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Ugly America: Another Staged ‘Mohammed Cartoon’ Event in Phoenix

Daily Shooter
21st Century Wire

There are various types of provocateurs. Some act on a completely voluntary basis; often confused while playing the role of “useful idiot” and seeking YouTube and Facebook fame where possible. Others are professionals on the government payroll, as it were. 

Sadly, many thousands seemed to have fallen for the Garland, Texas installment of the Charlie Hebdo-style PR stunt, where two patsies, including one with an assigned FBI handler, showed up to a staged political event with 40 armed security operatives pre-positioned for a firefight. No surprise that the authorities changed their story after the fact in an attempt to make this improbability sound somehow more plausible (which is an impossible task in itself).

Jon Ritzheimer (below), an ex-Marine, wants to stage another “Mohammed Cartoon Contest” in Phoenix, although at a slightly more humble venue than Pamela Gellar’s compartmentalized tactical building in Garland. We’re told that ‘Atheist Patriot’ Ritzheimer will be holding his event (try not to laugh) at the local Denny’s diner. Then he’s asked the mob, who he has also told to bring guns with them, to march with their “Mohammed Art” down to the local Mosque in order to picket and antagonize all the Muslim congregation inside. Naturally, he is being egged-on by right-wing radio hosts and given tacit support by FOX. 

Denny’s has offered its restaurant as part of a drill, or for a lunatic honey pot event – take your pick.

Like with Garland, the media are calling it a “free speech event”, and organizers claim they are “utilizing our right to freedom of speech”, even though they are clearly staging a deliberate confrontational publicity stunt.  

It shouldn’t take a genius to see how the not-so-smart mobs are being manipulated towards a Weimar Germany scenario right now in America.

The net result of this elaborately staged event is that it may have opened the flood gates for some of America’s craziest paranoid and politically warped individuals to fall off the edge of reality altogether.

“Come armed to march on the Mosque while holding-up cartoons of Mohammed” and wearing T-Shirts that say, “F*** Islam”…? Apparently the police and the FBI are cool with that. No safety risk? Really?

Hmmm. Doesn’t that sound a little crazy? Not really, if you consider that this is probably a stage-managed event. Is this just an elaborate front for a wider drill being organized for inter-agency use? Could it also be the honey-potting wackos Elohim City-style on the tax payers’ dime?

And of course, staging would not be complete without an endorsement and appearance from a ‘certified’ patriotic biker confab.

What ever it is, it’s anything but real. However, its social effects are very real. It’s designed to stoke up tension and fear – with the artificial tension used by central government – not to expand ‘free speech’, but to restrict it. Of course, this irony tends to go right over the heads of useful idiots who attend such “art” events.

Welcome to the latest edition of ugly America…

Another ‘Draw Muhammad’ Contest Set for Friday Encourages Attendees to Bring Their Guns

Dave Urbanski
The Blaze 

Phoenix police are on edge about another “draw Muhammad” cartoon contest set for Friday that will include a protest in front of a mosque once attended by the gunmen killed outside a similar event in Garland, Texas, earlier this month.

While the Facebook announcement for the “Freedom of Speech Rally Round II“ indicates it will be a “PEACEFUL” event, it also encourages attendees to exercise their “Second Amendment” rights, since it’s expected that their “First Amendment” rights will come under attack. More than 160 have indicated they will attend.

Organizer Jon Ritzheimer is an ex-Marine, according to his Facebook page; KPNX-TV reported he calls himself an atheist and patriot.

“I’m a Marine, and I am far from politically correct,” Ritzheimer told KPNX. “I’m outspoken, and I’ve just had it.”


“Atheist Patriot” Jon Ritzheimer (Image source: KMPX-TV)

Photos on Ritzheimer’s Facebook page show him wearing shirts that read “F*** Islam”:

“I’m a Marine, and I am far from politically correct,” Ritzheimer told KPNX. “I’m outspoken, and I’ve just had it.”

Photos on Ritzheimer’s Facebook page show him wearing shirts that read “F*** Islam”:

“I want this to be about pushing out the truth about Islam,” he added. “I’ve read the Koran three times … the ones flying the planes into the tower, those are Muslims following the book as it is written.”


Agent Provocateur: Jon Ritzheimer’s honeypot stunt.

The Garland, Texas, attackers, Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, attended the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix — the planned location of Friday’s protest — until 2010. Mosque leaders have said the pair didn’t express extremist or violent views there.

The FBI and local police notified the mosque president about the protest, which is timed to coincide with Friday evening prayers, the station reported.

“Everybody has a right to be a bigot,” Usama Shami told KPNX. “Everybody has a right to be a racist. Everybody has a right to be an idiot.”

Shami added that, “We’re going to tell our members what we’ve told them before: not to engage them. They’re not looking for an intellectual conversation. They’re looking to stir up controversy and we’re not going to be a part of it.”

Ritzheimer, who has protested in front of the mosque since the Garland attack, told KNXV-TV that he’d feel badly, but not responsible, if Friday’s event were to turn violent.

“We’re just out utilizing our First Amendment (rights),” he told the station.

The Freedom of Speech Rally Round II is set to begin at a Denny’s restaurant at 5 p.m. for the Muhammad cartoon contest. 

Participants will then head to the mosque by 6:15 p.m. where they will show their cartoons outside…

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