “Police”, however she would have had no way to know Dzhokar was escaping in the black Mercedes SUV, so she could have seen Dzhokar run him over and assumed it was police.
    – there was no suicide vest, claim is that he tried to light a pipe bomb and it blew up in his hand, but his hand doesn’t look blown off. .
    – It said police dove out of the way, but he got hit? Seems a bit far fetched.why was he shot after being run over?

  • Bernd Miller

    So if this is not Tamerlan Tsarnaev who knows about an interview with the hostage. Usually the main press loves these sort of stories and they are first to get background information about the suspects. But surprisingly you will not find any interview in the www.

    Although there is one question for me. That photo in the internet taken from the second suspect AFTER the bombing shows him with a back bag. But it is not in the same color as on the videos presented from the FBI. Any answers?

  • Jean Bush

    In all the reports of a volley of “200” shots fired in the vicinity of the boat where the kid was hiding, I have yet to hear of a gun found in the boat or in his hands. You watch, he’ll end up “dying” in the hospital so he can’t contradict the official version of the bombings, or else they’ll whisk him away, try him and execute him before he can talk. All without a public trial.
    We’ll continue to be distracted by “how are we going to catch the next terrorist” crap and the Jodie Arias trial. Dear God, wake up, people. This was a false flag to see how well we can be herded. We sure scampered to “safety” didn’t we?????

    • AlienGusto

      And look, they all stayed, and then they rounded up everyone and sent them to FEMA camps! Everyone living in Watertown right now is a replacement actor sent in by The Federal Government!

    • история напоминает убийство президента Кеннеди и его убийцы Ли Харви Освальда. Освальда убили и свалили всё на него.

  • Американский журналист Гленн Бек утверждает, что у него есть доказательства того, что терракт на Бостонском марафоне была работа спецслужб США и любезно дает президенту Обаме время до утра понедельника, прежде чем он опубликует доказательства. В своем заявлении Бек категорически предупреждает что если администрация Обамы до понедельника не скажет своему народу правду о Бостонском терракте – в понедельник это сделает сам и опубликует все имеющиеся в его распоряжении документы, свидетельства и доказательства. Также он намекает вовсе не на чеченов, а на некоего очень плохого, плохого, ну совсем прям гадкого саудовского араба и через него каГбэ подразумевает и тоже намекает на очень заинтересованное участие спецслужб США: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=LiEpSggvZFU

  • i think many of you are trying so hard to come up with any thing to discredit our system, instead of giving them the credit they deserve so far for what they have done, i have looked closely at the video, and have a good friend who resembles him quite a bit and from the video can also swear it could be my friend, why don’t we continue to let our guys continue to do the work they are trained to do and support them instead of trying to find any little thing to bring them down. GOD BLESS THE USA…..

    • Camille S.

      Okay Maria, in order to give the Feds story some semblance of credibility, let them publish the name of this individual. According to CNN this guy was question by both the police and the feds. The have to have his name. Okay, so let post it.

      • if it was someone who was just questioned and released, why should they release his name, if it was you i don’t think you would want your name released,

  • PJG Hendry

    Your website is becoming part of the problem; you don’t seem to be able to think or consider the outcome before publishing.
    This is video of the unnamed suspect from the evening before who was stopped and stripped because….HE LOOKED LIKE…. Tamerlan but was released instantly by FBI agents.
    Old hat.
    The Boston bombs are nothing compared to the terror campaign that Britain went through during the fight between Protestant and Catholic Militias way back when you guys weren’t even a shine in your father’s eyes
    Meanwhile the greatest precious metal scam ever has flown over your wooosie headline grabbing heads.
    Keep Calm & Carry On.
    You may now remove your collective feet from your mouths.

    • AlienGusto

      You’re trying to reason with your typical mentally ill Americans. It’s not going to work.

  • ShaneJohns

    The only thing worse than being forced naked by jumpy police, is to have people like this OP argue that the police then need to reveal to the world your identity. As if seeing you in your birthday suit isn’t enough, he seems to think he deserves an official name to go along with that official birthday suit footage.

  • doowdivad

    Hi all, I was wondering where I can get a nice tinfoil hat and a lobotomy? That way I can come play with you good people, but I feel I will need to get my IQ down a bit, to your levels or so. What is wrong with people in the US that they have so many problems accepting that there are (many) terrorists out there who wish to harm them? Good God almighty, the rest of the world sees and hears the deluded amongst you and shakes it’s head in disbelief. What in the story concerning these two brothers is so hard to believe? Cop on people, there is no giant conspiracy, just your own gullibility and stupidity!

