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MUST SEE TV: Real News Presenter Aaron Maté Interviews Guardian Reporter About His ‘Russiagate’ Conspiracy Book

21WIRE + TheRealNews | The best thirty minutes you will spend today – and likely the only thing you’ll ever need again to question the mainstream media’s official conspiracy theory.

NEW ON 21WIRE.TV – INSIGHT: NATO Nudging The Balkans to War

21WIRE.TV | A comprehensive look at how NATO and Soros are pushing the Europe and Russia towards war.

IN SYRIA: 21WIRE.TV Members Newsletter

21WIRE.TV | We’re getting out the truth about what is happening here in Syria…

INSIGHT: ‘What Did the BBC Do in Syria?’

21WIRE.TV | This latest episode takes a closer look at this highly controversial 2013 BBC Panorama documentary.

21WIRE.TV Members Newsletter – Feb 18, 2017

21WIRE.TV | Exclusive commentary and analysis not covered yet at 21WIRE…

Episode 3 – DRIVE BY WIRE: ‘Under New Management’ with Patrick & Shawn

21WIRE.TV | MEMBERS can join co-hosts Patrick Henningsen and Shawn Helton from 21WIRE for their brand new morning commute show ‘DRIVE BY WIRE’ shown in full here at 21WIRE.TV…

EP #8: Patrick Henningsen LIVE with guest Shawn Helton – ‘2017 Predictions & Trends’

Alternate Current Radio | Looking ahead to the new year, there are a number of big issues on the horizon both in the US and internationally.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS: 21WIRE.TV Members Newsletter – Dec 24, 2016

21WIRE.TV | Thanks for your incredible support in helping us build this truly independent media platform.

Episode #9 – ON THE QT: ‘Cozy Bears & Eggnog’ – Sober Analysis of Russian Hack Hysteria

21WIRE.TV | Listen to this special FULL length podcast – a deeper dive than you will ever get from the mainstream media.

EPISODE #8: ‘ON THE QT’ – Election Special: Trump, Neocons, ‘Liberal’ Riots & Bipartisan Voter Fraud w/ Basil Valentine (FULL SHOW)

21WIRE.TV | This special election edition of ON THE QT is available in its entirety for free…

EPISODE #7 – ON THE QT: ‘US Election: Behind the Curtain’ (PART 1)

21WIRE.TV | What’s really lurking behind the US Election curtain of deceit?

CrossTalk: ‘White Helmets, Really?’ with Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett & Patrick Henningsen

CrossTalk | “Does wearing white helmets mean they are the good guys supporting a just cause?”

EPISODE #6 – ON THE QT: ‘Shilling for War’ (PART 1) @21WIRE.TV

21WIRE.TV | The US are leading a new push for a major war in the Middle East. Will it be a World War?

21WIRE.TV Members Newsletter – Sept 23, 2016

21WIRE.TV | Key updates and news for 21WIRE.TV Members – including Obama and Kerry’s dangerous nudging towards WWIII footing.


SUNDAY SCREENING | Two thought provoking artesian short films, directed by an independent Syrian filmmaker.

EPISODE #5 – ON THE QT: ‘Really? A Russian Hack?’ (Part 1) @21WIRE.TV

21WIRE.TV | Russia has “hacked into” the 2016 US election process? Is it true, or just a media ruse?

21WIRE.TV Members Newsletter – Sept 9, 2016

21WIRE.TV | This week’s members newsletter, premium content and GLOBAL:SITREP report.

EPISODE #4 – ON THE QT: ‘Julian vs Hillary’ (Part 1) @21WIRE.TV

21WIRE.TV | Could Wikileaks end up derailing the Clinton political machine?

21WIRE.TV SPECIAL: ‘INSIGHT – A New European Army?’

21WIRE.TV | EU Army: The process of inter-country, operational interdependence and consolidation has already been set into motion.

21WIRE.TV SPECIAL: ‘INSIGHT VOX – Smart Power & The NGO Complex’

21WIRE.TV | Are NGOs being used to enable western-sponsored war and violence internationally?