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You and Whose Army? When Sovereign Citizens Met The Gaddafi Wall

Q: Do dictators have any rights when ‘the international community’ come calling?

By Cochise Johnson
21st Century Wire
Feb 26, 2011

Freeman on the land? It’s easy to be critical of people who want to be free and wear their heart on a sleeve of sincerity. The junior psychologist in everyone who comes across these folks can’t help the rumination that follows. An overabundance of disjointed information raised their hackles, leaving them buzzing like angry hornets ready to sting all and sundry who mock their newfound vocation… barracks lawyering.

Words like obsessive and compulsive come to mind but they’re too technical and someone else’s tools of explanation, which never really get to the heart of the matter. It’s the affliction and not the result that we’re interested in but it is also important to consider the circumstances that make people throw caution to the wind to step-up to big brother. Latter day sovereign citizens if nothing else are wide awake, they’ve had a mega-jolt in their lives not a simple rude awakening and they’re righteously peeved with the man!

EMBATTLED: Gaddafi now finds himself in the crosshairs of globalist nation builders.

Not surpisingly, sovereigns are found on the margins of society and it’s never clear if they went there under duress or sheer disgust with the world. The other noteworthy aspect of self-declared freemen is that they’re definitely not ideal consumers, in fact quite the opposite. Goods don’t have much value to anyone who knows the Circus will leave town as soon as enough tickets are sold. It’s like meeting an old girlfriend on the street, one may still feel pangs of desire but she’s definitely not invited home.

Undereducated legal eagles are a dime a dozen at the Law Society, it’s the profession middle-class parents always choose for their less than brilliant offspring. Sovereigns too tend to have a prosperous provenance and some hopes and dreams they didn’t quite live up. Their path was cut short by some slight of the system, a small injustice that’s slashed too deep, made them decide the rest of the life journey wasn’t really worth all the trouble. Everything will be fine once they get their head round the UCC.

Operating in Commerce and dissecting the rules of  Trusts may seem like the best route to breaking the chains of subtle serfdom but it’s actually less important than understading why such things exist in the first place. Mention this to any acolyte of the movement and they turn off their hearing to peg you as the servant of the enemy or ignorant of your own chains at the very least. The resistence to any deviation from the path can be put down to a ‘don’t confuse me with the facts’ scenario, or just plain “don’t spoil my fun”.

Misery loves company and the numbers of disgruntled are growing daily if visitor count to alternative web space is anything to go by. Since the nature of the law expounds that all who seek remedy should have it, infringements to one’s person or property are intentionally ring-fenced by authorities maintaining the Status Quo. As it becomes ever more clear that a human’s purpose, as far as government is concerned is to pay lots of taxes and die quickly, the bandwagon creaks under the weight of passenger overload.

People with a bone to pick should be allowed their amusement because it’s not going to change the world or harm it irreparably. The downside in it’s entirety is that government finds it very useful to have enemies of whichever hue or shade. One man’s sovereign is another’s Al Qaeda so the trick is for authorities to clandestinely gather round the fire with marginals and sneak in a splash of gasoline when necessary or simply start an evil splinter group to discredit any success. It’s a deviant, happy partnership of sorts.

The last thing someone recently awakened wants to hear is that they are still part of the problem, a cog in the wheel of planned obsolescence and pretty much another useful idiot. The system is designed to fail but that notion is more than difficult to get across to anyone who’s only now joined in battle. How can it possibly make sense that someone fighting the authorities is performing a critical function for them, a service to society as a whole? It all goes back to the ‘sanctity of contracts’ and treaties.

People who break the rules every day and have teams of lawyers at the ready would have us believe that written, signed and witnessed obligations cannot be broken yet they do it all the time. And treaties? Look at any history book and you’ll know what one of those is worth, the paper it’s written on. Freebooting businessmen and corrupt authorities are good enough reason for someone to stand and be counted but what if a stance wasn’t completely their own idea, if undue influence negated all other options?

As freemen go, the most amusing of the bunch is Robert Mennard, a Canadian to be reckoned with. His travails with authority and injustice caused him to speak out and plenty of people have heard him by now, only the message isn’t the same to each individual receiver. His life experience with the law has been fairly cruddy, they go after him and he slaps them back. Mennard is actually the worst example of futility in this cause, he’s one of the few practitioners appearing to want to be left in peace.

Fixating on a female denotes falling in love whereas doing the same with an idea is classified as a mental illness when both fit snugly into this category. If the choice in life is living with potential stalkers or letting people express their wildest thoughts, the former is definitely more of a danger than the latter except when the subject matter threatens to undermine the mighty. Only one explanation satisfactorily defines why such people are permitted to continue their anti-authoritarian rants ad nauseum, they’re invaluable.

The statutes and codes that regulate commerce and therefore our lives are without doubt a gilded cage if one is fortunate enough to live in a caring society that looks after their own. Many have pointed to the fact that the majority of the complainants against the system are also it’s socialist beneficiaries. The welfare queen label saps the credibility of most wannabe freemen at the first outing and takes the wind out of their sails till the next futile round of court filings. Freemen don’t realise how happy courts are to see them.

As long as the arguments remain in the nit-picking, hair-splitting range, judges can see them off without ever touching on the real problems in society. The level of expertise in court procedure from these novice Darrows is astounding to the courts themselves but ultimately, case filers are looking for a pat on the back, a ray of sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day. A simple ‘motion’ to continue is always cause for exuberant celebration and hoorays for our side but judges get paid regularly and these folks don’t.

To be wholly sovereign, one requires an army, a navy and perhaps an air force but even that may not be enough to deter others infringeing on one’s territory.

Whacko, self-declared sovereigns don’t come any fruitier than Muammar Gaddafi- and look what’s happening to him. In the blink of an eye, his treaties and business contracts were torn up in favour of a campaign to dislodge him from his asset claims. That’s sanctity for you when it comes to making a quick buck and sovereignty is a luxury one can afford for just so long.

Whatever they want to call themselves, seekers of liberty in this day and age scale a wall of their prison only to find out there’s a mine field on the other side spanning to the horizon. There’s a good reason for it, change will come when it’s deemed to be the correct time and like it or not, that decision rests in the hands of nameless, faceless oligarchs of the highest order. The mission is to make Democracy so intolerable, we’ll beg for their system to replace it, please don’t expect to be a free man on their land.

Author Cochise Johnson is a guest writer for 21st Century Wire, Gonzo Town and is a featured writer for the Runnymede Institute.



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