    • OK dooddived, pse explain to us, if these, and those were all terrrrs, how an Arab in a cave in Afghan can shut down the 1/2 trillion $ US air defenses with his laptop, then have his L pilots turn tower 1 and 2 into fine dust.

      • doowdivad

        Jesus wept, a number of years ago the IRA were able to place a bomb (months beforehand) in the hotel where the UK Prime Minister was staying and detonated it when she was there narrowly missing killing her. The INLA also planted a car bomb that killed Airey Neave in the house of parliament car park. Terrorists brought down the Pan Am Jumbo over Lockerbee. Where there is a will, there’s a way, cop on to yourselves, there is a real enemy who wants to annihilate you.

  • billybob


  • Truth Teller

    The naked guy was the carjack victim. Here’s the update from CNN.

    “Police were in a standoff with the vehicle just down the hill,” Ramirez said. They ordered one suspect out and commanded him to strip down completely naked before putting him in a patrol car, which did not leave the scene.

    The man was later released and is not a suspect in the case.

    • libertarian 1234

      Let’s recap this quickly.
      The police stripped down a car jack victim, handcuffed him, interrogated him, then put him in a patrol car.
      That’s got to be accurate.
      Working over the victim in a crime is one of their favorite past times, while the perp is motoring on down the street and gets away.

  • lastkiss@odummerwins.com

    All of this getting naked goes back to The naked body scanners at the damn airport. How soon will it be before everyone that gets pulled over has to strip open the car door get out and put the hands in the air. We are all considered terrorist mentality What a joke I wish this weren’t true.

    • Your comment is 100% irrelevant to this article.

  • that wasnt him that guy was questioned and released wrong place wrong time

  • musimann

    Here is what I think. The FBI was setting these two up for at least two years to be patsies for this bombing that they planned to do here in Boston. The drill was a test and they suckered these two into participating in it. Maybe they got some money for it. When the real bombs went off they split. Because they knew something was wrong. There is no evidence they shot anybody or even got into a gun fight. This stuff was a night with no real witnesses. They could have been throwing flash bangs out the window for effects and they could have wacked the cop to blame them. They said he threw a pressure cooker bomb at them. Really? Not a very effective tactical weapon. They now say they had two cars? Really? Why carjack one? Perhaps they were with their contact. They could set up all this action to justify killing them. For sure they tried to kill the younger brother too but failed. Probably too much attention in the area to wack him. The guy that found him in the boat is still alive. Why not approach him the same way? Because they wanted to kill him.
    This video to me clearly show the arrest of Tamerlane. Look closely because I see Oswald here in his face as he gets in the car. They tried real hard to kill his brother too but failed. Now somehow he has a wound they prevents him from speaking. He is denied any basic rights or a lawyer. So the FBI shuts it down. Case closed. They are the bombers. Of coarse who is the real bomber? I’ll bet these Craft guys were suckered into it to. At least some of them. It was suppose to be a drill but someone made it go live. Not these two boys. They actually look like nice guys. The FBI (foolish bungling idiots) has been caught in about a dozen lies in a week. They said they did not know these guys – but they did know them. They had to fly in Israelis to help them out of it to help them find the guys they knew! They released their pictures to the public so they could Chris Dorner on them. Trial by media. Execution by SWAT. Jews win again. Go Israel. Black Ace McCain and the little Zionist faggot Graham should be arrested as enemy combatants.

    “No love in the heart of the city…stay safe people” The FBI is still on the loose.

  • The man in this video is not dead, I can assure you he is very much alive! Anyone who was up in the middle of the night watching the events unfold can tell you that this gut was just in the wrong place at the wrong time! Reporters/cops thought he was suspect number 2 not number 1. This also happened after suspect 1 had been killed! He was on the gound for about twenty minutes and made to take his clothes of to insure he did not have any bombs on his person. The so call “explanation” happens before they knew he w were looking for. It was more than understood by everyone that night that this man was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and was released immediately. He was never even taken from the area! Amazing how people can twist a story!

  • ci es

    Breaking Info on Boston Bombings! Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the Naked man:
    Published on 21 Apr 2013
    “Maret Tsarnaeva the aunt of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev the suspected Boston marathon bombers has revealed to me (=Dan Dicks) that she can positively identify the oldest nephew Tamerlan Tsarnaev as the man who was stripped naked and placed into a police cruiser during the manhunt for the suspects.”

