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MASS INTEGRATION: The Race to Capitalize on a Virtual Future

Randy Johnson | Will humanity and digital reality be on a path of integration–or a collision course?

HEAD GAMES: Technology With The Potential To Shape Reality

Randy Johnson | Face2Face technology, voice-morphing, and virtual reality continues to integrate with humanity.

BOOM TOWN: Iraq’s Kurdish Region Flourishes Amidst Warfare

Randy Johnson | Iraqi Kurdistan’s “Boom Towns” flourish amidst regional warfare.

FACE HACKING: 3-D Projection Mapping in Real Time

Randy Johnson | ‘Real Time’ 3-D face tracking and projection portends a frighteningly beautiful and technological future.

The Android Affair: Humanity Outsourced

Randy Johnson | Robot advances are reaching science fiction proportions.

THE ISIS HOOK: Libya’s Growing Crisis Primed for Hostile ‘Regime Change’ Again

Randy Johnson | Libya’s Instability has only grown since NATO’s Western-backed intervention in 2011.

SPECIAL REPORT: ISIS Oil? Follow the Money (Back to Europe)

Randy Johnson | Beyond the ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys’ narratives, are the business deals that draw borders and make history.

Israel Fires Rockets Into Syria, Claims Targets Were ‘Iran-Backed’. Are They Playing With Fire?

Randy Johnson | CAUTION: The Middle East is a veritable “False Flag Grab Bag”.

BattleCam: The New Cultural Wars Are Upon Us

Randy Johnson | If ignorance is bliss, then just sit back, and enjoy the show.

Flower Children 2.0: This Time It’s ‘Tune Out, and Turn Off’

Randy Johnson | The EDC just wants you to dance and zone out to the trance-like beats—while the planet continues to burn.

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