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Graphic Photo: Exclusive Coroner Image of Boston Bombings Suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev

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21st Century Wire says…

This photo was presented live on GMN this afternoon by BIN’s investigative reporter Alexander Higgins.

The image was leaked to Higgins and has since been verified by Boston law enforcement via TMZ we are told. This image has made available to BIN and later 21WIRE in advance of its release to the mainstream media.

WARNING: The image below is very graphic and some might find it disturbing.

Please do not look at the image below if you are easily disturbed.

Our purpose in publishing this is not sensational, but we believe that very little adds up with regards to the FBI making these two brothers the prime suspects in the Boston Bombings, and that officials could be hiding evidence that the public should be aware of. Our thoughts go out to the families involved, including those of the suspected bombers, who no matter what your political investment in this story – should be held as innocent until proven guilty.

NOTE: Below is a photo of the suspect. However, one might notice here the extensive damage to the body, much more damage than one would expect from death by gun shot or being hit by an SUV – as was reported in the media. Still, many important question remained unanswered, and do not expect the corporate mainstream media to ask those truly tough questions…

Is it possible that Tamerlan Tsarnaev could have been executed after his apprehension by police? 

UPDATE 21/4/13: Medical examiners rule out that older brother Tamerlan could have been run-over by SUV

Despite claims in the media which originated from law enforcement, Dr. Richard Wolfe, head of the hospital’s Emergency Department, could not see any evidence of this claim. The Boston Herald reported: 

“When asked about reports that Tsarnaev was run over by a vehicle driven by his fleeing brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Wolfe said he did not see any obvious injuries that would back up that theory.

“I certainly did not see any tire marks or the usual things we see with someone run over by a car,” he said.

Before It’s News

Before It’s News has received a photo of mangled body said to be the deceased carcass of the first of two alleged suspects in the Boston bombings.

This photo can not not be confirmed as the source refuses to be identified but time will tell if it is a fake.

Before It’s News is asking readers and members of the public to help determine the validity of the photo and if possible to identify a source or credit whose name will be held in confidence.


Unconfirmed: Death Photo of Boston Marathon Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev

If you have information about this photo, please contact me on one of the social networks below in private.


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