  • ShaneJohns

    I downloaded the video in HD, and went through it frame-by-frame — the head is similar, but it’s simply not clear enough to say it is Tamerlan. Furthermore, I would stress that there is no chain-of-custody regarding the video clip above. It would not be difficult for someone to go in and edit a face into there, and re-upload it on YouTube. They could make it BE Tamerlan, or NOT BE Tamerlan. What we need is a non-compressed original from the camera of the camerman — and that’s just not likely to happen.

    It does leave many unanswered questions though. Is the government obligated to tell the population when it captures a suspected terrorist? Bush argued a resounding NO — saying that doing so would alert handlers and such. Well, what might faking the death of Tamerlan do? Might it not make his handlers think there’s no danger of him spilling the beans when there actually is? Is it possible that he was tortured to death after having been placed into the car? Who released that photo of that guy on the slab that so many of us have seen — with that heart-massage hole under his ribcage? No doctor that I know of would risk his job over such an obvious violation of policy. And if the CIA or FBI released it….

  • Diukier

    See this and more will become clear – http://frallik.livejournal.com/527617.html?page=2
    Translate by google translate.

  • Diukier

    and this see –

  • Guest

    хотелось бы узнать. Глен Бек озвучил свою версию теракта.

  • хотелось бы узнать. Глен Бек озвучил свою версию теракта или нет?

  • Dee Smith

    Not suggesting that there is any conspiracy theory… however, the naked man was not the carjacked victim. The carjacked victim ran into an establishment to report what had happened to him (where 911 was called) and was not at the scene of the shootout. The man on the ground (in many videos) was at the scene of the shootout. You can esaily see this in the video and the location is confirmed by the funeral home on the corner. It’s possible the police saw this man and not sure who he was, reacted the way they did.. but was this man detained (assuming he was released – but we have no idea what happened to this man) and asked to strip before or after the gunfire? If it was after the initial gunfire at the scene, this may explain why suspect #2 got away – the police may have been focused on this man allowing the other brother to get away. However, they say the younger brother drove off and ran over his brother in the process (although the Dr at the hospital said there were no injuries supporting this claim). So, was the man (naked) taken into custody prior to the gunfire? The witnesses at the scene say there was gunfire and then they see the man on the ground (prior to being asked to strip). Yet another witness (watching from her house) reports after the gunfire she saw a body being put into an ambulance and it was completely covered in a white sheet and never mentions the man who was asked to strip.

    No doubt, if the police would just address the issue of the man who was asked to strip, then it may be put to rest. No reason to give his name, address, etc… but they could confirm they did this (it’s clear they did since it’s on video) and perhaps explain he was an innocent bustander who happened to be in the wrong place, wrong time. In every report since that night, not a single officer even addresses what happened. They give a moment by moment account of that chase and outcome and they never even mention anything regarding the man asked to strip and presumably detained.

    THIS is why people continue to question what happened that night. It’s like a huge elephant in the room and the police (and now media) are pretending it doesn’t exist. When people refuse to see the elephant, it makes one wonder ‘why’…

    Personally, I believe the bigger question is what happened 2 years ago when the FBI interviewed suspect #1. His family claims the FBI has been following his movement and activities for a while. If they had interviewed him for possible involvement with terrorists, didn’t they take photos of him to keep on file? AND, if they did, how come they couldn’t run the images of him at the marathon through a data base while they were doing facial recognition scans from airports, bus stations, and train stations in the days that followed? (they reported they HAD been using facial recognition scans at those places to see if the suspects had tried to flee after the bombing) It has also been reported these suspects had ‘ties’ to Watertown, Ma. Watertown also has a history with ‘terrorists’. To recall another instance related to terrorists, there were at least 2 arrested in Watertown in connection with the 2010 NYC Times Sq bombing.

    But… to steal a quote, “what difference does it make now…?”

  • Gcynic

    Seems like a “Lee Harvey Oswald” situation!

