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Henningsen on RT: Muslims vs Christians – ‘The perfect divide-and-rule scenario for globalists’

Patrick Henningsen | More chaos in Libya, what’s next?

LIBYA: Water Emerges as a Hidden Weapon

Simba Russeau | Libya’s enormous aquatic reserves could potentially become a new weapon of choice.

Libyan Rebels Prepare to Export Oil as Qaddafi Gains Ground

Bloomberg | Libyan rebels have “raised concerns” about the lack of funds, and are keen to get their hands on oil money.

How Cameron’s SAS and MI6 Bond Op Bungled in Benghazi

Patrick Henningsen | Oh no, not again!


Are foreign interests steering this uprising? By Andrew McKillop 21st Century Wire March 2011 Weeks are unfolding with almost nothing from the Conspiracy Corner that gives any solace to average persons wanting to know why the Arab world is seemingly falling apart. Ditto from the mainstream media. And it’s not only the pundits who don’t […]

You and Whose Army? When Sovereign Citizens Met The Gaddafi Wall

Q: Do dictators have any rights when ‘the international community’ come calling? – By Cochise Johnson 21st Century Wire Feb 26, 2011 Freeman on the land? It’s easy to be critical of people who want to be free and wear their heart on a sleeve of sincerity. The junior psychologist in everyone who comes across […]

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