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SUNDAY SCREENING | Two thought provoking artesian short films, directed by an independent Syrian filmmaker.

EPISODE #5 – ON THE QT: ‘Really? A Russian Hack?’ (Part 1) @21WIRE.TV

21WIRE.TV | Russia has “hacked into” the 2016 US election process? Is it true, or just a media ruse?

21WIRE.TV Members Newsletter – Sept 9, 2016

21WIRE.TV | This week’s members newsletter, premium content and GLOBAL:SITREP report.

EPISODE #4 – ON THE QT: ‘Julian vs Hillary’ (Part 1) @21WIRE.TV

21WIRE.TV | Could Wikileaks end up derailing the Clinton political machine?

21WIRE.TV SPECIAL: ‘INSIGHT – A New European Army?’

21WIRE.TV | EU Army: The process of inter-country, operational interdependence and consolidation has already been set into motion.

21WIRE.TV SPECIAL: ‘INSIGHT VOX – Smart Power & The NGO Complex’

21WIRE.TV | Are NGOs being used to enable western-sponsored war and violence internationally?

SHORT FILM: ‘Freedom for Liberland!’

21WIRE.TV | A story about a man with a dream: to create a brand new libertarian country.

Henningsen: ‘East Aleppo is held by terrorists, not so-called rebels’

21WIRE + RT | 21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen reports on the latest in Aleppo for RT International.

21WIRE.TV Members Newsletter – August 14, 2016

21WIRE.TV | Here cover some highlights from our recent road trip, and breakdown some big stories not yet covered on 21st Century Wire.

‘INSIDE’ – Animated Short Film on Transhumanism

21WIRE.TV | Watch this brilliant short curated by our editorial team.

SPECIAL PREVIEW: INSIGHT VOX – ‘Identity Politics’ with Gilad Atzmon & David Scott

21WIRE.TV | A Scotsman and a former Israeli compare their respective country’s version of ‘exceptionalism.’

SHORT FILM: The Curse and The Jubilee (4th of July)

21WIRE.TV | Another more sombre side of the American Independence celebrations…

21WIRE.TV Members Newsletter – June 29, 2016

21WIRE.TV | New releases, content and updates for our members.

21WIRE.TV PREVIEW: ‘INSIGHT – Battle for Eurasia’ (49 min)

21WIRE.TV | A preview of our first pilot episode is here.