    • история напоминает убийство президента Кеннеди и его убийцы Ли Харви Освальда. Освальда убили и свалили всё на него.хотелось бы узнать. Глен Бек озвучил свою версию теракта или нет

  • Diukier

    Detailed Facts That Boston Bombings Was Staged see this

  • Dawn J

    JMO it seems like they are not telling us the REAL Story. i have looked at photos and video. What the Police, FBI they are covering up something so far they have not showed any hard proof that if the 2 brothers are in fact are the bombers the backpacks dont match. I have been looking at other ppl with the same color backpacks at the spot the bomb went off and i tell you One min. 2 diffrent man have the backpack and in the next photo the backpacks are GONE! ! You dont have it one min and just dont the next. … The 2 brothers that FBI says did the bombing they are not seen with out there backpack..Where is the man CNN showed Naked getting in to ploice car early Friday morning he was ALIVe and Well? ?? WHAT IS THE U.S HIDDING FROM US? Dont just pick 2 ppl to put all the blame on just to cover up the REAL BOMBERS . Also the 19 Year old brother was in the boat alone and all the ppl was away from him and plocie where back far enough So why did they have to shoot at him so many time. Even if he had a bomb in the boat with him it wasnt gona blow NOBODY up but him self. . Also the gun fire was in the daylight and they didnt take him untill dark? Show the Video of them dropping the backpack!!
    My heart goes out to all the bombing victims

  • i believe he was executed by police

  • Anonymous
  • George Henry

    Can someone please translate the three posts in Russian? TIA.

    • я ваши сообщения читаю через яндекс переводчик….I read your posts through Yandex translator

  • Guest

    This is interesting because If you look at the picture of the guy laying in the street. His hair is very light (almost blonde) and not dark like the alleged suspect #1. Also another witness said the cops ran the guy over with an SUV and then shot him. The leaked death photo also looks very fake.

  • omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is such a set up what is going on!!! I need answers!

  • jgrady80

    All we can all agree on for sure is that none, not one bit of the story makes any damn sence and not surprising as the sandy hook story was also massacred

  • The conspiracy theorist mentality: Naked, unidentifiable man must be the suspect because it validates my conspiracy theory, despite the fact that I can’t really identify his face.

    You people have too much time on your hands. Confirmation bias… learn what it is

    • The man in this video was identified by his mother as tamerlan. I think Ill take his moms word for it since she knew him more than anyone else would.

      • So his mother has some kind of superhuman ability to see things normal people can’t? His face is unidentifiable in this video. Knowing him doesn’t change that. And let’s ignore the fact that the guy in this video is nowhere near 6’2″.

        • HelloThere

          Thank you. Seriously, the amount of blind conspiracy followers is mind-boggling. I’m sorry I ever stumbled across it.

      • HelloThere

        Or his mom would defend him to the death no matter what evidence is shown because, you know, she’s his mom.

  • Lo

    I was wondering how the hostage hasn’t said which brother did what because they clearly look so different

  • wally58

    Guy is now likely under SEVERE torture by the thugs in the Gov’t. Matter of fact, they LOVE to torure folks, This is the new Great United Soviet Socialist Satanic States of Amerika. Both kids were FRAMED UP totally by the FEDS and FBI.

    • соглашусь с вами.

    • HelloThere

      Tough shit. Bomb innocents, get tortured. *sunglasses* dealwithit.jpg

      • GaryGoddmn

        “You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple: to force…the public to turn to the state to ask for greater security.”
        – Gladio agent Vincenzo Vinciguerra stated in sworn testimony
        look up details on Gladio – Italian Secret Police, Mussolini right wing Blackshirts or descendants, with direction from CIA and NATO, blame on the Left. Came out in court.
        Vincicguerra shot some cops.
        Two large bomb attacks in Italy.
        Supermarket attacks in Belgium by paramilitary types posing as “robbers”.
        Much more, related or not.

  • This is horrible.

  • TRY VETTING YOUR STORIES and just trying to get HITS….

    A man in his 20s who was thought to be a suspect but later cleared and released was ordered to strip naked, according to CNN. Officials were concerned he had explosives on his body. http://www.nbcnews.com/id/51593292/ns/local_news-nashville_tn/t/boston-bombing-suspects-idd-killed-large/

    • Good point, we should believe what we are told before we believe our own eyes. After all, the same guy who is the source of your info, Superintendent Tim Alben, also released a photo that he claimed the police retrieved from 7/11 surveillence footage. Trouble is, the Corporate Director of Communication for 7/11 claimed that the image did not come from any 7/11, and the footage they did have looked nothing like the suspect. Clearly, he has established in himself to be a credible source of info. So credible, I bet if he released a report the sky is green, you’d be calling me a wacko for telling you it’s blue.

