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Israel Fires Rockets Into Syria, Claims Targets Were ‘Iran-Backed’. Are They Playing With Fire?

Randy Johnson
21st Century Wire

Is it all a psychotic high stakes game of Jenga?

Recently, 21WIRE published an article about the potential of Israeli ground operations in Syria. Less than a day after that article entitled, ‘Israel Planning Ground Operations in Syria? US-NATO-Israel Plans to Balkanize Syria,’ we find that NBC News then reports the following:

“Four rockets were fired into Israel from Syria Thursday and the Israeli government accused an Iranian-backed group as being responsible.”

“Israeli military responded by launching airstrikes and artillery attacks against 14 targets in the Syrian Golan Heights.  Israel said the rocket attack was launched by a group calling itself Islamic Jihad, which it said was an Iranian proxy force commanded by Saed Izadi, an Iranian.  “For us this is a clear act of aggression and was meant by the Iranians to use the chaos inside Syria to escalate tensions in the region,” an Israeli security source said.”

Here is a video of the impacted areas in Syria’s Golan Heights with some additional reporting:

Syria’s borders are a tinder box right now. It would not take much for tempers to flare and for things to escalate, as there seems to be an ominous feeling of when this will all take a turn for the worse, not if it will.


The engineers (and stakeholders) of chaos appear to have set the scene for a guaranteed protracted, multi-partied conflict in this region.

The conditions have been set in the Middle East in such a way that no one could be happy, no matter what happens in the short term. The scary part about the chart below is that it is not “all inclusive”, could have another dozen colors, more countries and groups, and hundreds of footnotes. Note this matrix chart below The Economist

Colors are subject to change frequently.  Just like the green, red, and yellow at a stop light.  (Source:  The Economist)

The region is so nuanced and emotionally charged that any resolution that is good for one party -will automatically be unacceptable for another.

Every attack, bombing, or incident could easily be the one which really sets things off. One “Jenga move too many” and it can all come crashing down.

With fragmented nations, self-interested monarchs and governments, and meddling outside interests trying to orchestrate and manipulate the Middle East, one could wonder… is it designed to crash?

Design or coincidence?

The below citation, from Foxnews.com, shows just some of the meddling and scheming interests that have given us the tinder box and pressure cooker of today.

“The contours and regimes of the Mideast are rooted in Britain and France’s 1916 Sykes-Picot accord, which carved up the Ottoman Empire’s Middle Eastern lands into spheres of influence.  A series of later treaties after the end of World War I set the final boundaries, eventually creating Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and a British Mandate in Palestine that paved the way for the creation of Israel. The lines were drawn according to British and French interests with little regard to the realities on the ground.”

The argument for a diabolical scheme to start a war is nothing new. Some of the catalysts for war have included such incidents as the USS Maine explosion in the Spanish-American War, the Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor, Arch Duke Ferdinand’s assassination, 9-11, and the sinking of the Lusitania.  What is harder to believe?  All of these were not orchestrated, or at least one was?

Historically, many pundits and economists have argued that the ensuing wars after these events have helped pump life into stagnant economies. With the debt of the United States having passed ridiculous levels decades ago, wars can also be viewed as the galvanizing event to put the blinders on tighter for another decade or so.

With regards to the Middle East, wherever you stand on certain events being ‘designed’, or at least capitalized off of by direct beneficiaries – like military industrial complex stakeholders, defense contractors, mega oil corporations and politicians – it should be obvious that Syria seems to have been in the works for some time. Foreign interests have been at work to destabilize the country since fracturing began in 2011.

The Middle East is a veritable “False Flag Grab Bag”.  It can be ISIS or Al Qaeda–or any terror group you never heard of yet.  It can come from anywhere in the region. The reasons for things to escalate, requiring action in the minds of Western political leaders and conflict-friendly network and cable news media are many.  The infamous Syrian “chemical attacks” two years ago in August 2013, although thoroughly debunked by 21WIRE and others, was a serious attempt to kick things off in the region, but it never fully materialized.

We see the cycle beginning again. This week, a marketplace massacre in Douma, Syria is being blamed on the Syrian government’s military, and as expected, it has prompted western media calls for another humanitarian intervention. Expect more such incidents in the coming weeks and months.

Since 2003, more than ever, the Middle East question is at the forefront.  It has been presented as an irreconcilable place with extreme and intolerant ideologies. As such, it is no wonder that to win the popularity contest as the next President of the United States, the candidates feel the need to set themselves apart by proving to the American voters how tough they would be with Iran and the co-called Islamic State.  Even non-career politicians such as Donald Trump are “chomping at the bit” to get in there and “set things straight” with fresh new bombing campaigns.

The United States, Israel, the United Kingdom, and most North Atlantic Trade Organization (NATO) countries do not need a reason – they just need an excuse. If Syria can’t control its internal affairs and succumbs to external pressures on its national structure, then whether by design or an accidental event, Western powers will go in by hook or crook.

The conditions are now set.

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