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Julian Assange’s Warning: Humanity’s Last Stand

Nozomi Hayase, Ph.D | While Julian Assange languishes in a British high-security prison, his warnings about a coming dystopia are proving to be prescient. This is humanity’s last stand and we are its only hope.

UK: Encryption Under Further Attack With ‘Technical Capability Notices’

21WIRE + The Register | As expected, the UK Government seeks to capitalise on surveillance since previous terror attacks.

LONDON: Amber Rudd And UK Security Services Signal Further Privacy Encroachment

21WIRE + The Guardian | Encryption needs to be ‘accessible’ to spies in case of ’emergencies’ according to Amber Rudd.

BATTLE OVER PRIVACY: Why the FBI’s Case Against Apple is Falling Apart

Shawn Helton | The ongoing encryption saga between Apple and the FBI heats up.

SHOUT POLL: Should Apple Give FBI Backdoor Access to iPhones?

21WIRE Shout | HAVE YOUR SHOUT: Apple challenges FBI court order to unlock private data of users. Vote, comment and share…

ENCRYPTION TRUTH: What The FBI Aren’t Telling You About Their Battle With Apple And San Bernardino

Shawn Helton | The future of privacy hangs by a thread, with more divide and rule policies used at the expense of the public.

‘Zero Knowledge’ Systems Not Hostile to Data Privacy, says Snowden

21WIRE + Guardian | Some much needed clarity for a public inundated with confusing doublespeak on data privacy.

New Encryption Software Gets Thumbs-Up From Snowden

21WIRE + RT | Can encryption really work to protect you from the NSA?

NSA Destroying Privacy: VPN CryptoSeal opts to close down rather than grant NSA access

RT | “With immediate effect as of this notice, CryptoSeal Privacy, our consumer VPN service, is terminated.”

Encrypted email service Lavabit forced to shutdown amidst US surveillance creep

21WIRE + RT | Is it any wonder why public trust in government agencies is at an all-time low?

Snowden’s encrypted email service Lavabit voluntarily throws itself under the bus

21WIRE + RT | When it comes to cloak and digital dagger with Snowden, we don’t know jack…

ENIGMA: The Latest NSA Encryption Challenge

Mike Rivero | The ultimate ENCRYPTION masterclass to challenge the NSA’s illegal spying and data theft.

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