      Fact is, the naked guy’s hairline, facial profile and physique are exact matches. In addition, his aunt claims she is 100% positive that is him

  • you all enjoy being played with the people who hate America…they enjoying watching you all squirm and eat each other up from the inside….lol I mean wow I knew many americans was dumb but omg this is ridiculous…

  • Как ФБР организовала Бостонский теракт

    23.04.2013 14:00

    Америка в глубоком нокдауне от двух молодых людей или, скорее, их ревностных сообщников в ФБР. Толпы безумных от радости американцев после поимки 19-летнего подростка приветствовали силовиков как освободителей. Спектакль проведен по отработанному сценарию. Все в этом чеченском следе выглядит неправдоподобно, особенно при взгляде из России.

    “Мы никогда не сталкивались с такой проблемой — с чеченскими сепаратистами — здесь, в США”, — признался бывший мэр Нью-Йорка Рудольф Джулиани. “Странно, что они на нас нападают”. Странно, не только вам, господин Джулиани, странно и нам. Из 200 (!) легально проживающих в США чеченцев, по данным газеты USA Today (для сравнения в Австрии -30 тысяч), двое оказались “талантливыми” бомбистами самоучками, поставившими США на колени.

    Сначала рассмотрим главные нестыковки. Во-первых, главной уликой, выведшей на братьев Царнаевых, являются черные рюкзаки, в которых находились самодельные взрывные устройства. Однако, при внимательном рассмотрении соответствующих изображений, видно, что у старшего он сероватого цвета, а у младшего — белый. А вот очень похожие рюкзаки независимая исследовательская организация Канады The Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) обнаружила у группы частных охранников фирмы Blackwater. У финишной черты были замечены и охранники других “солдат удачи” из Craft International. На видеозаписи видно, что после взрывов они помогали разбирать завалы у зрительских трибун, а затем к пикапу Blackwater, подошел сотрудник, на спине которого написано FBI (ФБР). Кто нанял этих частников и каковы были их задачи, спрашивает CRG? Ни ФБР, ни мэрия Бостона до сих пор не ответила.

    Допустим, что фирмы привлекались к охране мероприятия, но форму можно свободно купить в интернете. А если это конкурентная борьба двух частных фирм за рынок, оборот которого в мире достиг, по данным журнала The Economist, 100 миллиардов долларов? Американская пресса писала, что за первые 9 месяцев президентства Барака Обамы число бойцов компаний-подрядчиков Пентагона выросло в 2, 4 раза в Афганистане и других странах, где США держат свои контингенты, и составляет по разным оценкам от 22 до 30 процентов. Это очень крупный и конкурентный бизнес. Почему же расследование этого очевидного следа никак не отражается в американских СМИ? Не потому ли, что в кадр попал сотрудник ФБР?

    Дальше, какой у братьев мог быть мотив? Здесь два варианта, либо они — террористы одиночки, либо за ними стоит, как минимум Дока Умаров (о том, что подобный запрос в ФСБ был, пресса писала). Старший — Тамерлан был лучший в Бостоне боксер, женат на 24-летней американке Кэтрин Рассел (Katherine Russel), которая ради любимого приняла ислам. Этот факт преподносится, как чуть ли не главная улика джихадисткой сути Тамерлана, но для американцев, которые варятся в огромном расовом, религиозном и прочее котле, подобная перемена ровно ничего не значит, это просто знак уважения к мужу. Видео, запечатлевшее убитого Тамерлана, показывает его лежащим, раскинувшим руки, как будто он сдается. В руках нет оружия.

    Младший — Джохар был лучшим студентом-медиком престижного колледжа, выиграл грант, его психологический портрет (запись в сети “главное в жизни: карьера и деньги”), поведение (накануне теракта был на вечеринке), и то, что он не скрывал свое лицо перед камерами противоречит “фактам” о том, что он сутки отстреливался и мотал по Бостону матерых сотрудников спецслужб. Заложить 7 зарядов без сообщников тоже невозможно или их было не семь, и это тоже ложь?

    Читайте также: ФБР вычислило подозреваемого в теракте?

    Рассмотрим второй вариант- братья члены крупной террористической организации. Но Тамерлан находился “под колпаком” у ФБР. Об этом заявила его мать. “Он находился под контролем ФБР в течение трех, пяти лет. Они знали, что мой сын делал, они знали, какие действия он намечал, и какие сайты в Интернете посещал. Они контролировали каждый шаг его, и они говорят сегодня, что это теракт…”, сказала она. Как ФБР могла пропустить подготовку теракта? Не могла, если только сама в нем не участвовала. Так же сомнителен выбор черного пороха для бомбы, от него получается громкий шум и много дыма без особых последствий, это не бомба террористов.

