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Rogue Foreign Policy: ‘From Nazis to Neocons’

21WIRE | Understanding why the U.S. acts with impunity and eschews international law and due process.

Unveiled: The Arrogance of John Bolton, The War Hawk in Trump’s Ear

21WIRE | Interview reveals Bolton’s patronizing and condescending elitist attitude, and casual approach to war.

FAKE NEWS WEEK: How Mainstream Media ‘Fake News’ Led to the U.S. Invasion of Iraq

Timothy Alexander Guzman | In the end, it is up to the alternative media to decipher the ‘fake’ stories – and bring out the truth.

SHOUT! POLL: Which US Oligarch Family is More Corrupt?

SHOUT! | VOTE, comment and engage…

Henningsen on CrossTalk: American Foreign Policy ‘Dumbed Down’

CrossTalk | Realistically, just how important is foreign policy in the minds of American voters come November?

The New Atlantic Rift: NATO vs The EU Army

21WIRE + Counterpunch | The world’s largest bureaucracy now want to build the world’s largest army.

It’s Official: U.S. Declares War on Russia (Step One)

21WIRE + RT | With America still under the trance of Ferguson, Congress sneaks through its final step before war.

In Your Face: CNN Segment on Libya Entitled “New World Order”

Kurt Nimmo | Usual NWO suspects argue about six and one half dozen of the other, aka “regime change”.

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