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MASS INTEGRATION: The Race to Capitalize on a Virtual Future

Randy Johnson | Will humanity and digital reality be on a path of integration–or a collision course?

Oliver Stone: Pokémon Go is ‘Surveillance Capitalism’ for a Robotic Society

The Guardian | Hollywood director speaks out against companies practicing “surveillance capitalism”.

Boiler Room #66 – Globo-Terror & The PokeGo-pocalypse

Alternate Current Radio | Hesher, Spore, Andy Nowicki and Stewart Howe taking on the RNC, the PokemonGopocalypse, Black Lives Matter and the bombastic theater of terror presented by the MSM.

Syria: PokemonGo, the NGOs and the Game of Philanthro-Capitalism, Who Wins?

Jamila Assi | The NGO brand of humanitarian aid is philanthro-capitalism at work.

US Police Dept Uses ‘Pokémon Go’ to Lure Fugitives to Police Station

21WIRE + AP | Is this the end of civilization as we once knew it?

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