    “Они учились, были перспективы на будущее: большие перспективы, понимаете — бизнес, деньги. А это уже кто-то придумал, кто-то это сделал и на них свалил, вот и всё. Какая-то политическая ситуация в этом есть. Это четко спланированная спецами террористическая атака. Это сделано было спецслужбами, я не знаю, какими, сказал Би-би -си Анзор Царнаев, отец подозреваемых.

    Предположение совершенно верное. В апреле 2012 года газета New York Times в рубрике “Мнение” опубликовало статью Дэвида Шиплера (David K. Shipler) под названием “Террористические заговоры, сфабрикованные ФБР” (Terror Plots, Hatched by the FBI), где описывается обычная тактика ведомства по организации подставных терактов. Сначала несчастную жертву, выловленную у мечети или в соцсети, долго обрабатывает специальный агент (информатор).

    Он той же национальности, что и “птенец” и даже якобы его земляк, и он внушает “клиенту”, как плохо относятся в США к мусульманам, демонстрирует ему видео, где сняты зверства американцев в застенках тюрьмы Абу- Грейб и Афганистане. Далее вовлекает к участию в форумах, где негативно обсуждаются эти моменты, и так далее. Обработанный и спровоцированный человек, как правило, это студент, однажды садится в автомобиль, начиненный взрывчаткой, и едет с “сообщником” — агентом ФБР на место совершения теракта и, при нажатии кнопки, ловится с поличным. В последующем “информатор” и другие “свидетели” могут долго маневрировать, менять показания, промывая мозги судьям участием их всех вместе взятых в каком-то заговоре.

    Некоторые из судей, правда, разбираются. Так, судья Коллин Мак Махон (Colleen McMahon), разбирая дело о покушении на взрыв в двух синагогах сказал: “Только правительство могло сделать из него (обвиняемого) террориста, чье шутовство поистине шекспировское по своим масштабам ” и назвал спектакль, разыгранный перед ним “фантастической террористической операцией”. Тем не менее, некий Джеймс Кромити (Cromitie) был приговорен им к 25 годам тюрьмы, пишет Шиплер.

    Почему в этот раз не очень аккуратно подготовленная операция (промашка с рюкзаками и легендой) завершилась терактом? Вспомним опыт, ранее опробованный в Европе. “Операция Гладио” — это многолетний совместный проект НАТО под руководством США, он осуществлялся чтобы влиять на политические события в Европе. Вербовались фашистские организации, которые взрывали бомбы на открытом воздухе, на вокзалах, супермаркетах и ​​так далее, а затем в этом обвинялись левые группы и “красная угроза”. В результате правительства, которые останавливали и разоблачали фашистов, резко повышали свой рейтинг популярности. А что как не это сейчас так необходимо правительству Обамы?

    И последний вопрос, почему чеченцы, а не Аль-Каеда? Против Аль-Каеды сейчас не время выступать. Все дело в Сирии, где недавно влиятельная группировка Ан-Нусри присягнула на верность лидеру Аль-Каеды Айману аль-Завахири. А кто недавно предложил оппозиции помощь в 60 миллионов долларов ? Кто готовит в Иордании командный состав для террористов? Америка. Возможны и другие мотивы, например, оставить частично свой контингент в Азербайджане при выводе войск из Афганистана под предлогом нарастания кавказской угрозы.

  • Hello and thank you for reading my post. Here is why I think this whole thing is a lie.
    First of all, I am in Cambridge. I KNOW the city well…I was listening to the scanner from the 7-11 robbery to
    the capture. Call came in at 10:30 pm Thurs night to respond to a robbery. Suspect hispanic /white male with a “cowboy hat”…The 7-11 is at 750 Mass ave/Pleasant st (my old street). Suspect fled on foot. Within 1 minute MBTA was shut down. Within 3 minutes the MIT shooting came in scanner. No way suspects could have gone from 750 mass ave-32 Vassar in that short time on foot (wearing the “cowboy hat”..duh.)…At this point they had ALL the streets off Mass ave blocked off AND trains shut prior from Robbery. I know they’re saying the robbery was not connected…and yes, I do not think it was the bro’s, but I am NOT buying it. First of all, if anyone is actually FROM here, they would know that you could never rob THIS 7-11 and get away with it. It’s always crawling with cops, and there’s a club right next door with big door guys….I don’t even think they found a suspect from the robbery. There is no way these two things could have happened without being connected in some way. ALSO, a little later in the scanner, a cop got called to respond to the Double Tree (they got an anonymous tip that cowboy robber might be staying there) Double tree is RIGHT across Mem/Storrow which is across street from the Mobile AND Shell (where pic of #2 was taken (yellow sign behind)….the carjack was called in about 2 or 3 minutes after the Double Tree call. On the scanner that I WAS listening to, if you listen to the BOSTON cop (accents give it away), the cop SAYS that it was a POLICE SUV that was carjacked. They gave chase saying there was a “lojack” NOT the cellphone of carjack guy…If these guys meant business, WHY wouldn’t they have killed the carjack victim and BLOWN up the gas station. They said they were throwing pipe bombs during the chase, so clearly, they could have? You mean to tell me these two guys were on FOOT (prior to car-jacking) running around Cambridge which was CRAWLING with cops .running hard with heavy backpacks full of bombs, guns, ammo, etc? I just CANNOT buy it. Then, the story switched to….the fact that they had “OTHER” cars full of ammo placed around the neighborhood in Watertown..?? This too makes no sense. Anyway, please forgive this ramble…..Here is what I WOULD DEMAND to see UNEDITED, and with MY OWN eyes….1.Survaellance from the 7-11 and what happened to the suspect….2. Surveillance from MIT (they have it. Boston University owns it for some reason)….3. Surveillance from both the Mobile and the Shell including interview with carjack victim. 4. Dashcams of chase. 5. A good reason WHY they didn’t let the dogs follow the blood trail to the boat (he was bleeding, right?)……I also just learned today, that #1 had a best friend and two other friends that were all professionally murdered on sept 12 of 2011 (which was the day after he got citizenship I think)…the friends were murdered and left with pot on them and 5 grand to make it look like a drug related. I don’t think the older bro had anything to do with the killing of his friends. I think it was a THREAT meaning “we mean business”….The FBI have had him under their thumbs for YEARS because of his ties, and/or THIS Killing in itself…The ones who were threatening him (I would imagine), killed the friends. and maybe they threatened him with killing his child and wife if he didn’t do the job, OR maybe told him to just take the hit on the “PIC” and they would protect him. Thursday night, they moved in, the bro’s either fled, or WERE NEVER IN THOSE CARS to begin with and were being HELD in WATERTOWN till the rest of the chase caught up after they were fucked up and released by the people who might have kidnapped them….The poor REAL cops did a great job…and prob still have no idea. This is just a small theory of mine which begins at THE 7-11 ROBBERY which I do NOT believe. The timeline is too tight, and it’s TOO coincidental. Whoever organized this surely was NOT from Boston….but shit, the CHief from Watertown must be in his pocket. LIES. They BETTER show the surveillance. ALL of it.


    • DJSphilly

      I mean really? I was listening to the police scanner and I’m pretty sure your story is a tad off. Also brothers said they weren’t gonna kill the carjack victim bc he was middle eastern. Also they were driving the Honda not going on foot

  • Darske

    Now I know how the people felt at the beginning of the revolutionary war. How weird is this? The start date for the Revolutionary War was April 19, 1775, according to
    and http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/the-american-revolution-begins and once again the Red Coats have occupied Boston!

  • .

    Probably just a case of mistaken identity though I am open to reviewing further evidence should it present itself.


  • Nika2013

    A police scanner report from police posted at LiveLeaks earlier in the week states the following:
    1:10 suspect in ambulance, one at gunpoint
    1:33 Police force all to shut down cell-phones
    suspect ordered to strip down before taken to armored vehicle.
    Photo taken of a suspect on the ground

    Photo removed – Not suspect (??)
    (Switch of clothing for photo on ground of alleged dead man?) See his blond hair, unlike suspect’s)
    4:25 suspect DOA at Mass General (???) three hours later? Where was he from 1:10 to 4:25? Must be mistake?

  • Adam Evenson

    The FBI tried to recruit me and turn me into a patsy but I was too wise to be taken in. I sent them packing before they could get any tentacles around me. This was as long ago as the early 70’s. This corrupt agency was into recruiting patsies even before Lee Harvey Oswald, now one of the most famous. All one has to do is recognize the pattern to see FBI written all over the various patsies. The recent cases simply reveal the ongoing trend. Fortunately, during the GW Bush Administration, which went over the top with the 9-11 caper, millions of American citizens, aided by the Internet, are beginning to wake up and smell the nostril-clogging manure the government has been shoveling around since even before the present population’s eldest were alive. Hallelujah! Only question is: where will it all lead? Of course, who cares?–it’s waking up that counts.

    • HelloThere

      Lmfao. Think you’re going senile old man. Take the tinfoil hat off.

      • GaryGoddmn

        I’ve read that it was kind of a joke re the 60s and 70s that the only dues-paying members that we keeping various local Communist Party groups going was FBI agents/informants, because everybody else was too broke to pay dues.

        William Grigg wrote about Hal Turner as an FBI snitch or “deep cover operative” while inciting various White Power radicals and bragging in emails to his FBI handler. Grigg said that one Charlotte Klan group, 7 of 8 members were FBI, all reporting on the one lone non-spook (and other members). FBI becoming the grand leaders and instigators.

        Grigg is a right wing patriot type, established writer and Christian libertarian activist … formerly with the John Birch Society.

        Weather Underground, per Jared Israel (former SDS), Dohrn and Ayers were not working for J. Edgar Hoover in his estimation, but were inadvertently creating the outcomes that the FBI’s COINTELPRO stated was their desired goal, to discredit the Antiwar Movement in the eyes of the mainstream public. WU defn did that.

  • stalkerssuck7@yahoo.com

    http://intellihub.com/2013/04/23/witness-tamerlan-tsarnaev-run-over-by-cops eye witness says she saw COPS run over him and then shot him multiple times.. she didn’t see him have a gun.. so i think they got him,, made him naked.. and then set him up by killing him… SICK SICK all over martial law and taking our guns awhile. while HIDING the fact obama gave Eyupt over 250$ million of our taxpayers money to someone who HATES US… do research people.

  • How many people had their houses invaded and searched without warrants in Boston? And if not the bomber, Who is this guy?

  • skipper1234


  • Tamerlan was a recruited snitch. He was sacrificed in a false flag terror attack. To comfort other informants worked like Tamerlan, they released this disinformation to assure their safety.

  • Chelsea Lundberg

    look you can love our government or you can hate our governemt, there are good cops and there are bad cops, there are politicians that fight for our freedoms and those who fight against them. Reguardless of who planted the bombs, they still went off and injured civilians. Its hard to believe the media when they show a picture of a blonde haird guy claiming he was the victim of the car jacking done by the Tsarnaev brothers and then they claim the naked person they are taking into the cop car is actually the car jacking victim and the guy has dark hair and looks exactly like the older brother. its hard to believe the younger brother was shooting at the cops through a boat cover when no gun was found on him. Just look back to Sandy Hook. They claimed he used the high powered rifle to kill all those kids and then found the gun in the back of his car when infact the killer never made it out of the school to put the rifle back in his car. Another thing that is weird is that the put watertown into “Martial Law” for a skinny ass, scared, 19 year old unarmed kid who is innocent until proven guilty. I live right outside of a high crime city and if they are going to start putting cities under Martial Law because of unarmed citizens that they assume were involved in a crime we would never be able to leave our houses. I have never been a conspirasist but its to obvious that the government botched a drill and they had to figure a way to cover it up without the people knowing. There are many of the runners that were told before the race that there was a drill going to happen and to not pay attention to people with black backpacks because its just part of the drill. I dont think we should believe much of anything the media is saying about the bombings. On another note does anyone know why they had Martial Law in Oakland, CA a few days ago? As far as I can see the Police are not saying anything.

  • Mary

    Since most of the comments appear to be individual pissing matches instead of comments about the video, I thought I’d change things up and comment on what I saw. First, I ran and re-ran the video and paused it to get a look at the man in cuffs whenever possible. Having said that, it is impossible for me to be absolutely certain that it is Tamerlan, or suspect #1, as he was dubbed by law enforcement. Having said that, the US government is without a doubt the most corrupt nation on the planet, though the corruption has seeped into the system at every level so local, state and all of the alphabet agencies associated with law enforcement are dirtied up. This is the best way to stage a silent coup as redress for grievances and accountability start within the framework of “justice”. Do I know that the US government has and will continue to assassinate and/or imprison innocent people? Absolutely. Does that mean that this is what happened here? Not necessarily but given the video and reports, I think it is extremely important that we continue to ask for answers.

  • skeptical

    too many unanswered questions and even if someone does respond it likely wont be true

    • skeptical

      btw there seems to be more than one skeptical idk how that can be but i didnt post anthing till today 5/4/2013

  • Dave

    Tamerlan is 6’3, does that guy loom 6’3 to you?